Is Legit [July] Is this a Scam Website?

Is Legit [July] Is this a Scam Website?

Is Legit [July] Is this a Scam Website? -> The analysis intends to deliver knowledge about “sanitizers and cleaners” available on the website.

Running out of sanitizers? There is a scarcity of sanitizers in the market due to the present situation across the world. But Cleanula brings you the relief of ordering sanitizers online and get it delivered at your doorstep.

Is Legit?” is the only question that pops in our minds. The following investigation report will share an idea of how legitimate the website is. It is a safe website operating on an SSL certificate. Reviews indicate that the business is operating in the United States. The online seller is running 3-days “Flash Sale” to land maximum traffic. It ensures safe shopping of the best quality products with fast home delivery. The website has populated its customer care email id to answer queries raised by the customers.

We will now understand the website’s specification, its social presence, Reviews from customers before conducting deep analysis on the website.

Is Cleanula a Legit website?

The evolution of the internet has introduced a massive risk of cyberattacks. World Wide Web has served as a breeding ground for the adversaries to carry out fraud activities like scamming, spamming, infecting and phishing. 

Our investigation will employ a variety of detection methods to assess or estimate the type of cyber attack and its severity. This analysis report will not only put forth learning methods to detect phishing websites but will also educate you about the nature of the threat.

Cleanula is an eCommerce platform dealing in bathroom cleaners, disinfectants, sanitizers, and similar items in pocket-friendly rates. The website is created in July’20 with the age of only 3 days.

Specifications of Cleanula:

  • Product: All-purpose & bathroom cleaner, laundry sanitizers, disinfectant spray
  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Parent Company: LYSOL
  • Address: Not available
  • Contact number: Unavailable
  • Contact Person: Not specified
  • Shipping fee: Orders less than $50 will cost $20 for DHL Express Shipping; Orders above $50 will be free for DHL Express Shipping
  • Worldwide Shipping: No Clarity
  • Delivery Time: 48-hours delivery
  • Returns: Within 6 months
  • Refund: Processed within 2-4 weeks post obtaining returned item
  • Payment Modes: Accepts payments through Visa, MasterCard, JCB, and PayPal

Shopping Pros of Cleanula:

  • The customer service care can be availed on email address: 
  • The site has a FAQ and Privacy Policy page.
  • There is adequate information on the “Product Shipping” policy.

Shopping Cons of Cleanula:

  • Zero presence on social media platforms
  • The site has been recently created
  • No customer reviews found on the internet
  • Inadequate information on the return address, contact helpline, etc
  • Missing About Us page

Customer feedback on Cleanula:

The site is just 3 days old with a valid SSL certificate that guarantees to serve a safe internet connection to its audience. There is an adequate product description written for all the products listed. There are a number of positive Reviews posted by the customers found on the product pages. 

The website has shared an email address for its visitors to connect with its customer support staff. It accepts online payments through all major modes such as PayPal, credit, and debit cards, etc.

Whereas on the other hand, the website doesn’t have a social presence on any platforms recommending shoppers to stay away. There is no return address for the customers to return the product if not satisfied. No customer feedback available on the website backing the authenticity of the products. 

The site has an ongoing Flash Sale to lure bargain-hungry shoppers. 

Final Verdict:

It is a recently hosted site with the age of not more than a week, thus extremely new to trust upon. The brand has no appearance on social media platforms that implements no one barely knows about it. No customer reviews found on the internet implying that it has a negligible inflow of traffic with the least conversion rate.

Alert note: The site has hosted quite a number of backdated customer feedback and ratings on its products which clearly means that the reviews are bought and not genuine.

Is Legit? As per our research, the online platform didn’t deliver any sense of legitimacy while assessing on the basis of various countermeasures. There was a multitude of weak spots detected on the site proving it inappropriate for any customer collaboration. 

Hence, we would like to warn our readers and not shop for any items on this platform.

0 thoughts on “Is Legit [July] Is this a Scam Website?

  1. I placed an order on this website the evening of July 12. I ordered $50.06 in product. The order was payed through pay pal. I received a confirmation of my order. Two hours later I received an email that my order had shipped. It had the subtotal $50.06 $0 tax $0 shipping and the grand total was $58 and change. That was red flag number 2. The first red flag was my order being shipped in two hours. It had a tracking number for the USPS. On Monday July 13 I put the tracking number in and it comes up the order was delivered at the front door on July 12 at 2:20 PM. I didn’t even place the order yet. On the evening of July 13, I tried to log into their website, and it doesn’t recognize me. There is no phone number to contact. I contacted my credit card company and informed them of the situation. She said the charge came through from a pet company with no phone number. She said there is usually a phone number associated with the charge.

    So I seriously doubt I will be receiving my Lysol and Wipes. It’s pretty sad people are willing to scam people during these times.

  2. I placed an order with this so-called website. I received an email from Larita Parks, stating that it would be shipped USPS. the tracking no. is no good. I do believe I have been scammed. Please, do not order from this website.

    1. I had the same thing happen. Did your tracking show it originated with DHL? I was trying to figure out how they are getting the tracking numbers. Mine went through USPS and when I contacted them – their internal tracking system showed it delivered …like you before I ordered it. The shipping verification that PayPal uses to release funds – just uses the tracking number and that it was delivered status …not the individual address. Anyway the tracking from USPS shows it was delivered to my town but not my address … not anywhere near my address. So I started looking into this and it seems most … if not all originate from DHL shipping. I have informed DHL so they can research as they have to be getting access to the tracking numbers they supply. It appears they use USPS, FedEX, and UPS. I have also informed PayPal so you might want to follow up to get charges canceled also. Hope this helps.

  3. This is a (SCAM)
    DON’T PUT IN KNOW ORDERS WITH THIS WEBSITE I put in a order never got my order i wish i can fine them but i put it in GOD hand they need to be put in jail under the jail (U.S.A ) is being SCAM
    On stuff we need so be careful when placing order online stay away from the website

  4. I recently made a purchase online at and was trying to get update on my order. I hope this is not a scam website. In times like this it is hard. My group is trying to put together care packages and really is expecting these items. I received a receipt after making the purchase. As I said before I hope and pray this is not a scam. I was informed that it would be delivered DHL but nothing has been delivered. Thanks in advance.

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