Escape Sadness 2020 Puzzle [Dec] Read Before Buying!

Escape Sadness 2020 Puzzle [Dec] Read Before Buying!

Escape Sadness 2020 Puzzle [Dec] Read Before Buying! >> This product review covers details about an exciting board game or the puzzle and we will judge its legitimacy.

Do you feel that there are limited options to do when you are bored? Escape Sadness 2020 Puzzle can be the best option in your leisure time.

We all know how busy our lives can get, especially when you are living in the United States or the United Kingdom. We get so accustomed to our busy schedule that we don’t know what to do with it when we get extra leisure time.

Board games are the best and can be your best friends in isolation and family of office gatherings. With Escape puzzles, you can spend quality time with your colleagues, friends and loved ones. 

These board games are like one time buy because every buyer expects them to last long. You can store them efficiently, and the board game will last long. This report will discuss quality, persistence and all the fun you can have with Escape Sadness Puzzle. 

About Escape Sadness 2020 Puzzle

It is one of the revolutionary board games, highly famous in the United States and the United Kingdom. The 2020 pandemic inspires this board game. With the pandemic and quarantine period have left people with a vast amount of huge.

Solving Escape Sadness puzzle seems very exciting as the entire world on lockdown this puzzle is the best way to unfold and remember the year 2020. 

The game includes all the critical and quirky events happened in the year 2020 in various pieces and players have to put together all the details in the right places to complete the entire picture of the year 2020. 

The board game is made with 100% recycled products and does not include any toxic element. The board game has excellent colour.

Specifications of Escape Sadness 2020 Puzzle

  • Game Type: Jigsaw Puzzle 
  • Company Name: Vankin Company Limited 
  • Product Price: $14.99
  • Made with recycled product 
  • Non-toxic product used. 
  • Two packs options with 500 and 1000 puzzle pieces 
  • Made with premium efficiency wood 
  • Suitable for age type 
  • Best gift for kids
  • Includes quirky details about the pandemic of the year 2020
  • Variation: 2020 year to remember, 2020 commemoration
  • Package includes puzzle pieces and 26 inches puzzle mat

Advantages of buying Escape Sadness Puzzle:

  • Escape Sadness 2020 Puzzle is good for brain exercise
  • Made with 100% recycled material
  • Suitable to play in all the age 
  • Comes with puzzle mat 

Disadvantages of buying Escape Sadness Puzzle:

  • No customer reviews available 
  • You might lose interest in the game once you solve it

Is Escape Sadness Puzzle Worth your Money?

The board claimed to made with the non-toxic and recycled product; hence it is safe to lay with mainly when the players include children. 

The final picture obtained after solving the puzzle can use as the showpiece in your living room. There is a high chance that once you solve this puzzle, you might lose interest in playing the game again. 

But we could not find any positive review from the players to authenticate that the Escape Sadness 2020 Puzzle is fun to play.

We cannot comment on the difficulty level of the game. Hence a few players might find the puzzle hard to solve while others might find it relatively easy. 

What is Customer Feedback about Escape Sadness Puzzle?

We did not find any favorable comments from the customers to confirm that the puzzles are of good quality and fun to play. 

Due to the lack of reviews, it is better to do your research about the quality and the difficulty level in Escape Sadness 2020 Puzzle.

Final Verdict: 

We have covered all the information we could with about this board games online. The idea of the game is quite exciting, covering all the quirky moments you spend in this pandemic of the year 2020. 

The product is affordable and fun to play, but due to lack of positive customer reviews, we will recommend you first to do your research and then buy. 

Nevertheless, the puzzles are the excellent way to exercise your brain. They are the best birthday gift for kids and an indoor learning game. 

We hope this report on Escape Sadness 2020 Puzzle proved itself helpful to be informative, please comment below and share your reviews of this board game. 

0 thoughts on “Escape Sadness 2020 Puzzle [Dec] Read Before Buying!

  1. Ordered puzzle and ornaments! Did not receive any info on tracking, but money was withdrawn from my account upon purchase via PayPal. To date, I have not received the puzzle or ornaments. Disappointed and feeling scammed.

  2. I ordered 2. Still have not received them nor have I been able to get a response to my emails. Filed a claim with PayPal and the post office. It’s a major scam.

  3. I ordered my 2020 puzzle the latter part of November. It arrived yesterday January 4. I didn’t know what this 4” by 6” box was at first. Then I saw that it was my puzzle. When I opened it I unfolded a picture of the puzzle and saw the smallest puzzle pieces that I have ever seen. 500 of them! This is not what I expected! Now if I attempt to make it I will have to look for my magnifying glass.

  4. Hi guys, I received both a 500-piece and a 1000-piece 2020 puzzles : shipping took a few weeks, which would have been ok… if the result hadn’t been so disappointing if we consider the 45 usd it cost me. First, re: the 500-piece puzzle : the pieces are the size of my thumb nail, come on, way too tiny! Second, re: the 1000-piece puzzle : the size of the pieces is ok, but the printing has obviously been dramatically enlarged to fit an acceptable size for a 1000-piece puzzle, so the result is that the printing is such a bad quality. I complaint, they offered a 5 usd fee. So don’t buy it!!!

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