Bricksbest Com Review (August) Is This A Legit Website?

Bricksbest Com Review (August) Is This A Legit Website?

Bricksbest Com Review (August) Is This A Legit Website? >> The above article is about a website that sells various varieties of toys, which are loved by kids, and ordered frequently.

Every child would want their childhood to be surrounded by a lot of love, affection, and toys. Yes, toys help a child learn some of the essential life lessons. Are you thinking of ordering some toys for your kids? Are you thinking of ordering from Bricksbest com Review based in the United States? But is this web store a scam?

This United States-based website sells an excellent variety of toys at some incredible discounts. But are these prices too reasonable to be true? We have performed an unbiased Bricksbest com Review to help our readers determine this site’s credibility.

What is Bricksbest Store?

Bricksbest com Review is a website based in the United States. This site sells various toys for children. One can find a lot of variety of Lego toys and other types of toys here at massive discounts. 

Though, when we tried to open the site to do its full analysis. We found difficulty in loading the website. It proves that the site doesn’t have an excellent web interface. Also, when we tried reaching various sections of the page such as ‘about us,’ ‘shipping policy,’ returns and refunds, etc. The page became unresponsive.

There are various building sets, Lego hard to finds and backpacks available on the site. But it becomes irritating for the user to reload the site, again and again, to look at the pictures.

It can either be the case of the site being a scam or the place having a terrible web interface. Also, sometimes the users can’t even look at the pictures on the website. It becomes challenging to shop for something without looking at the picture.


  • Website: It sells various types of toys for children. 
  • Email:
  • Address: P4J7+9W Billund, Denmark
  • Phone: 4522820409
  • Shipping: All over the world.


  • The website offers some fantastic discounts.
  • The site has a dedicated page for returns and exchange.
  • The website is SSL Certified.


  • The website is very new.
  • The price on the website is too reasonable to be true. 
  • The users face issues loading the site.
  • The website doesn’t have a strong social media presence. 

Is Bricksbest com Legit?

Bricksbest is an online toy store where kids can find some of the best backpacks, building sets, Logo toys, etc. The website ships all over the world. Though, when we tried to investigate the website’s origin, we found that the site was made less than six months ago. It makes the website too new to establish its authenticity.

Also, the website becomes unresponsive at times, making it difficult for the user to trust its authenticity. For providing an unbiased Bricksbest com Review, performed in-depth research. 

Customer Reviews on Bricksbest com:

While researching positive customer reviews of Bricksbest. We would say that we were disappointed. The website doesn’t have positive reviews for customers that can vouch for the site’s credibility. Various users have claimed that they have faced trouble in placing their orders. 

Many users have claimed that they have placed their order but received nothing. Also, various users have argued that the website did not accept their card. Multiple users have also complained about the site being unresponsive. It is the case that even we have observed in Bricksbest com Review. Thus, we discourage our readers to place an order from this site till they are sure of its authenticity.

It could be pointing towards the fact that either the site is a scam or the site has a terrible web interface. Both of these can be a nightmare for users. 

Final Verdict:

Thus, after a thorough analysis of all the aspects of this website, we conclude that it is a scam. The place was made less than six months ago. Usually, sites commit acts of fraud after purchasing new domains. It might be the same case with Bricksbest com Review

There is no user rating of the site available on the web because it is too new. There are also some dissatisfied user reviews for the site that are floating on the internet.

We would like to advise our readers to stay away from such websites and not place an order on them. Placing an order on such a site can result in the user receiving counterfeit products or nothing at all. 

Placing an order from such a website can result in a loss of money and personal information theft. Thus, we discourage our readers from placing an order from this site until they are sure of its authenticity.

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0 thoughts on “Bricksbest Com Review (August) Is This A Legit Website?

  1. After ordering Lego from this website, I received a single counterfeit “Hermes” scarf.
    When I emailed their customer service to complain, they wanted me to send them a photo of the shipping label.
    I did not have the original packaging – the parcel was sent from China and I had discarded it-so instead sent them the photo of the scarf they sent.
    The customer service says they are not interested in the scarf, all they care about is the shipping label to “investigate.”
    If you’ve been defrauded by this fly-by-night company, be sure to dispute the charge with the credit card company or your bank. Then file a consumer complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, and any other government agency. You can also search for “fake Lego sellers” on the inernet and you will find many others who have been scammed by these Chinese thieves.

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