Emmy la Robot Comic (Dec 2021) Detailed Information!

Emmy la Robot Comic (Dec 2021) Detailed Information!

Please read this composition to learn about Emmy la Robot Comic, an online comic series about an Android nanny, which readers can find on the Webtoon portal.

Did you enjoy reading comics in your childhood? Were you passionate about collecting comic books of famous characters? In today’s digitized era, have you switched to online comics? If yes, please read this write-up to learn about an interesting comic figure.

In this article, we have discussed an online series, which readers Worldwide have already started reading and loving. Therefore, please read this composition to get details about a fascinating comic figure, Emmy la Robot Comic. Please note that la denotes a definite female article in French.

What is Emmy the Robot Comic?

Emmy the Robot is an online comic series that readers can enjoy on the Webtoons portal. The developer of this character is Dominic Cellini. The comic first appeared on this platform on 5 April 2020, with Greetings as the title. The latest episode, named Contraband, is the sixty-third episode of the comic, published on 11 December 2021. 

The comic series currently has around 5.9 million viewers who have given the average rating of 9.86. Since its launch, the series and the character of Emmy la Robot Comic have received immense appreciation and acceptance. According to the Webtoons portal, around six hundred patrons have also supported the comic’s creator. 

About Webtoons

Webtoon is an online platform where comic creators can post their content. Writers and comic artists worldwide can use this interface to popularize their series. There are numerous genres of comics available on this website, like drama, fantasy, comedy, action, romance, superhero, sci-fi, supernatural etc. 

Some popular comic series published on this portal are Death: Rescheduled, Morgana and Oz, Bitten Contract, Cierra, Hyperfocus, etc. The platform is also available as an application on smartphones. 

Founder of Emmy la Robot Comic

The creator of the subject comic series is Dominic Cellini. He is an illustrator, author, and character designer. He completed his graduation in 2016 in Sequential Art from Savannah College of Art and Design. 

He is a freelancer and loves to design characters and comics. His website, named the Dominic Cellini Portfolio, contains all necessary information about this field and interest. It also features the series Emmy the Robot. 

Who is Emmy in the Series?

Emmy is a robot by manufacture and a nanny by profession. As she has Android in her system, she is also called “Nandroid” by combining Android and Nanny. In Emmy la Robot Comic, the creator has portrayed her as an amateur in this field, trying her best to be a successful caregiver. 

A company called Sterling Robotics has created this machine and programmed her to be a nanny. The Delaire family has appointed her to take care of them, especially Madeline. 

The Concluding Thoughts

Readers Worldwide have strongly liked this series since its inception. Emmy is a fascinating character, and readers look forward to the next episodes. You can read about sequential art if you have an interest in creating comics.

Which episode of Emmy la Robot Comic did you like the most? Please share with us in the section below.

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