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Folkien Store Reviews (August) Is this a Reliable Site?

Folkien Store Review

Folkien Store Reviews (August) Is this a Reliable Site? >> This article can provide you with authentic information about a website dealing with different home products and clothes.

Are you looking at the trendiest clothes and contemporary home decor these days? It would help if you searched for Folkien Store, one of the biggest web shops that offer a variety of trendy apparel, beautiful home décor, and other equipment.

As per the Folkien Store Reviews, this website is one of the reliable ecommerce websites in the digital media that has already been popular all over the United States. Most homeowners choose this as a website as they get their favorite things under one roof.

However, you should not jump into the matter and order a lot of things since you do not know its different policies, specifications, and other detail. Here in this article, we will present some insider views of the website Folkien Store. Keep reading.

What is Folkien Store?

The web store deals with most home and fashion products such as clothes (for both men and women), home furniture, kayak, sports, and outdoor collections, tools, and more.

The company is one of the leading ones serving a very high-end customer service with high-quality merchandise. Most of the shopping enthusiasts get satisfactions to shop from the website.

The site provides significant retail, wholesale B2C Internet business platform. They also offer fast and convenient deals to their customers. 

 Specifications of Folkien Store:

  • Product: cloths and other home products
  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Address: 48137 Piccadilly Court, Canton, MI 48187 United States
  • Phone no.: (734)751-6324
  • Shipping time: 5 to 7 business days (Asia- Pacific), 7 to 10 business days (North America), 10 to 15 business days (Europe), 14 to 21 business days (Latin America, Africa, & Middle East)
  • Shipping fee: as per the delivery address
  • Delivery time: Right after the shipping procedure is done.
  • Return/ Refund: Return within 30 days from the delivery. The refund will be possible in 5 to 7 days. 
  • Mode of payment: PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover

What are the benefits of Folkien Store?

  • The company has quite a good collection of clothes for both men and women.
  • Almost of the clothes are trendy and fashionable.
  • A lot of contemporary home décor are there on this website. All are fit for modern and traditional homes. 
  • Also, a lot of indoor and outdoor sports products are here on this website. 
  • All of the products come at a reasonable price. All home décor and furniture are affordable for all.
  • International shipping and delivery are available here.
  • Almost all of the online transaction modes are available here.

What are the disadvantages of the Folkien Store?

  • There are many items but little collections.
  • Office address and contact numbers of the sellers are not on the website.
  • It takes a long time for international shipping and delivery.
  • No customer reviews are available along with the products.
  • Cash on delivery is not available.

What do people say about the Folkien Store?

First thing first, you can notice that there is no review section on the website. Also, the products have no customer reviews. As per the Folkien Store Reviews on the other review posting sites, people are looking for a review section on the website as they need to know about the products and the services before placing the order. 

People are not happy with the products as they have a minimal collection of every part. Also, some products are bizarre and not regular for the homeowners. There is not much information about international shipping and delivery procedure. Also, some of the customers are looking for cash on delivery.

The Final Verdict:

As per our analytics and SEO tools, the site is not there on the google listing. Also, the Alexa rate of the site is very low. People do not search for the site on Bing. At the same time, we do not find any establishment date of the site. It is said that most scam sites do not exist for more than six months. Therefore, if a website is younger than six months may consider as a scam site.

They are not active on any social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. as per the business reports, most legitimate companies are up for connecting to their customers directly. Therefore, they like to be active on social sites. 

From all these facts and the other insiders, we declare Folkien Store as a scam, and we do not recommend our readers to buy any item from the website.

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