g7 Smartwatch Reviews [June 2020] Read This Before Buying

g7 Smartwatch Reviews [June 2020] Read This Before Buying

g7 Smartwatch Reviews [June 2020] Read This Before Buying -> In this article, you get to know about an ECG watch that is available on 50% off with free shipping.

Get your hands on an ECG watch and get an Exclusive Offer 50% DISCOUNT on G7 Smartwatch.

Are you familiar with the latest list of digital watches? Do you know about g7 Smartwatch? If not, then read g7 Smartwatch Reviews and know more about this fantastic product.

Well, the g7 smartwatch is an advanced and latest watch that thousands of people buy especially in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa.

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With the help of a high-technical smartwatch, you can monitor health signs daily. Place your order of g7 Smartwatch and get an Exclusive Offer 50% Discount along with Satisfaction Guarantee. So, track your health-related signs and heart ailments by using a g7 smartwatch.

Do you know that now your ECG can be chanced anytime, anywhere, just through a wrist-watch? And g7 Smartwatch Reviews say that this watch is useful. Electrocardiogram or ECG is the preferred way of doctors through which they measure our heart rate. And this watch will help you your heart rate through it.

What is G7 Smartwatch?

G7 Smartwatch is a digital watch that not only shows the time but also shows your current heart rate. The watch, designed by some health tech company bases out of Europe, is now considered as one of the most innovative items.

If you place your order now, then you have the chance to Get up to 50% OFF.

Men who are above 40 years of age and women who are above 55 years of age will find this watch very helpful. It is not always possible to visit the doctor, but the heart rate needs to be checked. Thus, this simple design will help you tackle these problems without any hassle.

So, if this heart rate tracking watch interests you, then read further details where we tell you more about the offers.

Who needs to buy g7 Smartwatch?

In today’s modern world, digital watches are in trend. We all know that youngsters love to wear digital watches. But, g7 Smartwatch is one of the fantastic smartwatches that not only give benefits to the youngsters, but also offers benefits to working professionals, gym instructors, students, and adults.

If you are a working professional, then you can buy g7 Smartwatch because you can’t use your phone in the office, but yes, you can get the notifications of your phone in this digital watch. The people who are health conscious and want to improve their lifestyle or health then can purchase this amazing digital watch at an Exclusive Offer 50% Discount.

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Benefits of buying G7 Smartwatch:

  • It is cost-effective
  • It serves multiple functions
  • As the watch is water-resistant, you need not worry about its maintenance
  • It helps you count calories and steps
  • It will help you find your lost phone
  • The design is ergonomic and made with premium-quality material
  • It can sync to both IoS and android
  • You can also control your music through the watch.

Specifications of G7 Smartwatch:

  • Design- Health tracking digital watch
  • Battery- 380 MAh Li-ion battery
  • Display- 1.3 inch HD and easy-to-read display
  • Price- $109 (on discount, original price is $219.99)
  • It calculates heart rate and blood pressure
  • IP68 water-resistant technology
  • The ultra-modern g7 smartwatch is compatible with the Android and IOS systems.
  • It supports Bluetooth 4.0 data transmission.
  • The dimensions are 4.67 x 3.73 x 0.99 cm dimensions and weight is 0.030 kg.
  • You can detach the body of the smartwatch from the strap.

How does G7 Smartwatch work?

If you are not aware of how this watch works or how it is going to serve you, then here we tell you that. But do not forget that there is a Limited Stock Available With Free Shipping. If the stock runs out, then you either need to wait or pay extra for shipping.

 A special laser has been attached to the bottom part of the watch, which touches your wrist. This laser can sense pulse and perform functions like checking your heart rate and BP.

 All you have to do is wear this watch like you would wear any other watches and connect the watch to your phone.

Once connected via Bluetooth, the watch will allow you to manage your phone through it. And all the data will also be stored on your phone, including your heart rate, sleeping pattern, etc.

How to Use g7 Smartwatch?

Well, if you have purchased a g7 smartwatch, then relax and don’t worry about the procedure. The process of using this watch is as simple as wearing a wristwatch.

  • First of all, turn on the watch and download the android wear app on your smartphone.
  • After that, turn on the BlueTooth of your smartphone and connect it with the smartwatch. Change the settings.
  • After connecting it, you will be able to receive music, text messages, contacts, and calls notifications.
  • Apart from that, you can also track your sleeping hours, a number of walking steps, and heart rate.

