Is Abdserry Legit {Sept 2020} – Honest Reviews!

Is Abdserry Legit {Sept 2020} – Honest Reviews!

Is Abdserry Legit {Sept 2020} – Honest Reviews! >> Shop for the various types of products available on a single platform.  

Did you know that more than half of the American population buy products online every month?

Most people enjoy shopping online and exploring tons of websites to get their hands-on trendy products and apparel. One such company located in the United States sells all home, outdoor, clothes, and other goods. 

Abdserry Reviews found that this company features a wide range of products that are by the calm breeze of the city. Their products are unique and fit everyone’s needs. 

From the looks of this shop, it seems to be legit, and the items also are authentic. But as we many stores are scamming people and the design can fool you. We have checked “Is Abdserry Legit” before you make any wrong purchase from the site. 

For that reason, we will present you with all the required information to judge the website’s legitimacy. 

Is Abdserry Legit or Not?

Abdserry Reviews looked at all the telltale signs, to find if it’s a scam or not. We have noticed many clues for differentiating between a legit and fraudulent website. One the very first page, you’ll find the website layout design is clean and easy. But the site looks misleading as soon as we clicked on the product sections. They have not listed any sections or categorize any of the products—a massive pile of items is randomly placed. 

We have looked at the technicalities of the sites. The age of the website is too new. The website is no more than three months old and appears to have a low trust rating and can’t be trusted. Must consider before getting anything from it! The owner details are protected from the public when it should be openly given to its customers. 

There is no phone number or customer form to reach out to them in case of queries related to products. All we could see is an email address and we can they are not a credible one. No social media presence and no rating or reviews by the customers. Which is alarming. One more red flag is that the office address seems fake. The company is an American, and when we searched from the, there’s no such office in London. Mostly, scammers do this to fool people. Thus, at last, we can say to Is Abdserry Legit is that site is highly suspicious and should not be trusted. 

What is Abdserry?

Abdserry is any online store that is selling a wide variety of products at a very low cost. The customer can find items based on the themes that give a feeling of the calm breeze of the city. Most people in the United States buy products online in the comfort of their homes. Apart from clothing and home decor, this store also sells other kinds such as electronics, garden items, toiletries, and more. 

Specifications of Abdserry:

  • Website genre: Shopping site with a wide range of products
  • Website address: 
  • Shipping: Free Shipping over $40 
  • Return time: 45 days from receiving the order
  • Refund time: As soon as return initiated 
  • Address to locate: Marul Company limited Hamilton house, London, England.
  • Customer support Email:       
  • Contact No. : Not mentioned 
  • Mode of Payment- Credit – PayPal, Visa and Amex cards 

Pros of Abdserry:

  • Wide range of products.
  • Different modes of payments are included. 
  • The website is protected by HTTP SSL certificate. 

Cons of Abdserry:

  • The site is recently registered. 
  • No mention of the return address. 
  • No owner details and contact number mentioned. 
  • Absence of all social media accounts. 
  • The products are sold at low prices. 
  • No customer reviews and ratings. 
  • The site has a low popularity rating. 

What do customers think about Abdserry?   

The Abdserry Reviews listed these sites as a scam and also because of the absence of customer support and no details for the buyer to reach out to them. A newly registered website has no customer reviews or any rating after we have done an extensive examination. The site is not accessible anywhere on the internet, and we would not advise anyone to shop from it. This site, based in the United States, can easily keep your sensitive monetary information and use it.

Final Verdict:

The site is not to be trusted and highly suspicious. They have covered a lot of details about them and the website. All the information is misleading and inaccurate. We want to propose that they are a big scammed online store, and you should be alert about it to save the sensitive monetary information and the hard-earned money. 

We will be happy to hear your feedback and comments below in the comment section. 

0 thoughts on “Is Abdserry Legit {Sept 2020} – Honest Reviews!

