Is Buycleartv Scam (August) Scanty Review Written Below

Is Buycleartv Scam (August) Scanty Review Written Below

Is Buycleartv Scam (August) Scanty Review Written Below >> The article given above discusses the points on the qualities of a product by the name of Clear TV.

Technology has increased, and it has been increasing by leaps and bounds, and the products related to technology have been on the peak ever since new styles and pieces of stuff come in the market. In the name of modernity, people have been befooled many times, and they don’t realize that their money is just being taken away by the fraudsters.

There is going to be a product of clear TV from the United States that we will talk about in this ‘Is Buycleartv Scam’. This clear TV has the function of capturing the signals that will come through the air and get those channels into the customers’ TV sets. It is not related to cable TV, but rather it is different, which will show some channels without any extra charge.

‘Is Buycleartv Scam’ is something that will explain the quality of the product and how the people have reacted to the product in their reviews. But it is fundamentally important to know what it is that it carries in its overall capacity.

What is Buycleartv?

Clear TV is about digitally connected through air channels which will depend upon the signals according to the distance and the region of the antenna, and the cost of the antenna has been put for $19.95 along with $7.99 P and H. The order can also be made via calling and via online method. According to one review, a customer said that he bought it from the company directly and said that it could also be bought through other platforms such as Walmart, Walgreens, Target and various other platforms and this product can also be bought for $15 along with the tax that it will incur according to place and location.

$14.99 will have to be paid if there is a Clear TV amplifier requirement if the customer happens to live in a place 50 miles away from the tower in which the antenna has to be installed.

Through this ‘Is Buycleartv Scam’, it will be evident whether customers need to go ahead with this product or be in loss if they go ahead with this product.

Specifications of Buycleartv:

  • Product: Clear TV
  • Email:
  • Return Address: Clear TV Premium HD 500 Returns Road Wallingford, CT 06495
  • Contact Number: 973-286-5164
  • Hours of operation: Nowhere found
  • Return: Yes, it is available within 60 days
  • Refund: It is also there.
  • Payment method: Through online methods

Pros of Buycleartv:

  • It is digital a digital antenna 
  • It can save money if the customer is interested in watching limited channels.
  • The queries related to the qualities of the product can be given on mail, and customers can also contact through phone numbers.
  • Queries can be answered in English and Spanish.

Cons of Buycleartv:

  • The quality of the product is very cheap.
  • Only some limited channels are available for which customers will have to go through a lot of findings to get to the right signal.
  • For extra channels that customers want to watch apart from whatever channels come through air signals, customers will have to pay extra money.
  • The rating of the customers happens to be only 1.9
  • The rating of the customers gives it a bad name in the market.

Is Buycleartv Legit?

As far as the product’s legitimacy is concerned, it can very well be said that the product happens to be legit, but its qualities do not meet the people’s expectations. 

Suppose they buy this product, and still, they have to pay more and more for the additional channels that they want to watch. In that case, it is entirely unjustified to buy this product because it is going to be nothing but extra expenditure on the shoulders of the customers.

Customers’ reviews

There are many customers on the internet who gave vented their anger against this particular product, and they have also called the product as a scam. 

It does not go according to what they expect at first because they think it will ultimately save their money, which they have to spend on cable regularly. ‘Is Buycleartv Scam,’ also went through the reasons that led the customers to call the product a scam why they think this product is not worth buying.

Final Verdict

The quality of the product is not in the positive way, and customers are not happy with the service of the product as well; that’s why we don’t recommend the customers to buy this product as it is also a marketing gimmick.

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