Fabbona3d Reviews [Jan 2021] Will It Legit For Shop?

Fabbona3d Reviews [Jan 2021] Will It Legit For Shop?

Fabbona3d Reviews [Jan 2021] Will It Legit For Shop? -> The website offers multiple products like any e-commerce website with no exceptional range of products.

Are you on the hunt for new things for yourself? Do you want to buy new things from new sites and wonder if Fabbona3d Reviews are there not? Then, please stick with us and read till the end for a more in-depth view of the site.

The website appears a real unsafe site to visit and shop due to the unsecured link.

The website appears to deal with multiple products, including clothes, shoes, blankets, laundry bags, etc.

The portal has many suspicious things to take care of by the owners and hence does not look like any customer friendly site.

The portal might have visitors from counties like the United States and others but appear to have no real customers who shop.

What is Fabbona3d website about? 

The website appears to be a newly created one just a few days ago in Aug2020. It appears do be dealing with multiple products like shoes, clothing, and other things like blankets, laundry bags, etc.

The portal lacks any reliability and full-fledged structured display of the products.

But it does possess a complete size guide about almost all listed products on the website.

Although, currently, we cannot access any products in display, and that might indicate the site under troubleshooting or upgrading something.

This site has thoroughly no Fabbona3d Reviews anywhere online. 

It might be having some daily visitors out of curiosity from places like the United States, but no good reviews from those regions can be seen.

A detailed look into its specifications is needed to understand more about the site’s credibility.

Specifications in detail of Fabbona3d:

  • Website Type: It is a multi-product offering website, including shoes, clothes, and other things.
  • URL: http://fabbona3d.com/
  • Address and Phone: Not provided.
  • Shipping: It provides no clarity over shipping charges and delivers within 7 to 10 days. It also provides order tracking option.
  • Payment: It accepts Paypal and other online cards.
  • Refund and return: No information is shared about that.

Pros of shopping on Fabbona3d:

  • The website does offer a track of the order option on its site itself.
  • The website offers multiple products.

Opposing sides of shopping on Fabbona3d:

  • The website completely lacks in a well-designed website with different categorization.
  • The site also does not possess any specific good range of products to invest in.
  • The website even lacks a proper display of any sale items of even regular products with cost, and that is weird.
  • The website shares no information about the shipping charge.
  • It has no disclosure about its return and refund policy.

Is Fabbona3d Legit or not to shop? 

Fabbona3d Reviews were not found online. So it was only best to take an in-depth look at the website. 

The portal has many suspicious and unanswered things like no ownership and contact details, with no shipping, return, and refund policies.

So it indicates that the website is not a real shopping place. Instead, it has nothing close to being a legit site since it does not even possess a good display of products that it might want to sell.

So the site is not a real one to shop and appears to be created a few days back.

Do Fabbona3d have real customers, and what they say about it? 

The website does not have any consumer-based Fabbona3d Reviews to date. The reason might be they are scammers or its a new site, and they are still under the process of structuring their site.

But for the reviews part, it will appear only if someone tries it out, and that does not seem to be happening right now until the portal fixes its bugs and loops of suspicious things.

But as per the overall website display, it does look a real risky thing to try for the consumers.

Final verdict

The portal appears an unsecured e-commerce site for selling multiple things.

It even does not have any well-designed website structure and even lacks in revealing ownership or its contact details.

It looks no more than any scam site created to lure people and make them lose money if they shop. But as of now, the website is not even tempting since it is just a web portal with nothing to peep in for.

We do not suggest our readers explore any such sites with so many suspicious things and lacking credibility.

Do feel free to share your reviews and feedbacks below. Thanks for reading and sticking with us.

46 thoughts on “Fabbona3d Reviews [Jan 2021] Will It Legit For Shop?

  1. I ordered on September 15th 2020 a quilt for my daughter $70.94 it did not show my order going through, I have no confirmation number, no order number they have no contact email or phone number, but they were quick to charge my credit card,. I will not order anything on Facebook again.
    Sandra Trueman. The company name is Fabbona3d

    1. I too ordered a quilt for my daughter, same price. That was almost a month ago. Within a week I did get an email that said my quilt was in final stages. since then there has been nothing.

    2. Same here. I’ve been scammed. No quilt for my daughter and out almost $80. So angry at myself for not looking for reviews sooner. I ordered on October 04, 2020.

    3. I ordered a quilt for my daughter on October 31st and they stated it will get to me in 7-10 days. Not received it, I payed with my American Express card. My money will be refunded, because they protect their clients in such instances.

      1. I did the same, except with Citi Bank. I received a full refund and I’m sure they absorb the loss, but while that is great service, it is unfair that scammers can rip us off. I won’t order from them again – ever!

    4. I order their quilt for my daughter on 10/11/2020 and like all others this FabbonAD3 website is a TOTAL SCAM!! Got beat out of $107.90 cents, hope this does some good to help someone else out. Complete rip off!!

  2. I just want to say thank you . I almost bought it . Its beautiful my daughter would have love it . … I’m pissed it not real . Again thank u.

  3. The same thing happened to my daughter who ordered a quilt for my granddaughter! Obviously a scam
    Horrible! The company is Fabbona 3d

    1. I ordered mine sept. 29,I just received today, nov.5/2020 it’s thin,but it’s what it says that makes it special! I thought I got scammed,I live in Vancouver,Ca,happy now !!

  4. I ordered a daughter thrown September 8, 2020. Item has not been delivered as yet. An attempt to reply to order confirmation email came back no address found. Looks like I’m screwed out of $77.90. Beware ordering on line. Not very secure.

