Ez Cool Breeze Air Conditioner Reviews [July] Real or Scam?

Ez Cool Breeze Air Conditioner Reviews [July] Real or Scam?

Ez Cool Breeze Reviews {july} Is It A Scam Site? >> Read this blog to find a solution to fight the hot summers with a portable AC and Get up to 50% OFF if you book now.

Are you in search of a portable AC? If yes, then head over to Ez Cool Breeze Air Conditioner Reviews. This all-in-one Ez Cool Breeze air conditioner, air purifier and humidifier is trending in the countries, like the United States, United Kingdom, Singapore, Canada, Spain, Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Denmark nowadays. 

Technological Advancement and innovation have made our life much more comfortable, and it is easier to bring things we desire like AC, cooler, fridge, Television, and others. Air-conditioners and purifiers are commonly seen in everyone’s house due to the rise in temperature and impurities in the atmosphere.

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But before you pay and order, just read about the product’s specifications, advantages, and customer reviews. With our researched review, you will come to know about this AC as well as how to Get up to 50% OFF if you book your order now.

What is Ez Cool Breeze?

The Ez Cool Breeze is all in one – air purifier, air conditioner, and humidifier. This new technology Air Conditioner is developed and designed by a team of professionals and dedicated engineers. This team of professionals and experts wanted to develop a premium quality AC system that should be affordable for everyone, and so it comes into existence.

This AC unit is affordable and accessible for everyone and helpful in cutting down the hefty electricity bills. The Ez Cool Breeze is a fast-acting portable AC that works to fight the brutal summer heatwaves. The AC works on the thermoelectric cooling principle.

There is Limited Stock Available With Free Shipping. So please read the entire journal to get familiarized with all its benefits and features before you order the same.

Who is this for?

The AC consists of Advanced Proximity Motion Sensor that helps the product to get switched off when it is not in use and saves electricity. It is the best product for everyone who is looking for an AC that is hugely pocket-friendly.

 It purifies the air also hence is very much useful for the people who are fighting with the allergies. The product provides Satisfaction Guarantee so the unhappy customers can return the product to get a full refund on their money.

Positive Aspects of Ez Cool Breeze

  • It works as a humidifier, air conditioner, and purifier.
  • It makes the air clean and fresh to avoid any airborne disease.
  • The product is small, portable, and compact in design and construction.
  • No harmful chemical emissions
  • It is suitable for all age people, especially kids.
  • It is easy to use and adjustable in design.
  • It is highly user-friendly and comes with unique features like 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.
  • Unlike other traditional units, it consumes less electricity and is available at pocket-friendly prices.

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Specifications of Ez Cool Breeze

  • Ergonomic design
  • It comes with adjustable air vents and LED night light.
  • Compact and portable. You can take it anywhere you want.
  • Spick and span and modern in construction.
  • Available with three fan speeds.
  • Ultra-quiet and no-noise device.
  • Freon free and eco-friendly.
  • The product provides a Satisfaction Guarantee.

How does the Ez Cool Breeze Air Conditioner work?

The innovative AC uses modern technology of the Thermo-electric Cooling Effect to bring down the temperature by 65 degrees in six minutes. This vastly helps the athletes to prevent heat strokes and cool the surrounding atmosphere rapidly.

This effect creates a temperature difference by applying a voltage between two electrodes. These electrodes are connected to two semi-conductors. As a result, heat flux is generated, which is responsible for the cooling effect.

How to use Ez Cool Breeze Air Conditioner?

  • Plug-in the Ez Cool Breeze Air Conditioner using the Type-C Charging Cable that comes with the product to charge the device
  • Once the charging is complete, fill in the water tank with regular tap water.
  • Please switch it on and enjoy the device’s incredible performance, anywhere in the house or on a trip.

Why is Ez Cool Breeze Air Conditioner better than Other AC’s?

The product neither uses any harmful chemicals nor produces any hazardous emissions to pollute the air. Thus, it is entirely environment-friendly and highly recommended in the market. This makes it stand out in the clutter.

This product is available worldwide in many countries at an Exclusive Offer 50% Discount. This makes the product highly desirable and affordable by a broad audience. These splendid offers are applicable for a few days only. So, hurry up!

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Customer’s Feedback About Ez Cool Breeze Air Conditioner:

The survey conducted by the Residential Energy Consumption Survey, 87% of the people across America, has ACs in their home, which is quite high as compared to 68% in 1993. This shows the emergent demand for AC’s in the current market.

Ez Cool Breeze Air Conditioner Reviews tell us that the product is a boon for customers looking for inexpensive cooling solutions for their homes, offices, balconies, etc.

Leonard is happy with the easy to use and portable Ez Cool Breeze Air Conditioner. He says that the maintenance of this device is minimal, and the benefits are impressive.

Nancy is another delighted customer who is glad to avail fantastic discounts on this product. She has not found any other AC product with such discounts in the market.

