Anti Mask Rally Utah (Sep 2020) Know More About This.

Anti Mask Rally Utah (Sep 2020) Know More About This.

Anti Mask Rally Utah (Sep 2020) Know More About This. >> In this news, get to know about the rally held by the people against the masks’ wearing.

Since the ongoing pandemic took over the world, wearing the masks has been a mandatory thing!

Its been almost the end of the year now, and the Corona outbreak has made the masses not lead their everyday lives.

Wearing masks whenever you move out is the law, and people are fined if not seen wearing masks.

But is wearing masks and not leading an everyday life affecting people?

Yes, it is! Anti Mask Rally Utah is the recent example, and it is all about going against wearing the masks.

People are fed up of staying home, isolated, and unable to walk out without wearing masks.

The masses in the United States have a viewpoint that it is like taking away freedom and not letting the masses lead their everyday lives.

So let us check out what the rally is all about?

What is the motive of Anti Mask Rally Utah?

The Anti Mask Rally Utah was basically to raise the voice against wearing the masks. The “No more Masks” rally took place on August 21, and the video got viral on Twitter. 

Around hundreds of the people gathered together in front of the administration building situated near St.George, Utah. The protested the governor’s mandatory mask rules. They are tired of wearing masks and wish to breathe fresh air.

When did it take place?

The Anti Mask Rally Utah took place on August 21, and many people became the part of this rally. Their main goal was to get rid of these masks and said that they do not like the idea of the kids wearing the masks as it is more or less like child molestation. They are tired of leading such lives and are sick of it! They want a sense of freedom and do not want any restrictions on them.

Why did the video of Anti Mask Rally Utah get viral on Twitter?

When the video of Anti Mask Rally Utah was shared on social media, it got extremely vital on Twitter. No doubt, the masses can relate to the problem. They believe that wearing masks is like snatching away the freedom and not leading an everyday life. The video became popular in no just time. 

What viewpoints do people have for their Rally?

The people present at this Anti Mask Rally Utah said that they are sick of not living the everyday lives. One of them compared the masks to the molestation against kids where kids are forced to wear masks. 

At the same time, the netizens who saw the video had a mixed reaction. Some believed that such a rally is significant because it is crazy wearing masks whole life. 

While others thought that wearing masks is the right decision as it can protect themselves and the families from the infection. It had a diverse viewpoint overall.

Bottom Line

Altogether, the rally took a significant setback on the people around as well as the netizens. The rally made the people think once that, after all, for how long one will live like this. 

Each one needs freedom, and no more masks is justified for many. What do you feel about the mandatory wearing of the masks and how much right the rally was? 

Do mention your viewpoints in the comments section.

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