Scarfiv Review [April 2020] Should Anyone Buy From It?

Scarfiv Review [April 2020] Should Anyone Buy From It?

Scarfiv Review [April 2020] Should Anyone Buy From It? -> This article is meant to sp ead awareness among the readers about the website

There are several things that we require for a good living. Sometimes at office, you might be thinking of buying a home gym for physical fitness as you are running short of time to attend the gym classes in the locality.

& at some other time, you might feel like possessing a polo set up in your house itself. So, instantly when we get such thoughts, what is the first thing that we do?

Yes, of course, we scourge our phone. There used to be times when people would wait till they could physically visit a store nearby and purchase their desired items, but now with the upheaval of the net connectivity, everything is made available at our fingertips.

You think of anything, you are bound to find it online. Online shopping being the most preferred option by the masses, the e-commerce businesses are flourishing in leaps and bounds.

One new online store is ‘’. This omnipresence of the website is significant in countries like United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and New Zealand. 

What is Scarfiv?

The growing popularity of is because of the products that it endorses. Most items are in common demand and are highly affordable. The company offers huge dip in the actual prices of the commodities and also a lot of ‘sale’ options are made available for the viewers.

The broad categories are furniture, sports and outdoor machinery, poultry care and home gym.

Every main heading has a multitude of items listed underneath. You would never run out of choices here and also simultaneously save a lot of money.

How does it work? is a lucid website that doesn’t have too much content to confuse readers. You pick any item and place the order for the same by paying in advance through your credit card.

The ordered products will supposedly reach you on time. Nothing much can be said about their shipping terms because the ‘Shipping’ tab has no content in it.

If you are unsatisfied and wish to return your purchase, then you can do so by contacting the company at

Who should buy from here?

Anybody who finds the products of useful will purchase from here. Mostly, sports professionals, physical fitness freaks or gym trainers would be benefitted by the items laid out here.

Apart from that, there are captivating pieces of furniture and sober hen coops etc. These can be bought by anybody who needs them for personal usage. 

Why is it famous? has grown famous because of the products that they offer and also the price at which these are tagged.

One can’t possibly imagine buying a ‘Harmione Large Barn Chicken Coop’ at $75.40 or a ‘Mainstays Memory Foam Faux Leather PillowTop Futon with CupHolder’ at $69.

So, these unexpected offers are lucrative and eye-catchy for most online lookers. Ultimately, it’s about the penny we save.

What are the negative remarks about it?

Well, if you look a little closely at the website, and compare with a few established ones like Amazon, you will surely find several discernable differences.

Firstly, the website lacks information in terms of owner(s) whereabouts, product description, customer testimonies and even content regarding shipping etc.

The ‘About Us’ page is clearly copied from other dubious online shops and doesn’t reflect the purpose implies.

The images are copied and the prices and sales are made prominent for attracting the attention of the visitors.

There’s no return address or physical location mentioned about the company, which means either their intentions are not clear or the business doesn’t exist at all.

Is scarfiv legit? doesn’t seem to be legit at all. In fact scarfiv scam lacks external links and social media presence, which is highly recommended for the palpability of any new born e-commerce business.

Secondly, the actual market value of the products are quite higher than the costs the website quotes, which signifies that either the products won’t be delivered to you, as a customer or counterfeit inferior quality items will reach you.

There’s no option of COD(Cash On Delivery) as the website doesn’t want to stand any risk. Had it been trustworthy, the company would have included this choice.

The worst part is, even the return address isn’t disclosed. For many ingenuine businesses, the return address stand to be from China. Shipping goods from your end to China may be pretty pricier than the actual cost of the goods.


As a responsible adult and citizen of any country, one must spread the word about such malicious online web launches and make people aware of them. Precaution is always better!

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  1. One of the products was a 3 piece patio set for 39 dollars…i went to additional info about the item and the weight was less than a kilogram lol so definitely a scam! BEWARE!

  2. Definitely a scam, I never got the item or email, and the websitedoesn’twork. I got my money back from the credit card. Always buy through PayPal.

  3. I bought a Coleman inflatable Hot Tub through their Facebook Ad a month ago. I still haven’t received it and texted a couple of weeks ago. I thought the delay was due to the lockdown everywhere but now I don’t think so.

  4. I too ordered the Coleman hot tub. They charged my credit card on April 7th, immediate after order. Nothing has shown up, not even an email from them.
    I am contacting Visa now

  5. Could anyone email me some place to try and get my money back. Please I am a poor person and yes I to fell for it and now I am not only out my money and a pool but the chances of rectifying this are gone like my money. Any help would mean alot to my whole family.

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