Elysse Wigs Reviews [Jan] Is This Offer Scam Deals?

Elysse Wigs Reviews [Jan] Is This Offer Scam Deals?

Elysse Wigs Reviews [Jan] Is This Offer Scam Deals? >> This post will help you learn about the validity of the e-store that sells hair wigs.

Are you looking for a hair wig store that offers affordable wigs? If so, then please check out these Elysse Wigs Reviews

Nowadays, the hair fall problem is familiar as every age person deals with it for various reasons like chemical-filled products, pollutions, unhealthy eating habits, etc. Moreover, everyone loves to have their desired hair. 

Still, everybody can’t take expensive hair treatments; this is why Elysse Wigs store has come up with exclusive hair wigs at affordable prices so that you can flaunt your favorite hairstyles. 

In the study, the United States professional dermatologists have discovered that approximately 21 million women and 35 million men are suffering from hair loss problem. Besides this, the Elysse Wigs store is providing a significant discount on its featured collection. But what do you think? Is Elysse Wigs legit? Don’t know the answer?  No worries, we will tell you. 

What is Elysse Wigs?

Elysse Wigs is the online hair wigs store. It is established recently in the United States on 30th September 2020. Furthermore, the store holds a complete collection of exclusive wigs for women. In addition to this, you will get substantial money-saving offers on its featured collection where you can get up to 90% off as the site is having a Black Friday Sale on it.

Every wig you purchase from Elysse Wigs store is made using 100% original human hair. You are allowed to make whatever hairstyles you want, you can use every hair product on it, and you are free to treat it like your own hair. Additionally, it is 100% hand tide so that you can move it freely, just like your natural hairs. It comes with a smart lace front, monofilament top, velvet tabs, and adjustable straps.  

Elysse Wigs are easy to clean and maintain. Do you want to know more about it? If so, then please keep reading these Elysse Wigs Reviews. 

What are the specifications of Elysse Wigs?

  • Website link – https://www.elysse.store/
  • Products- Hair wigs 
  • Domain age – 30th September 2020
  • Company official address – Not provided 
  • Contact number – Not provided 
  • Email address – Elysse@wigsservice.com
  • Shipment delivery charges – Within 7-14 working days 
  • Shipping fees- Worldwide free shipping on orders over $50
  • Return and exchange validity- Within 14 days 
  • Refund of order- Within certain days  
  • Tracking number- Not provided 
  • Shipment cancellation period- Not provided 
  • Warranty – 100% money-back guarantee
  • Payment method- PayPal 
  • Discount offers –  Multiple items are available.

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What are the advantages of shopping from Elysse Wigs?

  • It is having an exclusive range of hair wigs available.
  • It has multiple money-saving and discount offers, like buy two get one free, 90% flat off, etc.
  • You don’t have to pay the shipping on orders over $50.
  • It is providing a 100% money-back guarantee. 
  • You can return the wigs within 14 days. 
  • The wigs are made using 100% original human hairs. 

What are the disadvantages of shopping from Elysse Wigs?

  • The domain name of the site is only two months old.
  • We haven’t found any reviews over the online sources 
  • It has mentioned invalid social media links on it as it leads you to the respective site’s main page.
  • The site doesn’t hold complete contact information and has an unattractive interface. 
  • There is no valid search results found over the internet regarding the Elysse Wigs store. 

Is Elysse Wigs legit?

Elysse Wigs store is the ecommerce site. It sells an extensive range of hair wigs at unrealistic prices. The store provides various discount offers like buy 2 get one free, free shipping on the specified orders, flat discount, etc. 

The site is claiming to provide quality products and hold positive customer reviews. But still, it is not legit as we have recorded many inappropriate things regarding the store. For instance, it is only two months old. There is no relevant search results found over the network. The Elysse Wig store has mentioned inactive social media links etc. 

What is the user’s Elysse Wigs Reviews?

The available reviews and ratings on the website are invalid. In addition to this, we haven’t found any reviews from the internet either. Due to this reason, we could not be able to gather customer reviews. 


According to our understanding and analysis, the store is not safe to shop, and for this reason, we don’t recommend it to our readers. 

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0 thoughts on “Elysse Wigs Reviews [Jan] Is This Offer Scam Deals?

  1. These people have ripped off a lot of people including me. This company should be forced to reimburse and compensate people they stole money from.

