How to use an elliptical machine properly

How to use an elliptical machine properly

How to use an elliptical machine properly >> Get helpful tips through our article to increase muscle strength by an elliptical machine. Our guidelines will help you to learn how to use an elliptical machine correctly.

Do you have a basic understanding of how to use an elliptical machine? An elliptical machine is a great way to get a cardio and strength training workout at the same time. Unlike a regular cardio machine, an elliptical only requires a set amount of space and won’t cost you extra money to use. 

Anyways, an elliptical machine for home comes with some interesting benefits with various programs. But, if the elliptical machine is new technology to you and you don’t know where to start then continue reading this article. Learn more on how to use the elliptical machine and implement on the machine so that you can do a variety of exercise to keep fit. Using this machine isn’t as difficult as you might think. 

An elliptical machine is a great machine for your whole body workout and it helps in increasing your strength. For safe and effective workouts, correct and proper use of the elliptical machine is a must. If you correctly use an elliptical machine, it’ll be your excellent cardio trainer with super-fast calorie-burning power.  

We’re going to provide you all the tips step by step on how to work out at the planet location or Gym.

Familiarize yourself with the machine

Most elliptical machines come with various features so you should familiarize yourself before starting a workout. You should know about elliptical machine body parts and how do they work. If you’ve known about these parts then you’ll be able to use them correctly. Know the display monitor, console, flywheel, handlebars, stationary heart rate handgrips, and foot pedals.

Stepping onto the machine

Don’t place your foot on pedals without grasping the stationary handlebars. Be careful when you’re stepping onto the machine for pedaling. The pedals have extra space to provide your feet comfort. Keep your hips parallel to the edge of your pedals to avoid strain.

Use the handles

The stationary handles are for keeping your weight balanced. Keep your body balance using the handles but don’t place your weight on the handles. Also, this handle will provide you upper and lower body workout as well as weight and resistance. 

Align your feet

Align your feet correctly and keep your back straight to promote your comfort. To keep your balance on the machine, keep your head upright, and face forward. Grasp the moving handlebars but don’t hold on too tightly. Hold the handlebars keeping the balance of your body so that you can move with comfort. 

Generally, we see that an expert elliptical trainer moves their body without holding the handlebars. But as a beginner, you should move your whole body by moving the pedals with the legs as well as holding the stationary handlebars.

You will find two armbars on the machine which you can move for the upper body workout. 

Look for the start button

Turn the start button ON for getting the power-up display. 

Pedal Forward 

Before pedaling forward, align your feet correctly holding the handlebars, and bend your knees a bit.  Bending your knees and elbow slightly you will feel comfortable to workout and your muscle will be strengthened.

Continue your pedaling and make sure your legs are moving like an oval-shaped around the machine pace. You will see that your legs are moving through a pattern and you’re feeling joy.

We are telling you again to make sure you’re holding the handlebars and your toes are in the right place and your knees and elbows are slightly bent. Keep your back straight so that your spine is strong and long.

Continue Pedaling

Start pedaling while holding handles and your arms should be swinging. Also, pull your leg toward your body as you keep pedaling. And when your right leg goes down, pull the left handle toward your body.

Keep pedaling for 20-30 minutes and don’t stop yourself because your pedaling sessions should last long and you should set a goal for this workout for at least 20 minutes or so.

Find your current heart rate

If you see a heart tracking monitor in the machine then place it along the top of your chest and use the pulse sensors (if present). The heart tracking monitor will indicate how hard your body is working. Also, it will give you clues as to whether you’re achieving your workout goals.

Use the programs

Use programs like hill and fat burn to give your body a challenge and switch things so that you are most interested in the workout. Adjust the resistance and increase gradually using the arrow buttons or rotating knob. To see how long you’ve been exercising, pay attention to the monitor as well as the calories you’ve burned. 

To work out in 30 minutes at high-intensity, select a short interval program, and use the manual mode to control the resistance. 

Increase the resistance and incline

Most of the elliptical machine has incline capability of up to 20% and some elliptical model have up to 60% incline and decline up to -10%. Adjust your resistance level so that you have to push harder on the pedals during your workout. 

Pedal backward

In the end, if you want to change things and challenge your body in a completely different way, consider pedaling behind. It may seem a bit awkward at first but if you continue then you will get the hang of it.

Change your direction

For pedaling backward, you should be careful about injuries. Because moving backward on the machine can be hard on your knees and your body. But, when you’ll be an expert elliptical machine user then it will be easy for you. You can change your pedaling backward and forward easily.

Let it stop

If you feel pain or faint during your workout then you should pedal slow or stop completely. You can take some rest or if you want to stop your workout then stop your elliptical machine. And ensure that it has stopped completely.


  • Set a time and goal for the workout
  • Wear safety equipment
  • Step onto the machine
  • Stand up straight
  • Turn on to begin pedaling
  • Start pedaling while holding the handles
  • Bend your knees and elbow slightly.
  • Turn up resistance and increase the incline
  • You may change your direction for pedaling backward
  • Use the swing arms for a full-body workout
  • Lean back and keep pressure off your toes
  • Turn off the machine


Lastly, we should suggest you use a paper towel and spray wipe all the equipment of the elliptical machine. You may know that riding an exercise bike can provide you an efficient cardio workout, but you should know how to use it. 

Finally, we hope now you know how to use an elliptical machine effectively. Thanks for reading our elliptical machine article and keep in touch with us to get the latest information.

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