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Platem top Reviews [July] Legit or a Fake Scam?

Platem top Reviews [July] Legit or a Fake Scam? -> In this article, we will get to know about a new online shopping website which deals with home entertainment accessories, furniture, and much more.

How many of you are fond of shopping for products online? I guess most of us love to buy online as it allows us to choose our favorite item from anywhere and anytime. You must have been shopping for home entertainment accessories. No, check out Platem.

We have come across many Platem reviews online where people report that the company is selling items at much lesser, but they are not sure about the authenticity. Hence, they are afraid to shop from here. Here we are and sharing the details about the organization, whether you need to buy from it.

Various online stores are available in the market selling several items, including gifts, hair accessories, home accessories, Petites, and much more. Websites are trying to reach maximum people by offering lucrative deals, free shipping, and other rewards.

Currently, the website sells products in the United-States; however, no Platen Top Reviews are available online to find out its authenticity.

If you are interested in buying from this website, read below before making a purchase.

What is Platen Top? is a new online shopping portal dealing in home entertainment accessories, cleaning, storage, garden equipment, and more. The website age is around two months only, and the company is targeting to sell its products to the global market.

The products available for sale look usable at home, and the price range is reasonable. However, we are not sure about the quality. That is why we want to check how safe your money will be if you buy anything from Platen? Is this website genuine, or the company is trying to loot people?

Well! Worry not, Let us finds all the answers below.

Specifications of Platen Top:

  • Organization Name: Platen Top
  • Website Link:
  • Shipping Time: 1-2 Days
  • Shipping Fee: Company Claims to be free
  • Next day Delivery: £2.99
  • Dealing Countries: UK Mainland, Isle of Man, Scottish Highlands, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.
  • Dispatch time: 24 Hours
  • Exchange: Available but nothing specified on the website
  • Return: Available within seven days of delivery
  • Delivery time: 7-10 business days depending on the country
  • Courier Services: Hermes, Royal Mail, DPD, Yodel, and XDP
  • Payment Modes: Online Payments and PayPal
  • Contact Number: +12563695004
  • Email Address:
  • Office Address: 1926, South 6th Street, Suite 250, Omaha, Nebraska 68106

Is it legit?

The website has not many products listed on it, which means it is a new website. When checking the age, it is less than two months old. The site shares all the information about shipping, delivery, contact number, address, etc. But similar information is available on several other websites as well, which makes it nothing but a clone website. 

Various domains are available with the similar address and telephone number. It is not a good sign. Though, it uses HTTPS security but misses on Norton and Semantic, which means your information may not be in safe hands.  

Pros of buying from Platen Top:

  • You get so many products in various range
  • Product price is lucrative
  • Option to return and exchange
  • Next day delivery option available at a little fee

Cons of buying from Platen Top:

  • Looks like a clone website
  • Only prepaid orders, No Cash on delivery option
  • Nothing is available regarding the refund
  • The same address is registered with several other companies

What are customers saying about Platen?

As the website is new, no customer reviews are available online. Even the website does not give an option for customers to rate product quality. Going by the site, it has not many items available for sale, and various companies are using the same address.

Even after so many tries, we failed to find Platem.Top Reviews on other portals as well. So, we are not sure about its authenticity.

Final words

The website is less than two months old; thus, no reviews are available. It uses SSL security, but Norton and Semantic ant-virus is missing, which indicates it is not safe to use. It offers all the essential information on the website, such as shipping, delivery, return, exchange, and payment options. But nothing is mentioned about the refund policy. It does not look a legit site, and we recommend not buying anything from here.

If you have any doubts or suggestions to give, do comment below or write to us.

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  1. I’d say scam, called the phone number said not in service. Address says nebraska, phone number is from Alabama.

  2. I ordered a desk from this site. Immediately regret my decision. How can I protect my information once it has been sent.

      1. sorry to inform you it will not be a desk
        They are only sending you face masks. I would recommend by calling your bank and getting your money back. Cause i ordered a desk from this site and I did not receive a desk. I got face masks.

