Fortgang.Com Skins [July] Is This A Legitimate Website?

Fortgang.Com Skins [July] Is This A Legitimate Website?

Fortgang.Com Skins [July] Is This A Legitimate Website? -> The above piece of study will demonstrate the authenticity of “Paintings” showcased on the website.

Are you an admirer of arts and paintings? Fortgang is your go-to destination to buy urban artworks. The website features paintings of well-known street artist Stephen Stroller and artworks by many acclaimed artists.

Fortgang.Com Skins will assist the artists in communicating their thoughts to the world via paintings. The site is lending an online space to the street artists in the United States.

If you’re wondering, “Is Fortgang.Com Legit?” The following report will thoroughly investigate the nature of the website and impart a piece of useful information on its legitimacy. Let us now walk through the features of the site, its pros & cons, and customer feedback

What is

It is an online seller of original artworks such as landscapes, paintings, and sculptures featured by Stephen Stroller. It is a platform that helps various upcoming and struggling talents display their work across the globe. The website is offering these paintings in pocket-friendly rates.

The site’s sole aim is to put forth the street art, subway art, and Plein art for acknowledgment and appreciation. Hosted in 1998, the site has populated its full contact information to support new artists and painters and showcase their talent on the platform.

Features Of Fortgang:

  • Offered Products: Arts, Paintings, Sculptures, Landscapes, etc.
  • Web Link:
  • Contact Email ID: /
  • Phone: (718)367-9424 / (518) 499-2104
  • Address: Fortgang Company, 325E, 64th Street,#207, New York, NY 10021
  • Payment Modes: Accepts online payment via PayPal, wire transfers or personal check & money orders
  • Shipping Fee: Free Express Shipping for every order
  • Provides a chance for talented artists to display their art online
  • Online selling of urban arts & paintings at pocket-friendly rates
  • Newcomers can showcase their piece of art on the platform 

Pros Of Fortgang:

  • Accepts payment through all major payment methods
  • Found adequate contact information on the website
  • Free Express Shipping on all orders
  • Fortgang.Com Skins provides assistance to the fresh talent to showcase their artwork

Cons Of Fortgang:

  • The website deprived of SSL certificate, therefore not secure
  • The site runs on Flash that can slow down your computer
  • No link to track your shipment status other than connecting via phone or email

Is Fortgang a Legit website?

Scamming sites have become crucial concerns as they can harm the security of your computer and your sensitive data. One of the ways to steal information is to attractively design the malicious website to lure the online surfers and gain a chance of interaction with them. 

This could result in the loss of their data, such as credit card information, banking account login credentials, etc. In this article, we will carry out an investigation to identify the nature of such websites and discriminate in terms of their credibility. The research will help you adopt countermeasures to detect malicious URLs.

Is Fortgang.Com Legit? Fortgang is an independent online seller of authentic paintings and artworks. It is featuring brilliant pieces of artwork of a highly accomplished painter Stephen Stoller.  

Customer Feedback:

The site operates on a Flash web page seeking permission to view it in full screen. The whole process will need you to enable Flash to view the website that might slow down the speed of the computer. The site doesn’t have a web address starting with “https://” which is a visible hint that website is risky and prone to being compromised. 

On the other hand, the online seller has revealed its operating address, email ids, and contact numbers for the interested buyers to connect with it. 

The Fortgang.Com Skins encourages the upcoming street painters to deliver their thoughts to the audiences via their artworks. This would give painting a touch of both meaning and message.

Final Verdict:

One of the remarkable attributes of the website is its uniqueness. Out of millions of the sites, its the one showcasing the minutes of artworks, paintings, landscapes, sculptures from a renowned street painter “Stephen Stroller” but also leveraging a platform for the newcomer artist and Fortgang.Com Skins motivate them to display their talent across the world.

The website serves as a perfect environment for the artists or interested buyers with relaxing music and pleasure of viewing the beautiful artworks. The website was hosted in 1998 by Stephen Stroller and is relatively 21 years old, which makes it a legitimate site for our readers to collaborate with.

We would recommend our audience to take a tour of the website if you’re an appreciator of paintings and arts.

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