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Getpolaire.Com Reviews [July] Legit one or Not?

Getpolaire.Com Reviews 2020

Getpolaire.Com Reviews [July] Legit one or Not? -> In this article, you get to know about an online store offering a portable and user-friendly air conditioner.

Who doesn’t like to ward off the summer heat with a good air conditioner? If you’re fed up by the rising temperature and humidity check out

As temperature soars, we spend more time inside our homes and look for options that can cool us gently. However, often the regular air conditioner to which we resort to need to be installed or purchased again in the summer season. Apart from being a costly process, there are some features of a traditional air conditioner like its sound and energy consumption, which many people dislike. But the most significant factor that makes a conventional air conditioner problematic is its elaborate, difficult-to-be transported structure. 

To cater to our user-friendly needs, several sites have come up with small and portable air conditioners that provide the same cooling as a regular air conditioner without the noise and expenses. Read the full Getpolaire.Com Reviews to know about such a portable air conditioner. You will also get to know Is Getpolaire.Com Legit or not. is a company that has started operating in the United States.

What is

It is an online store that offers a portable air conditioner that can be easily moved from one place to another place. It can cool rooms of any sizes and comes with zero installation cost. The site claims that the product uses energy efficiently and does not emit the sound that regular air conditioners do. It makes it better for our health than traditional cooling devices and equipment.


  • Website type: Online store offering travel-friendly and lightweight AC.
  • Email: Not mentioned in the site 
  • Processing time: 1-3 business days
  • Exchange: Applicable 
  • Delivery time: Not mentioned
  • Return: Applicable within 15 days of product delivery
  • Refund: Applicable 
  • Cancellation of order: It is applicable within 12 hours
  • Contact number: Not mentioned in the site
  • Address: Not mentioned in the site

Pros of buying products from

  • Offers a portable, energy-efficient, and lightweight air conditioner
  • The product is offered at a 50 % discount.
  • Free shipping can be availed on the product.
  • The site provides 24/7 customer service on its products.
  • The site provides lifetime protection on its product.

Cons of buying products from

  • No customer feedback on the air conditioner anywhere on the internet
  • The site has no social media links and accounts.
  • The COD option cannot be availed.
  • Presence of copied content on the ‘About Us’ page.
  • There is no information regarding the owners of the site.

Is Legit

We do not consider the site to be legit. It has been created recently and hence has not acquired a substantial customer base. Although there are many satisfied customer reviews inside the site but outside on the internet there is no mention of the site and its product. We can instead find some negative remarks like the site being a scam on some websites and forums.

It shows that the portable air conditioner they offer has not been tried and tested by many people. The site does not have any social media presence, which further shows that most people have not utilized its product. Some sections of its ‘About Us’ page also seem to have copied content. Hence, the site should not be trusted by anyone.

What are people saying about

There are many customer reviews on the site. All the reviews are positive and lead us to believe that the portable air conditioner is worth what it claims. However, outside the immediate site, there are no customer reviews regarding the website or any of its products. As mentioned before, the customer feedback outside the website is negative.

Final verdict

Going by the lack of substantial and verified Getpolaire.Com Reviewswe have concluded that the site is not authentic and legitimate. The presence of copied content, lack of customer reviews outside the site, and the remarks in some of the websites and forums calling the site a scam makes us extremely doubtful about the site’s credibility.

Besides, the positive reviews that they have shown in their site seem to be generated to lead unsuspecting customers into buying the product. The site is SSL certified, but that does not make its products verified and according to the standards. All this makes us advise you to avoid shopping from this site and choose another website that is popular for the guaranteed working of its products.


  1. I would like to cancel my order of Polaire air conditioners ordered late last night. My order number is 1392175. Please refund my order to my bank account! Thank you. It is July 3rd 2020.

  2. Many thanks for your advice. This and another web review saved me from wasting my money with this company.

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