What Are The Advantages Of Having A Godrej Double Door Fridge At Home?

What Are The Advantages Of Having A Godrej Double Door Fridge At Home?

Planning to buy a double door refrigerator can be exciting as well as confusing at the same time. Since you have to invest a large sum in your fridge, you must go for a brand that you trust. Godrej is one of the oldest and leading brands in India that sells refrigerators. The latest models of Godrej Double Door Fridge are loaded with the most modern technologies and are affordable also. They offer plenty of advantages. Let us have a look at those advantages.

Godrej Double Door Fridge: Greater Capacity

The first advantage of buying a Godrej double door fridge is the capacity that it offers to the consumers. These models can easily satisfy the needs of a modern-day medium-sized family of 4-7 members. Moreover, there are two separate doors – one consisting of the main compartment and the other one is the freezer. Godrej offers double door fridges with a capacity varying from 236 litres to 500 litres so that you can buy one according to your need. You can now store different things such as groceries, fish, meat, fresh fruits, and vegetables without worrying about the space. 

Cool Shower Technology

All the Godrej double door fridges come with this ultra-modern Cool Shower Technology that offers an all-round optimum cooling thus, keeping the food fresh for a longer time. The air vents are designed and placed so that each food item receives direct and adequate cooling. These air vents release the cold air, which is then uniformly distributed throughout the refrigerator with the help of dual cooling fans. This uniform circulation of cold air keeps the food garden fresh. 

Chilly Turbo Mode

Each of the Godrej double door fridges is equipped with the advanced Chilly Turbo Mode. On switching on this mode, it will result in 50% faster cooling inside the fridge thus, there will be instant cooling of food items. 

Advanced LED lights

Godrej double door fridges are equipped with energy-efficient motion-sensing LED lights. These lights are thinner as compared to other ones and also reduce energy consumption. The heat emission is also less; therefore, there is no cooling loss and the fridge can maintain the optimum temperature. Moreover, the lights save electricity as it consumes very less power. Another interesting feature of these LED lights is that they are intelligent motion-sensing lights that can detect any movement inside the refrigerator. As a result, it lights up only that part of the fridge that you are using. 

Right Temperature Technology

We store different kinds of food items in our fridge. Each food item requires cooling at a different temperature. Therefore, all the Godrej Double Door Fridge comprise a new technology called “Right Temperature Technology” that provides unique cooling, depending upon the food items. Each refrigerator is divided into different compartments, such as the chiller, fridge, and pantry. You can keep your food items in them based on the amount of cooling your food items need. All these compartments offer unique and distinct cooling to maintain the temperature in the ideal range so that the food remains fresh for a long period. The chiller is mainly for drinks and dairy products. The main fridge is for your regular food items. You can keep cakes, pastries, and cookies in the pantry section. 

Bacteria Control

Godrej double door fridge comes with silver nano-coating inside all the compartments. These nano-coating produces silver ions that are distributed throughout the fridge by the cold air. These silver ions prevent bacterial growth inside the refrigerator. Moreover, they block the respiratory system of the bacteria, thus, killing them. It is also equipped with Anti-B Technology that destroys and prevents any bacterial growth on the food items. 

Rust-proof Body

All the latest Godrej double door fridges models get a rust-proof body, which is ideal for the hot and humid Indian climate. In this Indian climate, we find that rust is formed in most fridges, contaminating food items present inside the fridge. To prevent this, Godrej refrigerators are equipped with Zinc Oxide Protection Technology. The exterior of the fridge is also made of pure galvanized steel. All these features result in the prevention of rust formation and food contamination. 

Long-lasting refrigerators

The pure galvanized exterior results in long-lasting performance. Godrej double door fridges are reliable and durable also. 

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