  1. Ordered a telescope a few weeks ago and neverbgouba tracking number or verification email . Abdserry has already taken payment out for the item and I spent hrs on line trying to find where my package is and just can’t. They got there money so why should they Care also they gave me a 20% of code that I couldn’t get to work and there answer was we don’t know how to get them to work we just send them so no20 % of. This will be my last time buying from them

    1. I made a purchase they sent confirmation and shipping confirmation what I received was wrong not what I ordered and not even on their web page they will not accept its there fault and they will not give me a refund they will give me a discount it started at 5% then 20% then 25% we are now at 30% . I have said I will not settle for less than a full refund and they expected me to pay for the return cost I will never deal with them again I did get a Telephone number 018938184948 and the address in China I hope this helps


      Totally defrauded, ordered telephoto zoom lense monocular and instead received a standard fixed distance monocular.
      After several emails I was virtually told to take it or leave it.
      Their response was it will cost $20USD to return it or if I kept it to give it away or sell it.
      This company obviously can not be trusted and if based in the UK would be chased by Trading Standards.

  2. I ordered the new telescope x300 . After a month,waiting, i claim , they sent to me , a small monocular telescope, no zoom,
    I wrote again, to customer service, they ansewered the product they have is nota exactly as if appears in the web sites.
    Never ever buy from abdserry.
    Ignacio Melgar +34669506406

  3. Scam. Bought a telescope and was given a fake tracking number. Submitted claims with the bank and PayPal, so then they shipped a much different, much cheaper telescope instead. Repprting to BBB and requesting refund which I doubt I will get. Be warned.

  4. Ordered the telescope as advertised on facebook & received a cheap piece of plastic that is a slight upgrade on a childs toy.
    I have sent 17emails to them so far & each email gives a response offering 10%, 20%,30% & even 45% on a refunded for an item I didnt order.
    & if I don’t accept I have to pay to ship an item back to them that again I didnt order.
    The whole thing is a joke & Facebook should also be responsible for checking out these ads to make sure they are legitimate or not.
    In this case the whole site is a scam so save your time & money.

  5. Scammed me for $49 from the facebook ad for the powerful telescope. Sent me a cheap little kids toy telescope instead.
    Going to dispute the charge with my credit card company.

  6. I also ordered the telescope. I finally got it a few days ago. It isn’t even close to as advertised. It’s nowhere’s near as powerful as it was advertised to be.

  7. I ordered the telescope, and the one I received is clearly not the one in the Facebook Ad. It is essentially a toy, and does not come close to performing like the one advertised. I have gotten some feedback, with an offer to refund $15 of the $59 I spent. but they ignore my question as to ‘why did I not receive the one i ordered’? It is clearly a scam – to unload cheap $15 crap – and charge $55.

  8. I also order the telescope and what I received it”s a cheap toy, DO NOT BUY FROM THIS PEOPLE THE SCAM ME FOR $49.00. SCAMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!SCAMMMMMMM!!!!! SCAMMMMMMMM!!!

  9. The items ordered take about 2 months to arrive and are not what is advertised. You will eventually receive something but it will be a garbage quality version of what was advertised.

  10. I ordered the following from them: “4K 10-300X40mm super telephoto zoom monocular telescope(Released in July 2020) ×1”

    What I received in the mail was something completely different. They sent me a very low quality monocular, not the zoom telescope advertised. I reached out several times with only a response that says they’ll give me a 30% refund. Not very happy at all. I would not buy from this company.

  11. I also ordered the telescope that zooms and was sent a fixed focus one. The one I ordered cost $59.99 and the one they sent me is listed online for $32.99. I e-mailed abdserry and got a negative reply. They wanted me to send photos of the item and the package it came in. I did send them the required information. They then sent me an e-mail offering me a 15% refund for an item I did not order. THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM THEY WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY AND LEAVE YOU WITH THE SHORT END OF THE STICK. I am going to report them to my Credit Card Company. Since this item is listed on Facebook under several different suppliers I would think they are all scams. Facebook should take the advertisement off the site. I am sure there are a lot of people ordering from this company and do not realize it is a scam company.

  12. Ordered a monocular for $59.99 It came with eye piece broken. Tried to return the item. They offered 20% back which is useless because the product cannot be used.
    I told them so and asked for 80% refund. They asked me to ship the product knowing it will cost more to ship the product to China back. Beware. You are warned.

  13. This is Kamaraj Jawahar who wrote review on Oct 16. My complaint about the eye piece broken item is incorrect. There was another part that I missed in the package and with that I am able to keep the eye piece in its location. I am now a very satisfied customer with the package from

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