Google Celebrating Mariachi (Nov) Doodle Pays Tribute!

Google Celebrating Mariachi (Nov) Doodle Pays Tribute!

Google Celebrating Mariachi (Nov) Doodle Pays Tribute! >> This post will talk about how Google celebrated a musical genre representing the Mexican culture with a Google Doodle.

Did you see the latest Google Doodle and are wondering what it is all about? Google temporarily alters its logo for special events, notable achievements, and to celebrate well known historical figures. We will tell you about the latest doodle of Google Celebrating MariachiOn 24th November, Google celebrated Mexico’s cultural heritage by creating a video that celebrated Mariachi music.

The music is played for weddings, birthdays, and is quite popular in many parts of the United States. Let’s tell you all about Mariachi, its significance ad how Google paid tribute to it in the review below. 

Let us get started.

What is Mariachi?

Mariachi is a musical genre that is a part of the rich heritage of Mexico. The term Mariachi refers to both the music as well as the musicians. A group of musicians dress in traditional clothes and perform Mexican music using various instruments. The attire is a suit worn by Mexican cowboys consisting of tight pants, a sombrero, and a short jacket. The musical instruments used are those with strings. 

The origin of the music dates back to the 19th century, though its exact source is still not known. Mariachi music has, in today’s date, been mixed with various genres but still represents the history and culture of Mexico. 

It is played during times of celebration and also during times of sorrow. Google Celebrating Mariachi is a sign of how it never fails to surprise people with unexpected doodles.

The Mariachi music received recognition from UNESCO in the year 2011 as they believed the music transmitted values of respect for the culture of Mexico. 

How did Google celebrate the Mexican culture?

On 24th November, you could see the Google logo on its homepage with a play button that was wearing a sombrero. The Google doodle featured a famous Mariachi serenade of Cielito Lindo, a well known classic song, and is a symbol of pride for Mexicans.

The Mexican Embassy in the United States also tweeted about this gesture from Google on its official handle. A band of musicians dressed in traditional attire is shown playing some instruments – vihuela, violin, trumpet, etc. 

Google Celebrating Mariachi has been received quite well among users on the Internet. We saw comments from people online who seemed quite happy with the gesture of celebrating rich cultural Mexican heritage. 

Final Views

Google never seems to let its audience down and it is just one such example of it. The reason why Google chose to represent Mariachi has to do with the recognition it received from UNESCO. If you would like to know more about the Mexican culture, you can read various articles on the Internet about it.

Dear Readers, in the comment section below, please share your views and thoughts about Google Celebrating Mariachi. We would love to hear what you have to say about the rich Mexican heritage. 

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