Howgoodismypassword. Com (Jan 2021) Get the Relevant Info

Howgoodismypassword. Com (Jan 2021) Get the Relevant Info

Howgoodismypassword. Com (Jan 2021) Get the Relevant Info.   >> This article gave you all the relevant information about a website that claims to assist its users with their passwords.

Being aware of all the scams going on in the market has become a tough job. Scammers and hackers have taken over the market and are attacking every day in every aspect of society. To stay far away from such miscreants, you need to read articles and stay be aware of what is going on in the community.  

In this article, we’ll talk about Howgoodismypassword. com A website used in the United States claims to help people develop strong passwords that can’t be deciphered easily.  

Having a strong password on your social media platforms have become a necessity these days. Once the password is breached, the hacker gets all your personal information stored on the smartphone or personal computer. The government has created stringent laws against all those who are doing such unethical misconduct.

What does the website offer?

Main Function of Howgoodismypassword. com is to help its users with a newly built strong password. As you scroll down the website, you’ll see that it is exclusively mentioned the tools used in the passwords won’t save your passwords, and it won’t be shared anywhere. You must avoid typing the password in at any random site.

As you open the page, there are two categories to choose from: “generate password and Passwords strength checker.” After selecting one, you can either insert the password in the blank box underneath to check the strength or generate a whole new password. The generated password is a mix of alphabets, numbers, and special characters, making it impossible to decode. 

How do you check your password?

Entering the password in the provided box will help you decide whether you should keep the password or not. Moreover, in the results, you’ll get to know what you should do to make the password healthy. Using Capitalized letters and special characters does help to create a complicated password. 

Is Howgoodismypassword. com a legit site?

After thoroughly going through the website and checking the passwords ourselves, we can say that it is a legitimate site. Moreover, it is strictly mentioned over Howgoodismypassword. com that they do not save the passwords inserted by its users. On the other hand, we all know if something is getting uploaded on the servers, they are definitely being stored and processed somewhere. 

Final Verdict.

In Pandemic times, it has become imperative to be discreet and not indulge yourself in some new ventures. Corona Virus has impacted every citizen’s lives unpredictably, and getting trapped in some scams can’t be afforded. People in the United States can and should create their passwords on their own, but you can get an idea through such websites like Howgoodismypassword. com.

We would recommend our readers to check the site once but stay vigilant about their passwords. You can quickly check the score or generate new passwords that you can use.

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