  2. Do not order from these people it’s a scam!!! They do not answer that email, I placed an order on November 26th still haven’t gotten it. They created a tracking number and never used it to send the package. I’m sure I’ve lost my money at this point! Do not order from these people.

  3. I’m reading nonstop that this is a scam ? I am trying to contact someone about my wigs I ordered. Well now I’m assuming they are not coming. ? I’m going to report this place ! I hope everyone else that hasn’t received them has done the same. Scams need to be stopped . I work very hard for my money. I’m a waitress and I’m 52 . I come home in tears . From pain to get my money ! Bust my ass ! This shit pisses me off ! People that hurt innocent hard working people !

    1. This place got me too, I bought 1 shorter red, a long straight and wavy, all garbage they don’t allow you to post pictures on the site that they have on Facebook either because they know that people will post the pictures of the jacked up products now I done told them I’m after them with the better business bureau it don’t matter where they go what they do what they try to hide or whatever they’re still going to find them people

      1. I ordered on 11 /27 and I had to keep emailing them because they kept asking about what I left in my cart, I feel that’s the only reason they actually sent it, I didn’t receive an answer but I got this stupid hair 12/24

  4. I Ordered 3 wigs over a month ago. Still waiting to receive . Tracking # invalid?? Sent an email with no response!!! SCAMMERS Do Not Order…If it Sounds Too Good to be true it normally is ladies. My attorney is working on tracking them, if I do not receive my order.

  5. I never received my order and the tracking information is not valid. I have emailed them numerous times requesting they let me know where my order is but I have never received a response. I have sent emails requesting a refund and, shocking, still no response. This is definitely a scam, DO NOT ORDER!!!

  6. I still haven’t received my order. I order my products on November 13, 2020. It’s now 2021 and I still haven’t received my purchase. I requested that the transaction be canceled and my money refunded but they refuse saying that there is no way to “block” the order.
    This is terrible customer service. They do not care about their customers or whether they receive their product. They never communicated with me if there would be any delays in shipping. I needed these products for an event and was unable to have the event because I didn’t have what I ordered.

  7. Ordered mines on 12/6/20 order #QBL41365. Tracking number invalid, no response to 3 emails, I sum it up as a scam and hard earned money stolen. I’m a full time nurse saving family members lives especially during these times, it’s really sad. I’m sure half of the good reviews are from the scammers themselves.

  8. Got my wigs but poor quality. I reached out to PayPal they tracked my order down but definitely not worth paying for. Elysse store is not a real website the owners are Koreans who own a shop called top express in California I’m getting my money back from PayPal

  9. Please don’t order from them; it is a scam. It took me a month to receive a package and the wig was nothing like what I ordered, did not receive a lace front wig as ordered, the package was terrible (wig in a net in a plastic bag), and was not addressed from a company. The tracking number that they send you does not work and they do not respond to your email. DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY; YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE WHAT YOU ORDER.

  10. Never order nothing from Elysse Wigsstore.com! They advertised false wigs that are not human hair lace wigs they are synthetic wigs with plastic fake scalp! I’m pissed off. I was excited,thinking my wig was a lace front human wig. I ordered three wigs at that and the wigs they are advertising on Instagram are not the same wigs they are posting fake advertisement and giving inaccurate tracking numbers. It took a while for my wigs to come through and all the wigs were the same wigs looking like Holloween costume wigs! Smelling like plastic but suppose to be 100% brazilian human hair! Report they ass if you have to.

  11. I guess the old saying is true, If it seems too good to be true, then it is. I ordered from them and paid for expedited shipping. The website stated they process orders in 24 hours, it took over 2 weeks to process my order and only after I sent an email to the site provided. Even then they did not respond to me only processed my order. When I didn’t receive the order within the 2 weeks I requested a charge back to my account, now the company is communicating with me. The hair came in today however, it is not what’s advertised on the site. The wigs are not human hair, no lace front or baby hair. Only the cap is lace. The colors were off as well. Still seeking a full refund. I’ll come back and update everyone on what happens. If you can cancel your order I strongly advise you to do so.

  12. This is a scam ….. got the order after waiting a month…. order 4 wigs that appear NOTHING as per the description or pictures posted on the website. I have requested a refund now for the 3rd time …. in 2 weeks from the contacts and the web support still no response…. I see now this website and there is no real reviews or actual links besides social media which I do not have social media . SCAM SCAM damn SCAM!! Their refund policy is long and confusing as well as if the intention is to never refund you.


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