    1. I’m in the same boat….I order back in October, almost a month has passed and know blanket yet…they took my money as soon as I ordered it…this company is a complete scam..DON’T TRUST IT..

      1. I ordered the blanket for my daughter on 10/5 same price was sent emails telling me the finishing touches are being done on my order and it is looking fabulous and I received a tracking number for a site called track17 which says received by airline on 11/13 after stuck at some place in China since October 13th it doesn’t say what airline in what country or state which would typically be given on a tracking site so I googled the tracking site and it said it is fake a site used by scammers to make you think your order is on the way. I have been scammed ! Just as everyone else who has ordered from this fake site.


    1. I ordered same day and I havent gotten my quilt yet but the they took my money quick…No way to track Nothing…I should have checked ot out too

  6. I ordered a quilt for my daughter 0n September 18th, and have yet to receive my package yet. My tracking number tells me it has been shipped but it won’t tell me exactly where the package is. The charge was 89.95. Very disappointed that it appears I’ve been scammed.

  7. I ordered a quilt back in October and I DID RECEIVE IT! I am not a bot, but I was a suspicious person after reading these comments. I wrote the Customer Support team in the beginning of November and they replied within 24 hours and they told me the truth. I received my quilt within 2 day after that. So, this site is real and btw, my quilt is lovely….I can’t wait to give it to my daughter for her birthday

    1. I ordered October 26 took money off my card. Got a email stating order received nothing since! Here is November 26th! No quilt!! Pissed , going to do some research on how I get my money back and press charges over 100.00 dollars!

    2. Dear Jean,
      Was glad to read someone did get their quilt. Where did you find a Customer Support team ? Was it by email, phone call or letter? I haven’t found any information. Would love to get my order and giive to my daughter. Such a shame that so many people feel like we’ve been scammed. Thanks for your help.

  8. Ordered from the UK got an order number and a tracking info number neither are recognised on their website! I’ve ordered a throw for my daughter as part of her Xmas present as her mother and I have recently split up ! If I could ever get my hands on these bloody scammers there would be trouble! It’s not the money but this was meant for my little girl ! Do not touch this mob with a barge pole !

  9. I ordered a daughter quilt and am disappointed in the quality. I wrote to customer service requesting instructions to return the item and the response received said they do not issue refunds for dissatisfaction.

    What made me uncomfortable after the order is that at no time when placing the order does it indicate it’s coming from China. I felt scammed. I’ll write to my Attorney General for next steps.

  10. I ordered a throw for my daughter for Christmas..nice words on it, great for cooler weather to snuggle in.. Did not come..when I saw the name on my Credit card I put in in browser and it brought me here. Scammed.. my first.and last. Obviously FB doesn’t check to see who their advertiser’s are. Lesson learned, never order anything on FB.

  11. I put an order in on October 25,2020 and I have never gotten my blanket for my daughter. They sent a few emails saying it was almost done but that was it.

  12. I ordered October 26 took money off my card. Got a email stating order received nothing since! Here is November 26th! No quilt!! Pissed , going to do some research on how I get my money back and press charges over 100.00 dollars!

  13. Where is my quilt? Ordered October 20 and have not received it. Credit card payment was taken out but still no quilt.
    I was not given an order number but the quilt was to be sent to my daughter Sierra Ciafardone in Glasgow Montana. My name is Jennifer Magnus.
    My email address is: mommajen.jm@ gmail.com.
    Please respond ASAP or I will need to contact my credit card company.

  14. I ordered a quilt for my daughter October 25th Have not received anything. It was ordered on Facebook. I did pay with Paypal so I plan on getting my money back.

  15. I also placed my order for the “Daughter” quilt on October 2, 2020. It’s now Mid December and I’ve gotten NOTHING!!!! Paid $69.95
    My order # is 1014916322220
    Please either mail me the blanket or return my money. Soon as possible or I will Report this to the proper authorities.
    Rosalind Ballejos-Silva


  17. I order 2 throw blankets one for each daughter, I received a note saying how nice they turned out !!!!!! Well hell it would be nice if I could see how they turned out. $155.80 wasted, lost, gone and nothing to show for it.

  18. I ordered the daughter quilt on October 7, 2020. Was giving the same scam emails stating almost ready, looks good, and finally shipped. order # and tracking 3 given on track 17 and then NOTHING. trying to get money back via Visa

  19. I ordered the daughter quilt on October 7, 2020. Was giving the same scam emails stating almost ready, looks good, etc., and finally shipped. order# and tracking# given on Track 17 and then NOTHING. Working with Visa to get credit. They sent us the Covid 19 faster. Pissed off!

  20. After reading all of the comments only after I had purchased a quilt for my daughter for a Christmas gift, my heart sank. I ordered on October 10, 2020 trie. I desperately tried to track my order but information was vague. I just felt like I was scammed but today, January 5, 2021 I received my order. I had an alert on my phone to track through UPS. There on the porch was the bag with the China labeling. I opened it and the quilt was inside.

  21. I received my quilt 2 months after I ordered it. It is terrible. I will probably let my dog sleep on it.
    The print is blurred, the colors are off and because I actually received “something” , the bank won’t credit my account. When emailing Fabbona3d, they state that because I have filed a dispute with my bank, they will not refund, even if the quality is horrible.
    I will NEVER order anything off of the ads from Facebook.
    They should vet their advertisers instead of allowing this to happen to so many people!

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