          1. Same thing here, I’m on round 3 with these people wanting a refund, the shipping company has to fake too because it shows the it’s in your town but it get lost.

      2. I’m thinking We’re going to have to cancel our card……. I would assume they have our bank card info…..

    1. I ordered a desk too. I got a email with a tracking number, waited excited only to receive a pack of MASKS ! Definitely a scam ! D

  3. Definite fake. I ordered a desk and chair from them and received a bunch of face masks. They’re professional scammers too, because I got and order ID and a tracking number and I was tracking my order every day, and it seemed that it was all in order.

    1. I just got a packet of face masks instead of the too good to be true desk. The phone number on my shipping label is from Michigan and does not connect. I think it is very ingenious of them to send something for customers to track.

    2. This place is a scam ! I placed an order on June 29th for a desk and a bookcase. I received a tracking #, and today July 20th, I received a plastic bag Filled with white facemask and it was mailed from China. Please do not order from this company! I am reporting them on every site and I am disputing the $129 I spent with my bank. My intuition told me That this was a scam and I did not listen so I am warning everyone to not order from this company and if you have, please cancel your card information because it’s likely that they have access to it. Thanks

  4. Defiantly a scam. I ordered a desk 6/22/2020. Once item was delivered, I received face masks. Ordered through PayPal. I am now going through the process of getting a full refund.

  5. Ordered a desk on June 13th. Got tracking. It arrived today – 6 disposable face masks. for $66! Total scam. I am disputing the payment.

  6. Definately fake. I had the same issue as the previous commenter here. I ordered a desk off this site and unfortunately did not research the company since the site/ store came up in my google search while looking for this particular desk. It appears to be a USA/UK co and a month later after tracking them tracking number provide FROM CHINA and I also ended up getting some cheap face masks. When i emailed them they said the order was in error on accident and they offered to send me the correct item. I told them to give me a refund. Its been 24 hours and they have not responded. I will update if I end up getting the refund.

  7. Same thing happened to me! I ordered a bookshelf and got a box of disposable face mask. SCAM SCAM, please avoid!

  8. Same here nothing but face masks from China. Although they are giving out good quality face masks nothing worth my 100 bucks for a desk I thought I was ordering. Do not order from this site it is a scam. Although my money was covered by pay pal these people are still getting the money and pay pal is having to pay the price.

  9. I ordered a desk from this site. Address on site says Nebraska but the item was shipped from China.

  10. Ordered a desk and got face masks. They send you tracking info via email and you recieve face masks. Don’t purchase and report to your bank.

  11. I also order a L-shape desk and received a face mask with the same tracking number. Scammers.

  12. Ordered a $50 gaming desk and received 4 face masks, packaging had label on outside stating $20 worth of face masks inside. So I contacted email support and they wanted to see pictures….. will update as this situation furthers

    1. I had the same thing that they wanted to send a picture of the same thing that was sent and they
      Said they would resend the original purchase. It would be nice but after seeing all this I won’t hold my breath

  13. Do NOT and I repeat Do NOT order from this site.. I was ripped off, everything was all good I received a tracking number for the items I had continuous updates for my delivery. I received what I thought would be my desk and they sent me mask.

  14. I had ordered writing desk and received face mask. Luckily i had used my credit card for the purchase. I have already disputed the charge. This is pure fraud Chinese company established to fool us. Beware of buying anything from China as well as Chinese companies.

  15. Simply put, Platem.Top is a scam website. They are the typical Chinese scammer that follows the typical Chinese scammer techniques. If you are familiar with Chinese scammers on Ebay, they follow the same suit. Typically you place an order, they send you something of far less value, and then they attempt to offer you a “partial refund,” which in return allows them to make a signifcant amount on the item if you accept the partial refund. For example, I ordered an L-shaped desk at $55.88. They sent a package of five face masks, and after opening a dispute they offered a partial refund of $45.00. Had I accepted this, they would have made roughly $10.00, which is a significant amount over what they paid for the item and what it was shipped for.

