Big Pablow Tiktok Scam (Dec) All The Details Here!

Big Pablow Tiktok Scam (Dec) All The Details Here!

Big Pablow Tiktok Scam (Dec) All The Details Here! >> The article includes information related to the Tiktok scam and about how the fraud happened.

Tiktok is one of the favorite video-making applications which got famous recently from the past two years. However, the application was available on Android and IOS platforms for more than two years. This application allows you to make any dub smash videos you can share online with friends and the public. In this article, we will discuss Big Pablow Tiktok Scam.

The scam just got hipped in the United States when a Tiktok user looted millions of dollars using this platform. This article will let you know all about that person who cheated on people and let you know what the scam is about, so please read the article to last to learn the full news.

So, let us find out full information regarding the incident which is recently happened.

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What is Big PablowTiktok Scam?

It is not different from the common scams that we heard. The only difference is that the person’s name is registered in Tiktok, i.e., Big Pablow. She is a Tiktok user who asked for money for charity and care. She published a video where she cried and asked for the donation.

The video binds up with emotion when she uploaded the video by carrying a small baby on the one hand with tears in her eyes. Some several related videos and articles are available over the internet. The lady is from the United States. The matter took on a serious note when the FBI notice the fraud. As per the information, she did a scam of over $170,000.

We don’t know the exact amount, but it is for sure that it is a severe matter. Now the officials are taking serious action against the women who are alleged for misusing the platform for personal benefits in the name of charity donation.

Reactions by the donors?

After the incident happened, several public reactions came; those who donated by thinking for good seriously took into this and demanded the money back. Few of them also approached the legal way to get the donation back as it was a fraud. 

Big Pablow Tiktok Scam seriously damaged the emotion of the people. This type of incident weakens the belief in humanity and the trust to donate. Now the time will tell when the real culprit will be caught and face legal action, but it is for sure that the regular force is on the move to determine the reason behind the scam and solve this case.


As per our analysis and research, we found that after the Big Pablow Tiktok Scam busted out, several people started reacting. And after the FBI’s involvement, it is hoping that those who lost their money in participating in a fake charity will get their money back. 

You can also share your thoughts in the comments section if you have faced such an issue or any of your friends faced such a situation.

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  1. god so much wrong information here. here are the facts. 1. yes she did scam people with that song and dance. 2. the 170k? is really referring to the 160k she got the first time doing this on facebook. 3. FBI were never involved the person who claimed they got the fbi involved was a con artist himself, lying for clout on tiktok. please do your homework before posting up stuff.

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