Bootzen com Reviews (Jan) Look Before Ordering Online

Bootzen com Reviews (Jan) Look Before Ordering Online

Bootzen com Reviews (Jan) Look Before Ordering Online -> This content will provide the exquisite information of this online shopping website that will assist the online buyers in deciding on buying anything.

Have you explored the adorable collection of soft plush flats at Have you read the online Bootzen com Reviews? If no, then this article is your one-stop destination as it will make you aware of all the inner details of the website. This is offering the exciting Christmas discount offers and is selling cozy sweaters of premium quality at low prices as compared to other online stores.

The women across the United States loved the quality of hooded casuals and are getting the benefits of Christmas discounts. 

However, online shopping has a drawback of buying stuff without having a look at it in real. So, one should find truthful Bootzen com Reviews before purchasing even the tiniest item. 

What is this is a women-centric e-commerce store that claims to sell winter items at unbelievably low prices. This website sells all the kinds of cozy sweaters including the hoodies and has the exotic collection of cute soft plush flats.This online site offers fanciful discounts on bulk orders. The online buyers can also check the social media pages of this online store to check for the site’s popularity across the different countries. Also, the viewers can have a look at the online Bootzen com Reviews to see the quality of the received items.

Website specifications:

  • Type of the website: an online store that sells hooded casuals, sweaters, cozy flat slippers and booties for women
  • Shipping time: 15-25 working days
  • Return: applicable within a week
  • Exchange: acceptable
  • Refund: offers a full refund in case of return
  • Cancellation of order: applicable but only before shipping
  • Company’s mail address:
  • Company’s address: 12 McCullough Dr Suite 3 New Castle, DE 19720 United States
  • Domain age: two months and eighteen days
  • Payment method: PayPal 

Pros of doing online shopping from this

  • This online store offers an extra discount of 55% on the third item.
  • This online store offers a seven-day return policy.
  • has active social media pages and hundreds of followers there. 

Cons of doing online shopping from this

  • No customer has posted his/her personal experience in the online Bootzen com Reviews sections yet.
  • This online website doesn’t have a trustworthy domain age and was launched only two months and eighteen days back.
  • This online selling website sells all the items at unbelievably low costs which seems to be too good to be true. 

Is this legit?

The website’s realness needs to be checked and for that, we reviewed this site’s social media presence, and this has active pages on Facebook and instagram. Also, this online store has mentioned all the details regarding the shipping, delivery and return policies.

However, there are no online Bootzen com Reviews on the internet, and the website accepts payments through Paypal only. Moreover, this online website has maintained complete transparency among the buyers by giving all the contact details and full address of the company’s office, which is a positive sign.

Besides this, this e-commerce store has got a low trust score index online and has got no online rating from the customers who have done shopping from here. So, there are still many red flags on trusting the site entirely and doing online shopping from here. So, it is the buyer’s call if he/she wants to try this online site.

What are the online Bootzen com Reviews?

Online customer reviews have a significant influence on the buying decision almost every buyer makes. So, we checked the internet and thought of siding the most valuable and real reviews for our readers. However, we could not find even a single comment in any of the online review sections, which is the biggest reason for having doubts regarding this site’s legitimacy.

Final verdict

Lastly, we will inform our readers about the highlighted facts about this website, including both positive and negative ones. This online website has not hidden any detail from the customers and is active on social media sites.

However, there are no online Bootzen com Reviews on the internet. Despite the absence of reviews, this site has a short domain age of fewer than six months, making it difficult for us to trust the site. So, the buyers should decide on their own to make any purchase from this site.Tell us about your experience with the site by commenting below.

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  1. Similar to other marginal fashion websites. Near as I can research ever product photo on Bootzen is in reality a photo of an actual name brand product, taken from that name brand products website and reused on the Bootzen site. Notice the many photos of the Sorel Arctic wedge booties that seem to be prevalent in recent social media posts. Clearly they are not actually selling Sorel boots for $170 off the regular price. Although I have not ordered anything from Bootzen, I’ll bet they work like Shoosee. They use real product photos, offer to sell these products without stating any brand name, then manufacture cheap replicate and ship them out. There are several companies that do this. Beware.

