Flo Fragrance com Reviews {July 2020} Is it trustworthy?

Flo Fragrance com Reviews {July 2020} Is it trustworthy?

Flo Fragrance com Reviews {July 2020} Is it trustworthy? >> In this article, you will come across an online store that sells almost beauty and pet care products.

Many people in this world are animal lovers, and on the other hand, most of us are afraid of them. There are many animal houses like a cat house and dog house. People go there and play with them, and some of them bring animal home as their pet.

Yes, many pet lovers surround us, so even if you are not one of them, do read this article on Flo Fragrance com Reviews as you will come to know not only things about pets about various other stuff like clothing, footwear, and home decor. 

We are aware that many fake sites and scams are going in the e-commerce industry in the United States, and the need to be cautious is much more. Read this article to know about the validity of the website. 

In this pandemic, nothing is better than sitting at home and ordering all the products of your necessity. Let’s read this article to know more.

What is Flo Fragrance com?

Flo Fragrance is an online website that sells products of all categories, related to some sport or hobby. There is some fantastic collection, especially for your pets and home decor. The company says that if the buyer wants to buy any product that is not available on the website, the customer can contact them and arrange for that product at a reasonable price.

The various categories and products available on the website are as follows:-

  • Pet’s care: Pet massager, pet paw balm, pet potty training pad, massage comb gloves, pain-free pet nail cutter.
  • Gift ideas: Emergency cash stash, funny water ball, key thumb piano, foldable pen-type glasses, ukulele vegetable chopper, smokeless car disco ashtray, paper film pens, 3-d printing pen, etc.
  • Household items: Silicon pot, Meatball maker, Door stopper, Plastic Storage, Soap dispenser, reusable shoe cover, wood polish, etc.
  • Electronics: Silent water pump, Bluetooth keyboard, stand-up charging cable.
  • Beauty: Lipsticks, glow highlighter, armpit whitening cream, poly gel nail, .glittered painted tattoo, wireless push-up bra, haircutting clip, etc.
  • Automobiles and motorcycles: Plastic part retreading agent restorer


  • Website type: Multi-purpose store
  • Website link: https://flofragrance.com/
  • Shipping:- within two days of ordering
  • Return: Within 14 days of delivery.
  • Cancellations:- It is possible before shipping. 
  • Refunds: Within a few days of receiving the product
  • Company’s address: Not available
  • Company’s contact:- Not available
  • Email address:- woronnchennko@gmail.com
  • Mode of payment:- The payment methods are PayPal and Visa cards.

Positives of Flo Fragrance

  • The products of Flo are amazing, and it is a big brand.
  • The website is a multi-purpose store.
  • You can get customized products as per your need.
  • The prices are reasonable and budget-friendly. 

Negatives of Flo Fragrance

  • The website doesn’t have many products in a single category.
  • The company’s contact address and the number is not there on the website.
  • Many other websites are running in the same name and similar content in it.
  • There is no presence of this website on any of the social media platforms.

Is Flo Fragrance com legit?

The need to know the legitimacy of the website is more these days as the number of fake sites running in the United States are increasing. The looters are stealing the essential information of the customers and using it for illegal means.

Flo Fragrance com Reviews will disclose some essential data about the website like the domain is two months old, which is a negative signal, and it can be a scam. The site has an http protocol, which is valid but does not have any mail server. 

Also, the essential information is missing, and there is no social media presence on the website. Thus, this site can’t be legit.

What do customers want to say?

The customer’s review is essential, and if customers are satisfied, the company will surely attract more buyers. But, when Flo Fragrance com Reviews researched, we were dumbstruck to see the results.

There are no customer reviews of this website, but there are many positive reviews for the Flo fragrance brand. Thus, we can say that the brand is trustworthy, but this site selling its products is a scam.

Final verdict:-

The website is an online shopping store that sells many products in various categories. They sell products of brand Flo fragrance, but when we went deeper, we got to know that the website is a scam, and there are websites available in the market with the same name and same products. Also, the site is a copy of other websites. The domain is also two months old. So, do not trust this website.

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0 thoughts on “Flo Fragrance com Reviews {July 2020} Is it trustworthy?

      1. Don’t feel bad Pat…I did too. What I got for 32.73 Is a tub, a pop up tub. I ordered the magic ultrasonic folding laundry tub. No machine came with it, just a tub..rip off. So I called the company, sent them the pix they wanted, and they said there is nothing they can do. So I’m stuck with a worthless tub. Finally after numerous emails and calls they gave me $9 back with a promise to stop hassling them. Well I think people need to know. this is a scam.. Ordered it from Flofragrance..buyer beware

        1. I ordered same thing and got same as you but I have not gotten anything from them and almost impossible to contact them all emails come back as mailbox full, what a rip off, I also ordered from FloFragrance.


