Gamelinego Reviews (Dec 2020) Scam or Not?

Gamelinego Reviews (Dec 2020) Scam or Not?

Gamelinego Reviews (Dec 2020) Scam or Not? >> Are you looking for the site offering play stations with great discounts? Check out the content to know details of the site.

Are you interested in purchasing a play station? Yeah, all of the readers who are reading this article are eager to purchase the play station to have fun with it. So, today we are going to share the details of the site dealing with such products. We will check it out that is this site misleading the customers? Moreover, our content will also throw light on Gamelinego Reviews.

United States people show their keen interest in gaming and often search for the sites dealing with play stations and other gaming items. So, all of you read the content.

What is Gamelinego?

An online store for the gamers where they can purchase play stations. The site offers with the latest edition of play stations. Worldwide famous company Sony's play station is available on the site. Moreover, we can also go for the Nintendo Switch as it is also available on the site.

The site has provided all description of the products available. Moreover, the shipping details are also available. The site shares the terms and conditions with the customers. The favorable loss package policy is also provided to the buyers and details for the same are available.

To attract the buyers, the site is offering Christmas sale that offers heavy discounts on items. As Christmas is on the peak, so, many sites are offering discounts to the buyers. So, we must check its legitimacy and Gamelinego Reviews. To get the details of these do carry on your reading.

Specifications of Gamelinego

  • Type – an online store is offering play stations.
  • Phone number – 5705174896
  • Email address –
  • United States Warehouse address – 8800Nagle Ave, Arleta, California, 91331, USA
  • Method of making payments – PayPal, Credit Card
  • Return – 14days warranty.
  • Refund – Provided.
  • Cost of shipping – free standard shipping worldwide over $40

Pros of Gamelinego

  • The loss package policy is provided to the buyers by the site.
  • Collection of Nintendo, Sony, Xbox items are available on the site.

Cons of Gamelinego

It is registered a few days back.

  • About us, the page is not available.
  • No Gamelinego Reviews are available.
  • Social media presence of the site is not available.
  • The email id of the site does not include the name of the domain.
  • The address mentioned by them is incorrect.

Is Gamelinego legit?

One should be quiet aware before doing online shopping. As Christmas eve is to come so about there are many sites available which offer Christmas discounts to attract the buyers. So, does this site offer Christmas sale for you? We had research on this site to check its legitimacy. The site came into the market on 8 December 2020. Just a few days a back, the site was registered. Its genuine that we cannot trust on new sites.

Moreover, Gamelinego Reviews are not available online. No social media presence and no account on any social media; the site lack social media icons. On rechecking the address mentioned by them on Google map, we saw that the address points the location of the house that does not look like the store.

The email id of the company does not seem to be its own as the domain name is not available. The about us page is not available. One cannot know the objectives and mission of the company. So, we are not able to get information about the company very well.

With such negative points extracted out during the research, the site seems to be a scam and tries to mislead the customers by throwing incorrect details and heavy discounts.

What are Gamelinego Reviews?

This newly registered domain does not contain reviews of the customers. The social media presence is also not available, which shows us that the site is not connected to the people through any medium.

So, the site needs reviews of the customers.


While researching we found the site to be a scam as the domain is new, no about us page, Gamelinego Reviews are not available, misleading the customers by sharing incorrect details. So all these red flags made us believe that the site is not suitable for purchasing.

We suggest that if you want to purchase play station then do not refer to this site. Be attentive before spending your money on purchasing the items offered by the site. Write down all thoughts below in the comment part. We are Happy to help you!

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