Read g7 Smartwatch Reviews and get more information about this high-tech watch.

g7 Smartwatch Reviews

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Why should you buy the G7 Smartwatch?

There are so many reasons to buy this watch and one of the reasons being that it is your health assistant. You need not keep writing or remembering your health statements all the time. Only wearing this watch is enough.

Another reason is that it comes with a Satisfaction Guarantee, which means that if you do not like the way this watch works, then in a given period, you can return the watch and ask for a refund. This is possible because of the company’s 30-day Money Back Guarantee policy.

Buying this watch will help you focus more on your health without any worries.

What are the customers saying about G7 Smartwatch?

1) Eric- I wanted to gift something to my father, but I did not know what. Then one day, I came across this heart rate measuring watch and thought that this would be the best gift for him. We received it last week, and my father likes it. It is so easy to keep a record of his health.

2) John- My grandmom is a heart-patient, but I cannot take her to the doctor all the time because of my work. My friend suggested me to try G7 Smartwatch. I feel so relaxed after that because I can see all the data of her health on my phone, even if I am away from her.

3) Amanda Louis- I am 58, and I leave alone. This watch is the best thing I have come across. I am able to look after my health very well now.

Where can you buy G7 Smartwatch?

If you are willing to buy G7 Smartwatch, then visit the official link of the website that we have shared with you here. The site is showering a lot of offers on its customers right now, and this is the right time to invest in this innovative gadget.

No matter where in the world you belong to, you can place your order without any worries as the company delivers this watch across the globe along with the USA, Australia, Canada, the UK, etc.

To not miss a chance of saving money, place your order NOW.

G7 SmartWatch Where to Buy Mece


What is g7 Smartwatch?

G7 smartwatch is a digital watch that tracks the number of steps—heart-related ailments, sleep schedule, notifications of your phone, etc. 

Is g7 smartwach is good?

Ofcourse Yes. It is an amazing digital watch whose features are extraordinary. It looks like a simple wristwatch but fulfilled with various features and benefits.

Who made g7 Smartwatch?

A European tech company brings it. According to the recent study, it is found that Chinese smartwatch manufacturers are working on this product.

What is the best smartwatch for fitness?

The answer is the g7 smartwatch. It has Extraordinary features.

Buy g7 smartwatch now and get upto 50% off.

Can you get text messages on the g7 Smartwatch?

Yes, you can receive text messages, contacts, syncs messages, and music notifications.

How to set up a g7 smartwatch?

First of all, download the android wear app and turn on your watch. Enable the Bluetooth and connect your phone with the digital smartwatch.

Final Verdict

One watch that supports countless features and that too related to health is not to miss. Placing your order now will not only let you save a lot of money but will also allow you to get free shipping.

This watch can measure your heart rate, can allow you to pick-up and end calls, is water-resistant, etc. and it is pocket-friendly. Thus, we recommend our customers to purchase this watch and stay healthy and fit.

This watch is going to be your best investment ever. If anyone of you has already bought this watch, then share your experiences in the comments below.

18 thoughts on “g7 Smartwatch Reviews [June 2020] Read This Before Buying

  1. I thought this was an honest review website.
    Instead I see most of the words etc right from their ads!
    what apps (ios-android) will have to be downloaded to make all functions work? How it is done? via phone? there no such details described to compare with other phones. When doctor’s office has to have 16 or so probes attached to body to get ECG, this can do by just one laser beam from under the watch?
    More explaining is required.


  3. I bought the g7 , the watch dose what it’s review says but the battery dose not last 12 to 14 hours. Battery is no good. Can not reach seller to get information for replacement. No phone number, no address, no e-mail address , nothing.

  4. Very disappointing watch and app, I am trying to return but don’t expect to be successful judging by all the feedback I have read. Wish I had looked at the feedback before purchasing.