  2. Hi I purchased the portable washing machine (2) today but I never received a confirmation so I am a bit concerned could you please confirm you received my order thank you

  3. i have not received my merchandise in 3 wks. and now you want me to Pay $1 to talk to of your woekers. You are nuts. please just mail my order or the wash tubs

  4. I recently made an attempt to place an order. I did not get a confirmation number. I left a message starting such I am waiting on a response. Only received a feature message saying someone would get back to me and have a ticket number. Should I notify my bank to stop payment???

    1. i purchased the same thing the miniature washing tub from them in july same thing — i received a tub with no parts and when you try and email them the return email says the mailbox is full — its definitely a SCAM!!!

    1. i purchased the same thing the miniature washing tub from them in july same thing — i received a tub with no parts and when you try and email them the return email says the mailbox is full — its definitely a SCAM!!!

  5. Bought the Magic Ultrosonic Folding Laundry Tub, you only sent me the tub, nothing else! You need to send me another order with all parts needed.

  6. I have just received what was suposed to be a collapsible mini washing machine, on pictures it looks like a bucket with lid, an agitator running on electric WHAT I got was a small collapsible BOWL NO LID NO WASHING ABILITY ITS A Con!!!!!
    Don’t buy!!!!!!

    1. SAME HERE!!!! Vaike! we may have lost our $$ BUT God sees it ALL!! they’ll get theirs TRUST ME they always DO! even if we see it — what goes around REALLY DOES come back around — and when it does, it’s usually TRIPLE FOLD!!

  7. Be careful when buying from this website. They advertised this small square portable automatic wash machine with carrying case. The basin had electric agitator type of device to put at bottom of bowl. It also said there was suction at bottom of bowl. I was charged over 32.00 and all I received was a bowl that collaspes. No agitator, no suction at bottom, no carrying case.

    1. Same here Kimberly! and then when i replied to them they used a mailbox that was either full so that they wouldn’t receive any email — i just know these sort of things DO COME BACK AROUND!!! so the person(s) behind the scam will have to answer for THAT!!!

  8. It’s a Scam. Do Not Order from them I ordered the Ultrasonic Folding Washer and all I got too was a collapsible bucket. Thank God I paid with PayPal

  9. They engage in deliberately misleading/false advertising.

    I clicked on an ad on Facebook that listed an ”Ultrosonic Folding Laundry Tub,” & decided to purchase it. I’ve included the link to the product page on this form.

    What I received was not only NOT what the item’s listing says it is, but is NOT the item described in the item details either. In fact, in the item’s details, it reads:

    ✔Exquisite packaging: The folding mini washing machine comes with a beautiful suitcase and storage bag for easy carrying and gift giving.

    Packge includes: Folding Laundry Tub (2019)”

    What I received was just the pink plastic wash basin that’s also shown in the item photos; & it’s shown in photos together WITH the actual washer unit.

    This is both bait & switch, & is also false advertising. Both the title & details of the item listing describe the washer, but it isn’t the default selection. Let me explain:

    In the section that shows price & “add to cart,” it reads, “Version” and then lists what you believe is the entire item you’re buying, but the layout is incredibly misleading. Other than a 1pt black box, which appears more like an advertising highlight than a clickable option, you have no way of knowing that it’s actually a listing for 2 separate items; one being the pink plastic bowl I received when I believed I was purchasing the Ultrasonic Folding Laundry Tub that was listed in bold as the product title. The default “version” selected when the listing opens, is that pink wash tub for $24.99. No one in their right mind pays that, plus expedited shipping, for a collapsable pink plastic bowl.
    “Ultrasonic Folding Laundry Tub” is the item name on my invoice; it’s not what I received.

  10. 1
    Magic Ultrosonic Folding Laundry Tub
    ?Stock Clearance Sale?Folding Laundry Tub (2019) +FREE GIFT(54 Left)
    Shipping Insurance$0.75
    USD $32.73 l am very angry this is my second email to you my product arrived on Friday and it came broken and split l need a new one sent out or l will contact ACCC and let them know how bad your product is l am not happy that l have spent $32.73 USD and l live in Australia could someone respond to my email PLZ

  11. This place is a SCAM!!! Stay away from them!!!
    I ordered a portable washer machine and they sent me a very poor quality basket and that’s it. No cord, no nothing. I tried to contact them by email but my email came back . There’s no way to contact them.