    They also follow other techniques. One being (such as on Ebay) where they offer items for a ridicuously low cost. Once you buy the item(s), they will not ship them in the hopes that you forget about the low-cost item down the road (seeing that Chinese shipping can take upwards to two months or so to be delivered). They may even provide you tracking information (which ultimately is fake). If you forget about it/don’t complain about it (which is easy to do with a low cost item), they end up pocketing the cost down the road.

    The next technique consits of what I experienced here. They, as another person put it, are professinoal scammers and will provide you with a “tracking number” for the item that they sent, in this case being the package of face masks. So when you open the dispute with your banking institution about this, they will initially try the method above where they offer a partial refund. If you deny that, they will attempt to elongate the dispute process by responding to your dispute at the latest date possible (for example, PayPal gives them two weeks to respond to the intitial claim, so they will wait until the last possible day to respond). What they will then do after that is provide vague information to your bank/institute in an effort to force them to conduct an “investigation,” which will continuously elongate the refund process. This is what they tried with me, but thankfully, I have PayPal and I ordered from their website through PayPal. I think they made a mistake here by underestimating PayPal’s buyer protection program and offering the PayPal option on their site, which leads into my on-coming story.

    Again, I ordered a desk from them and recieved a package of five facemasks, just as everyone else here commenting did. So if you have placed an order with them, you need to complain to your bank ASAP and get your refund and to get them flagged as a scam company. As for myself, I ordered it through PayPal, which protects their buyers through-and-through. I got the run-around for a few weeks until I was finally sick and tired of it. provided false information to PayPal due to my dispute that I opened, and they continuously tried to drag it out. Once PayPal responded to my claim and said that I needed to return the package to receive my refund, I had enough. I called PayPal immediately and explained thoroughly what happened and that Platem.Top is a scam website and that they are playing PayPal. I further explained my frustration towards not understanding why my case was still open when I provided them all of the information that they needed to make a fair judgement and to understand that I was scammed. The very nice and very professional PayPal employee put me on hold for roughly five minutes, came back on the line, and told me that the case was resolved in my favor. She continued to say that this company has had several complaints about the same thing, and that due to my complaint, they are finally opening an investigation on the company. She concluded by saying that if they find that is a scam company, they will be removed from the PayPal platform. This removal is inevitable, as the proof is everywhere.

    With that being said, I apologize for the long response, but I hope that you all now know the truth about this website, and about all other Chinese scamming websites. I’m telling you people, set yourself up a banking account with PayPal. They provide SIX MONTHS worth of buyers protection for every transaction. They have saved me time and time again, and when I was suspicious of this company, I still pulled the trigger on the order because I knew that PayPal had my back.
    Last, this is ridiculously important. About a month after I had placed the order with (and shortly after refusing their partial refund offer), PayPal sent me a text message and an email at 4:00 AM telling me that an unauthorized Android user had signed onto my PayPal account. I changed my password immediately.

    Beware of this company. Do not order from them, and if you have, change the password to your account. Depending on how shady your situation may be, you really might want to close your account and open a new one so that these people don’t have your information. Stay on your toes people, and don’t get got!

  16. IamADumy!

    Is a Scam! Typical Chinese Scam. I waited two months for my order all i got is face mask. Cost me $117 dam communist!!!

  17. This just happened to me, me and my son have been waiting a month for our desk and chair and they sent a pack of face mask!

  18. This place is a scam do not order do not order do not order They give you a tracking number so that it doesn’t seem like it is a scam but when you get your delivery it’s a bag of facemasks I should’ve done my research on the company now I am $100 out of my pocket with a bag of facemasks they also say that they deliver from the USA that’s a lie after you place your order they say that they don’t have any in stock at that location so it is being delivered from the manufacturer lies lies lies ….

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