Is Derastyle com Legit [June] Is It the legit Business?

Is Derastyle com Legit [June] Is It the legit Business?

Is Derastyle com Legit [June] Is It the legit Business? -> Read this article if you want to find out the legitimacy of a headband e-store. 

Does your hair become a slobbering mess when you head out for a run or workout? Then it would help if you tried out the headbands available on Derastyle com. 

Workouts are strenuous, and you will have often found your hair strands sticking to the sweat on your face. This can be very irritating as the hair restricts the view. At such times a headband could come in handy for you. 

A brand that you could check out for hairbands is Derastyle. But today you will spot a lot of websites that were erected not even a month ago to scam unsuspecting customers. Is Derastyle com Legit too? 

The address provided on the official site tells us that they have headquarters in Bakersfield, United States. If you are keen on finding out the legitimacy of this site, then let’s progress into this Derastyle Reviews.

Is Derastyle com legit? 

Derastyle com site has an HTTPS connection, and numerous points speak in favour of the retailer. However, it is important to notice that the site has a very low traffic volume as it was set up almost 3 months ago. 

This is usually not a good sign and could mean the website was set up for m-alicious purposes. 

What is Derastyle com?

Derastyle com is an e-store that focuses on selling exercise essentials such as mini wristlets, tank tops, designer headbands and even beanies. The website of this online retailer lacks an about us section, so it is difficult to tell anything about its makers. 

All their packages are sold from the United States, and you are provided with a tracking update when the purchase reaches the country you live in. 

The retailer mentions that they take about 1-3 days to process the orders and then ensure it reaches you within 5-8 business days. The delivery is rather quick! Keep in mind that you will be responsible for import fees if you refuse the shipment. 

What is unique about Derastyle com?

If you are on the website, then you are surely a person who works out regularly. While working out the biggest struggle women face is to keep the hair in place. The hair ties always fall apart when the workout involves running or jumping. 

To help you keep your hair in place are the hairbands and scrunchies in various prints provided by Derastyle com. If you don’t like the prints, then you can check out their solid colour section. 

The brand also has the ‘headbands for a cause’ section that have prints in support of autism and even half distance marathons. The headbands are made of an elastic and stretchable, which is why they all come as a one size fits all product. These factors make the Derastyle com site unique. 

Specifications of Derastyle com

  • Products- exercise essentials 
  • Website- 
  • Email-
  • Phone number– (228) 249-3451
  • Shipping/processing time- 1-3 business days 
  • Delivery time- 5 to 8 working days 
  • Shipping fee- $4.99 
  • Return- within 14 days of the delivery date 
  • Exchange- will be decided once you have returned the package 
  • Refunds- will be made within 1-2 working days 
  • Online Payment- can only be made via PayPal 

Pros of purchasing from Derastyle com

  • The retailer sells interestingly designed headbands and other sports essentials  
  • An address is provided with the name of the person in charge, ensures easy returns 
  • The website has an SSL certificate 
  • You can make secure payments online 
  • Easy and quick returns can be made 

Cons of purchasing from Derastyle com

  • The site has a very bad trust score index 
  • They lack an about us section, so we know nothing about the makers 
  • They charge a $4.99 shipping charges 
  • Any returns past 30 days will need to be returned at the customer’s expense 
  • Customers complain of the headbands stretching out quicker than expected

Customer reviews of Derastyle com

There are positive reviews as well as negative reviews available on the official site. While most speak about loving the headbands and purchasing several, they also claim the headbands absorb sweat and are easy to wash. 

Some reviews mention the headbands stretched out in just a few days of purchase and that they don’t seem to catch much sweat. 

Final Verdict- 

The products have mixed reviews and rightfully so. The price of 1 headband is $19 and is a little too much. The site also has a very low trust score index. Hence, we do not recommend purchasing from the Derastyle com website

0 thoughts on “Is Derastyle com Legit [June] Is It the legit Business?

  1. I googled zero-gravity lounge chairs. DERASTYLE had the best price. I ordered them not knowing it was a scam. When I was looking for a shipping date I realized there wasn’t any. I now am disputing the charge on Pay Pal.

  2. SCAM!!! i googled Bistro set and ordered from there. never heard nothing . went back to find site and NO bistro sets now. All head bands!!!!!! Paypal denied my dispute because seller than provided tracking and said was delivered, the tracking number was a fake. On UPS it said package weight 0.50 lbs…….really….for a table and 2 chairs!!!!

    1. Hi Shelly, I had a similar problem with Dreastyle , I disputed it and won my case. Check your tracking number and see if it shows a delivery date of your item before you even ordered it. That was my case. You can appeal your case but you much include the delivery inaccuracy. Your appeal must be very detailed. (Times you tried to contact seller, delivery miss information, what happened when you tried to call by phone etc.) Tell them you think you are being scammed. That’s how I won my case. Don’t give up and Good luck.

  3. Scammed…Hindsight is 20/20. We’ll see how well PayPal handles the dispute. Actually checked here first and it didn’t have the warnings it has now.

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