Is Dearjohns Legit [June] – Is It the legit Business?

Is Dearjohns Legit [June] – Is It the legit Business?

Is Dearjohns Legit [June] – Is It the legit Business? -> The above blog will present you with an idea of the site’s reliability, which provides multiple items on a single platform.

Got your first job, and struggling to find all the desirable items on a single window? Here is Dearjohns, a perfect solution to your problem. It offers apparel, accessories, electronics, and many more things on a single platform.

Are you wondering “Is Dearjohns Legit“? Don’t worry, we took care of your concern in the following article and will have an in-depth analysis to verify the genuineness of the shopping site.

Dearjohns Myshopify Reviews suggest that the website is operated in the United States. The site has enabled its users and potential customers to seek assistance via phone and email. Let us dig into the website’s features, functionalities, customer reviews, activeness of social media, shopping pros, and cons before shopping through the platform.

Is Dearjohns a Legit website?

For an eCommerce website, its credibility is the most decisive factor for encouraging potential customers to bank upon and collaborate with it. It doesn’t only depend on digital portrayal but also on various other elements capable of instilling a sense of faith across its users.

Most of us are clueless about those verification criteria to determine the trustworthiness of the brand. Therefore, we ensure that we put forth an extensive research report for our readers to get an idea of the website’s legitimacy.

Dearjohns is an online shopping platform which is serving well to its online customers since 2006. The website is selling a wide variety of products such as Grooming Accessories, Gym gear & equipment, Fashion Apparels & Accessories, and much more. It has a total of 8802 items listed on its collection catalog. 

What is Dearjohns?

It is an online dealer involved in selling a broad range of goods to online customers for more than 14 years. The website has gained massive trust across millions of shoppers. It offers Fashion Apparels & Accessories, Gym gear & equipment, Electronics & Gaming Gears, and many other product categories in cost-effective rates.

The website has made its contact information public, enabling its users to instantly connect with the customer support staff via phone and email. It promises to deliver internationally as early as possible.

Specifications of Dearjohns:

  • Product: Fashion Apparels & Accessories, Grooming Accessories, Electronics & Gaming Gears
  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Address: 620 Mallard Cove. Harrodsburg, Kentucky
  • Contact number: (859) 183-2797
  • International Shipping: Available for 100 major countries
  • Shipping Time: Takes 2-5 days
  • Delivery time: Within 7-10 working days
  • Order Tracking: Email Notifications or call 0330 058 5068
  • Replacement: Accepts exchange
  • Returns: Within 30-days of date of delivery
  • Refunds: Processed after inspecting the returned item
  • Mode of Payment: through PayPal only

Pros of buying from Dearjohns:

  • The website is more than fourteen years old
  • The site displays a comprehensive Privacy Policy
  • Customer care helpline is (859) 183-2797 & email id is 
  • The brand has shared adequate information on product shipping, delivery, returns, exchange, and refund policy.

Cons of buying from Dearjohns:

  • The brand did not maintain its presence on social media platforms
  • The website is lacking web content
  • “About Us” page is missing
  • Zero customer feedback found

Customer feedback on Dearjohns:

The eCommerce website is SSL certified; therefore, it can be trusted by the online audience and ensures to safely transport users’ sensitive information. The brand has made it easy for its audience to connect with the customer care team by putting out your phone number, physical address, and email address. 

The presence of the “Privacy Policy” page shows that the care to comply with users’ data privacy protection. Last but not least, the shopping site is old enough to contribute to improving its trust score amongst audiences.

Whereas on the other hand, the online dealer did not maintain brand awareness on social media platforms. None of 8802 products listed possess customer reviews, giving the potential buyers a hard time to establish trust. 

Final Verdict:

The website has been doing well in the online market for more than fourteen years. But it has not maintained the social presence hinting the online audience to stay away from the website.

The absence of customer ratings and reviews contributes to killing users’ ideas of shopping through the platform. The website’s look and feel don’t appear to be engaging and, therefore, eliminate the chances of the site’s trust meter going up.

As per our research report, the particular website has failed to qualify against a few verification checkpoints. Therefore, we would not advise our audiences to shop from this platform.

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  1. Website is a fraud.

    Phone, address and email are fake.

    No Julia Bailey

    Bill on PayPal in from Chinese company

    Z – KAM, INC


  2. Total Scam site. I ordered bowflex dumbells becaue they were so cheaply listed, and they never shipped them. But they were so deceptive that they gave a tracking number from Amazon to Paypal to try to prove we received the items and it was a real tracking number that showed amazon fulfillment delivered to our mailbox when I filed the dispute with Paypal the dispute was closed. I now see a whole bunch of websites offering the same low price for these dumbells. I guess I was the dumbell for trusting this site because you can’t ship the dumbells at their weight for the total price they offered. SCAM.

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