48 Mobile Reviews {Sep 2020} Get Complete Information!

48 Mobile Reviews {Sep 2020} Get Complete Information!

48 Mobile Reviews {Sep 2020} Get Complete Information! >> Are you willing to save your extra data for future & share it with your friends than read this.

A new revolution has come up as now data is so cheap compared to a few years back. But, do you also feel that you are unable to use the amount of data provided to you by your data provider daily?

On some days, we are out of data when we need it the most. We all wish that we could save our unused data for urgent days. And, now one company in Ireland is providing this unique feature of saving future data. 

The article is on 48 Mobile Reviews that is a website providing Sim cards with 1 GB free data to use, and then you can buy the membership if you like it. 

What is 48 Mobile?

48 Mobile is a website that sells a Sim card that you can activate, data and calling, and texting plans. You can pay for all the services once in a month and then use it. Also, if you do not like it, you do not need to pay for the next month. 

Plan of 48 Mobile:

There is one plan in which you get 100 GB data and calling minutes and a fixed number of text messages. You can use all of it in a month or can save it for next month’s choice is yours. According to 48 Mobile Reviews, the price is 7.99 Ireland Euros.

How to use the data?

The unique feature that the company gives you that is you can use your data in six different ways as follows:

    • Swap the data: If you do not use the complete calling minutes you get, you can convert the remaining calling minutes and get extra data.
    • Donate the data: Yes, now you can donate upto 5 GB of data per month to FoodCloud that works to manage the food waste and provide it to unprivileged people.
    • Share the data: 48 Mobile Reviews says that you can share the data with your friend and family if they need it, if you have an excess of data. 
    • Borrow the data: You can also ask your friends using the same plan to give you some data when you need it.
  • Save the data: If you cannot use all your data, you can save it for urgent days like a rainy day. You can save upto 5 GB of data for a rainy day in Ireland.
  • Carry the data: If you are using more wifi in a month, you can shift the current month’s data to the next month.


The final verdict about 48 Mobile Reviews is that the website is selling sim cards with a fixed plan, and to avail it, you have first to buy a sim and activate it. You will get your 1GB data for free, so use it and decide if you want the service or not. 

If you like it, buy the membership and use all the unique features that the company provides. The company is eight years old, and thus we can trust it.

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