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Nickel Advisors Reviews {July 2020} Checkout Here!

Nickel Advisors Reviews 2020

Nickel Advisors Reviews {July 2020} Checkout Here! >> In this article, you will come across a website which is providing loans to pay credit card debts.

Are you all aware of Financial Planning? It is a crucial concept, but many people are not aware of it. Are you one of them?

All of us do financial planning, but the only difference is that some are experts in this as they have done some professional courses in it whereas some of them make estimates and do their planning. But, planning your finances is an essential step to take if you don’t want a cumbersome life.

In the United States, people get their salaries every week. The lifestyle out there is such that people earn for five days of the week and spend it in the next two days. Sometimes they even take credit to live their weekend life. There is no habit of savings in the people, which is an awful practice and can trap you in a debt hole.

The system of credit cards is trendy, and people keep on taking credit without thinking how will they pay this amount in future and then the interest rates on this credit keeps on multiplying leaving the people into a massive debt trap. Also, most of the people have terrible credit score or credit history and getting a loan from banks is a difficult task with such a score.

Nickel Advisors Reviews have come up with a solution to your problem wherein you don’t have to worry how to pay this credit card bills. So, let’s read this article to know more about it.

What is Nickel Advisors?

From the name, it seems like this is some advisory company, but in fact, this is a website that provides you loans. The whole concept this company works on is debt consolidation. Now, you might be wondering what this is, so let me explain.

Debt consolidation is a process wherein you take a loan and use that loan about to pay off your other debts like credit card bills. In debt consolidation, the use is that the loans are available on meagre interest rates.

So, Nickel Advisors does the same thing they provide you loans at meagre interest rates, but you can use that loan amount only to pay your credit card debts and not any other investments. So, you got what this website is all about.

What is the process to apply?

  • Nickel Advisors mostly attract people with the help of direct e-mails, and when they sent you an invitation with the mail, they will also give you a personalised id which you will use to apply on the website. The following steps are involved in the process:-
  • Once you received an e-mail with your reference id number, you have to visit the website.
  • To Sign in and you need to provide various information: name, e-mail address, contact details, your estimated household income, estimated credit card debt and estimate amount of how much you pay for your credit card bills monthly. You also need to answer if you own a house or you live on rent.
  • The next step is after seeing and verifying all your information; they will offer you different loan schemes based on your credentials and ability to pay. Also, they will offer various interest rate schemes, and you need to choose from them.

Benefits of Nickel Advisors

  • The interest rate of the loan is as low as 3% – 4%.
  • The people who have a low credit score and are not eligible for loans from the bank they can also get loans from Nickel Advisory.
  • You can pay your credit card bills as early as you get the loan and thus your interest payments will not multiply once you start paying.

Specifications of Nickel Advisors

  • Address: Bloom-Field-Hills, MI48302, PO-Box no. 7902
  • Contact number: 8882269806
  • Website link:

What do customers want to say about Nickel Advisors?

Nickel Advisors Reviews researched the company and got to know that the rating of this advisory is only one star on all platforms. The company has two websites to get away from all the negative reviews.  

Some of the reviews on the website are very positive. Still, when we went deep inside, we came to know from some of the reviews from the United States that the company first attracts the people via e-mails and offers them meagre interest rates. After that, when they apply for the process, the company tells them that they do not qualify for the loans and then gives them options with much higher interest rates. 

Thus, the rating tells not to trust the company blindly.

Final Verdict:-

The bottom line about the company is that company attracts customers in mails and offers them lower interest rates but after that gives them expensive deals. The ratings are also not satisfactory. So, be cautious when you use their services. I hope Nickel Advisors Reviews was informative for you.

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