  5. I almost bought this watch. Thank you Keith, Riley, and Larry. I have a gen 1 Apple watch, and am tired of passcodes, and charging every day. Still sort of interested in a smartwatch, but more trouble than worth in my opinion. I was having a hard time finding independent reviews. This page is taken right from the ad, except the comments here. Just saved me 109.00 bucks and frustration.
    Thanks again

  6. The fact that this watch must be loaded with the android to a smart watch is a Hugh negative. I cannot get this watch to function and the information available is minimal, (Written by Chinese and abbreviated). I have search YOUTUBE but there is a minimum of information to operate this watch and allow it to perform per the advertising. A Hugh amount of hype with no follow through, don’t get duped by the marketing of this watch, it is close to a scam !!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I got this watch as a gift from my wife. I have tried to install the fundo app but I keep getting a notice that it is not connected even though I have connected to the blue tooth on my phone.
    All the functions worked at first, but the sleep monitor has stopped working even though I have “on” selected. I rebooted the watch back to factory settings and reinstalled everything and still the sleep function does not record deep sleep and light sleep patterns.
    Other than that annoying problem the other functions work but will not show up on my phone in the fundo app. So, I am unable to track any progress for how may steps I walk each day.
    I haven’t tried to return the watch yet but as I read the comments it seems like I will encounter the same problem the other people that left comments are having.
    NOT happy with this product.

  8. I bought the G7 Smart Watch, which mostly worked for a while. Like noted by Mr. Workman, my data would not transfer to the Fundo app. While in use for about a month, the watch did not accurately report my blood pressure, Instead it repeated a default measure. Then, despite faithfully charging the watch, the battery died and would not accept a charge. Now, looking at the warranty info, I see that some of the info that is required was not provided. This watch is not worth the time and trouble of trying to follow up on the warranty because of the lack of company contact information.

  9. I received the watch but has no charging cables can not charge the watch emailed twice about it and no response. can someone tell me where to get cables?

  10. Just got the watch today. Had a lot of trouble syncing the phone. Finally got it synced and the right time was displayed. Then the watch face said the connection to my phone failed and this message is frozen on my screen and I cannot clear the screen. Any ideas?

  11. I bought one and this thing is junk, feels like its made of plastic worked for 2 days then crashed . no response for 2 days locked up and would not do anything. when it came back on time was wrong and a day ahead. now it will not connect to phone any more

  12. I bought this watch 4 weeks ago it was on 50% special offer (still £80+), started off well connected to watch etc no problems, battery seemed not to last more than 3 days but wasn’t to bad, press bottom button to activate watch scroll face etc, however then one day pressing bottom button did nothing watch fully charged, had to press top button to reset or reactivate watch and now it has died completely, read previous reviews will be writing to the company but dont expect any luck or even a response. Fingers crossed.

  13. I definitely do not recommend purchasing this watch. When I first got it after installing FUNDO app it paired with my phone it seemed to work fine except wouldn’t synchronize my sleep cycle. While trying to get it to synchronize the sleep imfo. It lost blue tooth signal and won’t sync to my phone any more so it does not even give the correct time And the Ecomerzpro – Support Team want no help they want videos so I guess I’ll have to KISS my 130.00 Canadian good-bye!!!!

  14. Originally I was look forward for this watch that I paid for the extended warranty.
    When I received it I charged it for 12 hours and it does not stay charged for 24 hours unlike the 2-3 days under heavy use as stated on the website.
    I continually have to manually connect it to my phone.
    I have emailed the company stating my problems and sending video, asking for repair or replacement, because I really want one that works.
    Do to the lack of response form them or the continual request to send video, I just want to return it.

  15. Hello
    I decided to express positive feedback.
    I ordered the G7 Smartwach because the it promised a lot of different useful features. Afterwards I read customer comments about difficulties. I got the watch from the mail. I had a little trouble connecting the iPhone 7+ to Blutooth. However, it succeeded after a few attempts. I downloaded the QRC code in the help paper to my phone with App “FunDo” and got it working and the G7 clock synchronised to iPhone. It measures blood pressure and oxygen saturation well. The ecg is a little simple. I’m happy with my watch for at least 1 day.

  16. TRD-CA01202004000959 – I received the watch on the 2020-07-06 after 3 months of waiting for it, but as per today the 2020-07-20, the watch freezed.
    I am unable to have turn off at all. I paid the full price for this and there is no way I can get a refund. It is NOT funny at all.

  17. I am so happy to have found this review thread before my purchase. I was looking fwd to buying this as a gift. So sorry each of you experienced such an ordeal over something as simple as a watch.

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