Drytron Xyz {Jan 2021} The Monster of OCG

Drytron Xyz 2021 Mece

Drytron Xyz {Jan 2021} The Monster of OCG -> To know more about Asia specific deck-game, continue with this article.

Are you a deck-game lover and a connoisseur of anime? If your answer is affirmative, we have this special and unique set of popular decks in Japan. The name of the deck game is Genesis Impactors, which is a Deck Build Pack from Yu-Gi-Oh!

The game is not just popular among Japanese youths but also being famous in the United States. Genesis impactor is the type of booster pack in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game or the Official Card Game. And Drytron is a unique summon monster, debuted in Genesis Impactors.

Continue this article to know more about Drytron XYZ.

What is Yu-Gi-0h! Official Game Card

Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game is manufactured explicitly by Konami Inc, and this card game is mainly famous in, parts of Asia, including Taiwan, Thailand, etc. One can get these cards in the United States as well. These cards are printed exclusively in Japanese and Korean languages. They have their tournaments where the gamers showcase their hands on the cards. There are varieties in the menu (s), and the Booster Pack is one of them. A booster pack is a kind of set from where new cards are released. Genesis Impact falls in the category of a booster pack, and there are unique summoned monsters in that set of the deck.

Special Summon Monster

Drytron XYZis the main monster from this group of cards. A particular summon monster is a version of the effect monster that cannot be called quickly. The demons with the text “cannot be summoned normally” are the unique monsters in which Drytron, XYZ, etc., are famous. XYZ is a type of monster card, coloured in black and stored in Extra Deck. All of them were introduced as a group in the OCG by Konami Inc with Deck Custom Pack 1. These monsters have this summoning condition that restricts how the monster can be summoned in a particular form.

Drytron XYZ: interesting facts

Drytron is an archetype coming from unique summon monsters, debuted in Genesis Impactors. An archetype is also known as a series or group of cards. Drytron is the main monster in this card game. Drytron is also pronounced as Doraitoron. The name of the deck’s main monsters is based on the constellation of Draco, which is in the far northern sky.

Genesis Impactors has its features, like it introduces the Drytron and Magistus (which is a spellcaster main deck monster) of TCG.

So, this was all about Japan’s Konami Inc released deck game for youths and enthusiasts. Drytron XYZhas this place of a unique summoned monster in the OCG.


Genesis Impactors is the booster card or the set of cards in the Official Card Game launched by Konami Inc. The game is mainly famous in Asia specific countries and Japan. People from Thailand, Taiwan, the Philippines, Malaysia are quite enthusiastic about this game. Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game has many varieties in it, and Genesis Impactors is a famous series from them. In the booster deck, there are unique summoned monsters that cannot be called quickly. They have their superpowers, and they have restrictions too. Drytron XYZis the main monster in the deck of the unique gathered monster group.

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