Where to buy Ez Cool Breeze Air Conditioner?

The product is available online in many countries. But it is recommended to buy the product from the official web page to Get up to 50% OFF. Also, there is Limited Stock Available With Free Shipping, if you purchase it from the company’s online portal.

Ez Cool Breeze Air Conditioner where to buy


  • Does this AC use any industrial chemicals?

No, the regular tap water is sufficient for the AC to work.

  • How much noise is created due to its functioning?

The Ez Cool Breeze AC is completely noise-free.

Final Verdict:

To conclude our Ez Cool Breeze Reviews, we can say that this unique AC is marvelous and can be taken anywhere, which is a pleasant feature for customers.

Customers are pleased to use this product. The careful analysis of all reviews suggests that the product is the best potential solution out there. Therefore, we would like to recommend it to all our readers. Go ahead and book now to avail Exclusive Offer 50% Discount.

Readers, your feedback is valuable to us. Do share your comments in the comment section below.  

0 thoughts on “Ez Cool Breeze Air Conditioner Reviews [July] Real or Scam?

  1. I spent 300 dollars and want to know where my 5 units are!!!! I will cancel payment if i don’t hear from you. Where is my receipt even? When will I get them?

    1. It took me 3-4 weeks to get them (2), never got charcoal air filters. I got email confirmation stating delays because of increased demand, which I understand. Finally got them and was SUPER DISAPPOINTED. Fan barely worked, and not even cool air, added ice water.. SCAM! Will contact BBB.

      Wish I was able to see these reviews earlier.

  2. ordered it over three weeks ago.. Never got an email conformation. Was charged for it! Cant call for information on my purchase because the phone number on the support site doesnt exist! Have no email address to contact them either. At this point I got scammed and will be contacting BB!

  3. I purchased a unit on 6/30 have not received product or heard anything back from experience breeze looks like you just robbed me of ninety something dollars thanks I will be nice and leave it at that

  4. dont get this crap, ive been waiting 3 full weeks, still no Air Cond , and for some reason they Took 97 dollars out of my bank account, i doubt i will ever see this, lesson learned

  5. When I ordered, there was not a notice informing me there were only 19 units available. I would not have spent $97.98 knowing I wasn’t going to get a unit. The advertisement said it would be delayed for 7 days. It has been 18 days. I am going to report EZCOOLBREEZE to the Better Business Bureau for false advertisement. I want my money back. It is 90 + degrees here and I was swindled out of my money. I emailed on 7/16/20 and got a automated response saying a human would contact me in 48 hours. I has been 96 hours (4 days)

  6. The unit worked when the charger is plugged in, but will not work otherwise. I need it to work on a charge as advertised.

  7. As other costumers, i am still waiting for mine. Don’t contact the phone number but i have an email to share support@shopezcoolbreeze.com. I asked for a cancelation and refund in two days and they reply acknowledging my request and still nothing, only that they were going to contact me. I told them that i will take them to court. If everyone gets together, we could take them court. Phishing, false advertising and so on.

  8. Do not order this product! I ordered 2 after I saw an ad on You Tube. It stated it would be free shipping if I ordered 2. When I placed my order I was charged S&H (there was no place to delete or review my order and I was caught) so I emailed support@ezcoobreeze.com immediately. I also asked them why the item pictured was not the item the website showed. I was trying to confirm I was getting the unit with the outside water reservoir. Valarie emailed me back stating that the guy on you tube that was advertising the ezcoolbreeze units was scamming the company and they were trying to shut him down, huh? And she said they would have to charge s&H but yes I would get the units with the exterior water reservoir. Then a few days later I got an email from support@ezcoolbreeze.com with a different order number and addressed to a Joann not a Jodi… oh boy, I emailed them back and after some back and forth emails that included Joann, Valarie finally confirmed my order number. This past week I received a generic email with my order number and to track it on USPS or FEDEX but no link and it didnt track anyway. Today I received 2 units that are not anything like what I ordered, oval not rectangular, no exterior reservoirs, and nowhere does it say EZCOOL BREEZE on the product or box. Instead it is called an “Air Cooler Fan”, most of the writing is in Chinese, and it honestly looks like plastic crap. I just wrote their support, since I have not yet seen a charge card bill from them (whomever them is) I told Valarie that I am reporting them to the BB and I wont pay any bill that shows up on my credit card statement. This is some sort of bait and switch situation and this company, if you can call it that, should be shut down. Has anyone received an actual EZCOOLBREEZE unit?

  9. I ordered 4. I finally got them after texting support a couple of times. What you read or hear from the Ads is not true. They do not cool the air like the Ad says. On top of that they stop working very easily. I had them for 1 day and already have 1 not working. I still have to use all my fans and still does not cool down. What a disappointment. On top of that you have to pay to send back. Waiting to see if they give me my money back.

    1. Where is the readdress. I want to return my because it doesn’t work as what is said. Please send me the return address kindly. Thank


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