  12. I wish I had read this coment before I ordered from them I am out $ 33.73. I only received a extra. Small bowe and a small ??? I don’t no its name

  13. I was scammed by this company!!!! I purchased the portable washing machine and received a tiny colapsable bowl, and a small dog toy!!! I plan on contacting EVERY AGENCY THERE IS TO GET MY MONEY BACK!!!!!!!!!! THEY MESSED WITH THE WRONG ONE!!!!!!! I was JUDGE JUDY IN A former life!!!!!! KIMBERLY ORR

    1. Omg! The same thing happened to me. A week ago. I came across their ad on Facebook for the Mini Collapsible Washing Machine and ordered right away. To my shock and disappointment I received a plastic collapsible laundry bowl and a stupid tiny pink laundry ball for $34.73. I’m currently trying to send the item back for a refund but am having a hell of a time getting return address info or a resonse at all. I paid through Paypal so I’m going to try to get help from them tomorrow. Hope it works because I am pissed that I was mislead and paid that much for an item I could easily purchase at my local dollar store.

      1. Same for me. And I can tell you paypal are not doing much for me. They said to get a refund, I have to pay to send the pink $2 bowl to China ! That’s gonna cost about $30 ! And, they constantly are closing the message convo so every week for the last montb Paypal have been giving me the run around. Now I’m just doing ot on principle. Good luck to you.

  14. They are a scam—-took a whole month to arrive and when received it was only the free gift and not the product that was advertised. Had some email correspondence with them but then got message their email box was full.
    I wrote a negative review on their website and it disappeared a few seconds later.

  15. I got ripped off! Just received my ” Majic Ultra Sonic Washing Machine”. What a joke! A plastic bowl and a tiny rubber ball. That’s it! Piece of junk! $35 bucks, down the rain.

  16. I received a small collapsible rubber bowl. I ordered a washing machine tub and this is not what I ordered. I would like to return it and get a full refund. Please instruct me as to handle the return and a prompt refund. This is nothing like what was advertised and am feeling like I just got spammed. Please respond asap as I am so disappointed you would send me this and expect me to be ok with it.
    Thank you for your prompt attention.

  17. Add me to the list of scam victims. Purchased what I thought was a portable washer for my camper; ended up with a collapsible bowl. Tried contacting the company through the only email address on their website, but it bounced because the mailbox is full. Next step: contact my bank to reverse the charges, possibly report them to PayPal.

  18. Yes, it’s a scam. Not only did they get $47 out of me for a plastic bowl but paypal does nothing helpful to help you get a refund for you. I am disgusted with both of them, and wish I had seen these reviews before I sent my money.

  19. They are absolutely a scam. I purchased the ultrosonic tub. Received two plastic tubs with little plastic balls. I have been in contact theu PayPal with them and while escalating claims they agree to let me return but reruns are to CHINA DESPITE the fact the shipping label say “online seller” Seattle Washington. I advised them the last history book i looked at Seattle Washington is located in the USA. They think i will give up absolutely not. Research after the fact showed the laundry tub sold on other sites is actually Ultrasonic. Note they spell wirh a “o” and not “a”. I wish I saw this sooner but I will not give this up. This site is misrepresent and is defrauding customers. Please to those who want to buy from them, do not.

  20. I ordered the same little washing machine. I got what everyone else did. I paid thru PayPal and they have responded to me. They offered to give me a 40% discount and I could keep the tub. I said I want a full refund. They said ok. I have to mail it back to China. I will never hear from them again. What a scam

  21. This is a 100% scam company. They do not send you the product you have ordered and paid for. They send you a silly ball toy in a plastic bag. Be careful, don’t take the chance to lose your hard earned money. I totally fell for it, so embarrassed & mad!

  22. I also ordered the magic ultrasonic folding laundry tub. Recieved twe folding bowls, nothing else. Having read the reviews, I see that this is a SCAM.They have no intention of sending the describel product, and refuse to return the payment. This is a total Scam. Don’t buy anything from them.

  23. I got scam as well. All I received from the company was a collapsible bowl. I was not like anything that was advertised. I tried to return the item within the 14 days but, there is no response from this scam company. I will be reporting this company to the BBB.

  24. I regret that I was not savvy enough to check here first. I ordered the same as all above and received the same bowl and little ball. I got duped!! I hope no one else falls for this and karma does it’s work. I will check with PayPal for action I might take. I now see that I should not expect to hear back from the “company.”

  25. Hi I ordered a “Magic Ultrasonic folding laundry tub and magic clothes hangers” I didn’t receive any hangers but did receive a small pink folding bowl …not even big enough to wash a pair of panties I .
    I paid thru’ paypal and it’s taken so long to get my money back.
    I was told to return bowl before the would give me a refund. That was when I escalated my claim via paypal. I had no intention of returning a $2.00 bowl at a cost of $ 20.00 so the Chinese company told me. I never ever buy Chinese goods and this is why. Be warned the company or whoever pretending to be the company they lie at every turn.
    DO NOT BUY .

  26. I bought 5 mini washing machines and got the same thing 5 bowls and 5 toys. I have been emailing them for 2 months now for a return address I have not gotten one yet. Kimberly Orr aka Judge Judy if you ever get your money back would you please post what you did to get it. Thank you my e-mail is yebjones@yahoo.com

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