  2. Just ordered 2 pairs of boots from After 8 days and no processing or shipping info I reached out to them. I got a response the following day from a woman named
    “Layla” saying they must’ve been stuck at the post office and that they would investigate. When I responded by reminding them that there should be a tracking number of the boots if they had been shipped they didn’t respond. The next day I got a tracking number and it said they were dropped off at ups that day. They’re being shipped from Hong Kong. We’ll see what the quality is in 2-4 weeks ?

  3. Recieved a pair of boots for Christmas. They came 13 days after Christmas. They came in a shipping envelope and when I opened the envelope the stench of toxic paint or spray paint wafted into my fave and took my breath away. Pretty horrible. I pulled the boots out of the bag and low and behold the quality is terrible, they boots look nothing like the pictures online, they seriously crap. Total fail. Looked online and you can return but you have to cover the shipping. Looked today and it costs $60+ to ship a box that big to China. The boots only cost $40….you do the math. This place is a scam of taking pictures off of legit sites and then trying to make a copy of that same product and doops people into thinking we’re getting what is pictured. Then you wait 25 days for toxic smelling rip offs, and then can’t afford the shipping to send back to China. Shame on them. These go to the garbage. And I will not purchase anything else from this company and will be telling all my friends and family.

  4. Hi, I just purchased from bootzen.
    My boots came from China, I purchased them Dec 13, I didn’t receive them until Jan 8th. My boots are almost orange colored and look nothing like the photo. They are also made of mostly plastic. I have contacted the supplier 3 times, all they keep offering me is a coupon for my next purchase or if I want to return i will be paying a costly shipping fee. Sound like somewhere you would like to shop ?

  5. Terrible! They sent me the wrong boots. Told me I had to pay shipping back and I would only get 10% refund. Wth! Not acceptable! Stay away from this company!

  6. I ordered from Bootzen. When I received my order it was nothing like what the picture from the website looked like. I reached out to their customer support to ask for instructions on how to return the boots. I received a reply stating that I needed to send a picture of the product to them, so I did. I again asked about how to go about returning the boots. They responded by asking if I could just keep the boots and perhaps, give them away as a present to someone instead of returning them. What??? I replied by telling them “no” and once again asking for instructions to return the boots. This was three days ago. For three days they have responded to me saying that the cost to return the boots is “too expensive” for me (as if that’s their decision to make) and they will gladly refund 10% of my money. I refused. They offer 15%. I refused. They are now offering 20%. With each email I ask for return instructions but that question gets ignored. They have made it clear that in order to receive a refund, you must return the item within seven days of receiving it and it is clear to me they intend on using up that timeframe with giving me the run around. You don’t see bad reviews for this company because as soon as you type a bad review, it disappears. From their social media pages and from their website as well. I know this to be true because I tried! They are a scam.

  7. Extremely unhappy with quality and service. Do not buy it’s a fraud site and you get cheap products that look nothing like the picture and have a horrific chemical smell. I even sent them a picture of the shoes I received and the shoes I ordered and they said it was lighting. The one I received is clearly orange the other a dark brown (which is what I ordered) I tried to make a return and they said that I’d have to pay a expensive return fee and they suggest I give them away as a gift. How can I give something away that smells like paint thinner? DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!

  8. They are advertising boots that look nothing like the product they send you. I’ve been trying to get a return for 4 days (since the boots arrived 5 weeks after purchase date). They keep saying the difference in color and texture are from camera angles and won’t provide a return. Buyer beware this is not a reputable company

  9. Well I purchased two pair of boots. And I receive them nine weeks later. The chemical smell of these foods is enough to choke an elephant. The quality is what you would see at a dollar store. They came in plastic bags not boxes. You can see where they were crushed by bigger packages. I can’t imagine getting my money back because it took so long to get the boots. It’s a real shame that they don’t even look like the picture. The quality that the picture shows is definitely not what you get. I think they make one good pair to show in the ad and then you get a different quality in the mail. I’m gonna try to send them back and see if I can get a credit. However I can’t see it working out!

    1. That is exactly what they do. The boots that you get are no where’s near the quality of the boots that you can see in the picture. They are barely dollar store quality. It’s very sad that they can get away with things like this. Do yourself a favor and never order products from this company. I am 100% dissatisfied. I wish I could put a picture of them on here but it doesn’t allow you to put pictures.

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