Foforlove com Reviews [Sep] Another Scam or Legit site?

Foforlove com Reviews [Sep] Another Scam or Legit site?

Foforlove com Reviews [Sep] Another Scam or Legit site? -> The report will give you a detailed analysis of a webstore that sells various products.

Do you have any plans to shop online for various products? A webshop that got launched a few months back sells clothing and shoes etc. It is that is not very young but entirely new among the users. Hence, we have researched for the readers to know Forforlove com Reviews. That will enable them to be secure from any possible scam if linked with the site.

People usually shop online these days and ignore certain risk factors associated with a new webshop they explore. That is risky for their money and private details, and hence, it is crucial to judge a webshop before browsing it. The webshop we will talk about sells products worldwide, including the United States. We will be talking about the pros and cons linked with the website that sells multi-use items.

What is

The website is from Canada, but products are dispatched from China. They sell fashion clothing for women, toys for kids, and many home use items. Their products are at discounted rates, and shipping cost is not charged above $49. They take 8 to 14 days to deliver the product, and returns are taken back within 30 days. 

The payment mode they accept is PayPal only. However, various cards can be used at the PayPal portal. There is no availability of any contact address for the United States customers and other nations. However, an email address and phone number are given for contacting them.

Specific Features of

  • Webshop type – Sellers of Various products for home and personal use
  • Website Country – Canada
  • Charges of shipping – Free above $39
  • Returns – Within 30 days are acceptable
  • Email ID –
  • Phone number – 1 812 6403 674
  • Mailing Address – Not given
  • Payments – PayPal
  • Social media – No presence is available

Positive Aspects of

  • The website has several categories of products.
  • The returns are acceptable within 30 days.

Negative Aspects of

  • The webshop has no Forforlove com Reviews available anywhere on the internet.
  • The website has some missing details, like the contact address.
  • The website is associated with a high-risk country, known for fraud and corruption.
  • There is no association with social media platforms.

Is the webshop Legit?

For getting all details about its genuineness, we researched for Forforlove com Reviews on the internet and found none. The website is around 153 days old and is highly unknown among the buyers. the owner has not given any address details for the buyers. Thee set-up of the webshop is also linked to fraud and corrupt nation. That is a bad sign. It has a short life span on the internet, as can be expected by a new website.

There are no links available with leading social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, etc. There are no Forforlove com Reviews available anywhere on the internet, which makes the site untrustworthy among the various online shoppers. The legitimacy of the webshop is doubtful, and the above information makes it a possible threat. Read further to know more about it.

What do People Talk About

The webshop that sells clothing and other items is not well-recognized by the people. It hardly has any customer who visits the site. There is no feedback on any social media site or any review site for the webstore or its products. The absence of any Forforlove com Reviews shows how new the website is among the users.

The webshop was launched a few months back and still is not in demand. That again makes it a site that has failed to gain any customer. Thus, it cannot be considered a trustworthy webstore and cannot be relied upon by customers to purchase any product. There is nil customer strength and low website traffic. Hence, the non-availability of any feedback.

The Conclusion

The webshop was analyzed for its authenticity, and it was found to be an untrustworthy site. It has many missing details and has links with a corrupt country present in the list of high-risk nations. The website has nil reviews available to judge it. It also shows its unknowingness among online buyers.

We request our readers to look for more sites that sell similar products and spend their money wisely. Be careful about such sites that are a possible threat and look suspicious. That will secure your hard-earned money and other essential details that will otherwise fall into a risky state.

0 thoughts on “Foforlove com Reviews [Sep] Another Scam or Legit site?

  1. I placed an order for 5 Waldorf style dolls for my Grandchildren a Christmas presents.
    The company sent a tracking number which showed that my parcel was only half a kilo in weight which flagged my suspicion bearing in mind there should be 5 dolls in that parcel.
    After many emails too and fro with them using covid as an excuse that I’ve waited 6 weeks for the parcel I requested a refund.
    PayPal informed me that I have been refunded now but was a battle.
    Completely scammed

    1. I ordered 2 waldorf dolls sep 27–received 2 dollarstore dolls on Nov 26/20–they offered me a “discount”—I want 100% refund. MISLEADING!
      Did they ask you to send them back??

  2. After ordering TWO completely different dolls September 19th, I finally got my shipment today (November 18th) and they are NOT the two dolls I had originally ordered and get this! The 2 dolls that did come in the mail are the same exact dolls. They were going to be a Christmas present to my niece but I just ended up telling her Santa came early and brought you twin dolls. This company is a SCAM!

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