Is Legit [July] – Is It a Fake Scam or Legit?

Is Legit [July] – Is It a Fake Scam or Legit?

Is Legit [July] – Is It a Fake Scam or Legit? -> In this article, we are informing you about the website that sells exceptional jewellery products.

Are you exploring online jewellery shops to get the most trendy jewellery sets? Then let’s have a glance at Backde. 

We stumbled upon a few  Backde.Com Reviews over the internet, so thought of sharing its information to our valuable readers finding their way to get matching jewellery accessories for their gorgeous outfits. 

There is quite a lot of e-shop, making a new appearance in the e-commerce sector to boost sales. Meanwhile, our e-shopping enthusiasts are exploring different sites for beautiful collection at reasonable discounts. But how far does the brand new Backde is authentic? Or  Is Legit? Or Is it safe to purchase from Backde? 

We will get to know all about your queries about this e-shop based in the United States. Today under this category of  Backde.Com Reviews, we will be enlightening you about every aspect of the site to make your shopping choices more accessible. 

Is Legit?

Backde- the United States-based online store has a beautiful collection of jewellery, but if you are wondering about the question ‘Is Legit?then the answer is NO. Backde is a SCAM site, and you will know why we are so sure about it in this Backde.Com Reviews

This website looks very professional and has an extensive collection of jewellery which are showcased very generously. We will now point out every suspicious factor of this fraudulent site, continue reading to know more about ‘Is Legit?’. 

What is Backde? 

Backde is an online store of jewellery which is initially based in the United States. It claims to sell high-quality products such as necklace, earrings, bands, rings, chokers, chains, studs, and other related accessories. The website is well equipped and designed to attract the attention of the customers. 

It provides all essential information and claims to offer a secure payment mode like PayPal. All the pieces of jewellery are incredibly gorgeous and one of a kind. But Is it worth it to purchase fro backde? No, it is not, continue reading to know why?

Specifications of

  • Address- 3245 Rivers Ave Sc 29405, Charleston Sc, SC 29405 United States 
  • Contact Number- (281) 806-6977
  • Email- 
  • Shipping Details- Via USPS
  • Delivery Time- Unavailable 
  • Return and Exchange- Available
  • Refund- Only Gift Card or Partial Refund
  • Payment- PayPal 

Pros of

  • The website looks professional. 
  • Genuine HTTPS connection.
  • Valid email server.
  • Comprehensive customer care service.
  • Secure payment gateway.
  • The vast collection of Jewellery. 
  • Not Blacklisted.

Cons of

  • New domain registration on 31.05.2020 (Less than two months).
  • Restriction from buying multiple items or items worth more than $105. 
  • Not secured by McAfee or Norton.
  • Low traffic.
  • No Cash on Delivery.
  • No social media handles and promotional posts.
  • No genuine customer reviews over website and web. 

What are people saying about Backde? 

We cannot find any customer reviews on the website or other Backde.Com Reviews,  so it is hard to see what people are saying about it. Although you will find the comment section on the site, there is no customer feedback. It also means whether people are not purchasing from the website or deleting the comments to fool people. 

There are very few reviews over the internet, which do not help determine people’s views for Backde. Knowing that customer feedback is the backbone of the pillar of trust in the product, it is a bad sign to have no input for the last two months. 

Final Verdict

Everything is said and done, the clear answer to ‘Is Legit? is No, the site is a scam and shows similar features like other scam sites. It is selling limited products with unrealistic discount offers and does not also take any cash on delivery. 

Apart from that, you will not find any customer feedback on this new domain website, which is suspicious. The website is not secured by McAfee or Norton, which means there is a high risk of the financial crisis after using the site. 

There are several websites with scam features and trusting them because of a few facts that might waste your hard-earned money for nothing at all. We, therefore, advise you to make a smart decision and stay away from such sites. If you have already purchased from it, kindly share your experience below this Backde.Com Reviews to help others. 

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  1. Scammed by – email doesn’t work, and PayPal information does not match at all. When contacting the email address on the website (, you will receive an automated email saying that the contact is invalid. When emailing the address on the PayPal receipt, expect no response.

    PayPal also refuses to assist in the scenario, so it seems this scammer/fraudulent person has partnered with PayPal in this little money making scheme.

    Here is the information provided on the PayPal receipt:


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