Usedcardealershipltd com {August} Hope It Hit Mustard!

Usedcardealershipltd com {August} Hope It Hit Mustard!

Usedcardealershipltd com {August} Hope It Hit Mustard! >> Read about Usedcardealershipltd, a car dealership company that selling a used car at a little cost.

Is this the right time for you to purchase a new car at a reasonable price? In most cases, the budget does not let you buy the vehicle that you always wanted. 

Many car dealers are selling used cars that are also under your budget, and we found one such company in the United Kingdom

But we know many unscrupulous car dealerships are denting customers’ pockets, and we have checked Usedcardealershipltd com for such scam. 

You are at the right spot where we will provide all the details about the company. So, to know more, continue reading down below. 

What is Usedcardealershipltd com?

Usedcardealershipltd is a used car dealership company that remarketing vehicles that they got from banks, organizations, financial institutions, or the government.

Most vehicles that are listed on the websites are second-hand or used cars. Customers can easily buy one at a low price. The company is located in the United Kingdom.  Moreover, they have no registration and additional shipping fees. 


  • Company: Car dealership selling used cars 
  • Company Site: 
  • Address: 93 Nursery Road, Sunderland, SR3 1NU, United Kingdom
  • E-mail Address:
  • Return time: 3 Days Return Policy
  • Shipping time: 2 Days and free shipping in the UK
  • Mode of Payment: Bank Transfer 

How does Usedcardealershipltd com work?

We have listed the ways the company works once you go to their site and their philosophies: 

  • The company sells the used cars that have been taken over by the United Kingdom government or any institutions. 
  • The price of the cars is at a low cost because the dealers purchased them in large lots, and the price per unit is low.
  • Customers can click the RESERVE button on their site to fill the necessary information, and they claim to deliver the car in 5 business days.
  • All the vehicles are free from any monetary or legal responsibilities.

Is Usedcardealershipltd com a Scam?

Many auto industries trick people by charging high rates for cars or scam them by taking the money. We looked at the website to figure out if the customer should invest their money for the used cars from this company. 

We found the company was registered only two days ago and had no actual address in the United Kingdom. Other information such as social media, contact number, and only bank transfer for payment are all suspicious. Most navigation buttons are not working on the site.

Thus Usedcardealershipltd com is a scam and not a real car dealer.    

What are the customer’s reviews about Usedcardealershipltd com?

There are no customer reviews on the Usedcardealershipltd com. The customer has only one payment mode that also is not credible. We couldn’t find any owner information to check the legitimacy. There is no social media account, and the company comes short to provide any relevant information. 

Final Verdict: 

The answer to whether anyone should trust the site or not is no. Usedcardealershipltd com is a scam and is deceiving people around. Most of the new websites like these are made so that they can get money from them. Although the price is undoubtedly low, the site reeks of a scam. 

So, stay safe and research well before trusting any site. The website has no real office and no other relevant information that proves it can be believed to buy a car. 

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