Dissenter Browser Review {Jan} Go for Free Speech Browser

Dissenter Browser Review {Jan} Go for Free Speech Browser

Dissenter Browser Review {Jan} -> Have your comment been deleted recently? Read this article below so that this does not happen to you next time.

Democracy is about freedom of speech and thought, and we all are fighting for it in the United States and around the world. Citizens of any country are so busy with their day-to-day activity that they don’t realize that they are being manipulated by powerful media and political circles to follow a particular narrative.We are only shown the point of view which supports their narrative, and the rest is censored. In this article, Dissenter Browser Review will tell you about Andrew Torba, founder of gab, a social media site for free speech. 

What is a Dissenter Browser?

In his endeavor to find a platform for free speech Torba started a social media site, gab. The controversy surrounding gabled to dissenter extension development, and finally, Torba developed a dissenter browser to let people post their comments freely.The dissenter is an open-source browser-based on brave. It allows people to freely exchange their ideas and block advertisements. It organizes conversations around individual URLs and creates Public Square on them where anyone can leave their comment.Dissenter Browser Review will discuss its working and controversy surrounding this product below, so keep reading this article till the end.

Social media site to Dissenter Browser:

There are many controversies surrounding this browser. After the Pittsburgh incident, gab lost its web host and payment processors and was blamed in media for being a haven for extremists. When people started commenting against it there comment section wee disabled.Gab came with a dissenter extension to allow people to see comment on a particular URL, and they could also comment on it. In April extension was removed from the Firefox add-on gallery, which led to the dissenter browser’s arrival in July 2019.As per Dissenter Browser Review big players’ effort to silence gabled to the development of free speech browsers.

Dissenter Browser Review and its Features:

To get started with this browser, you must first register yourself on dissenter and then login into it. After opening the URL of choice, one can click the dissenter logo on the top right-hand side to view and leave a comment on it.

It functions a lot like brave but has some built-in privacy features like ad blocking, cookie controls, and browser fingerprinting controls.The controversy surrounding this browser has led to its popularity in United States. Dissenter Browser review found a lot of studies supporting its viewpoint. On alternativeTo.net, it has a rating of 3.2 out of 5 with five reviews. On producthunt.com, it has a 4.7 rating out of 5 with 48 reviews. 

Final verdict:

On the product development side, we can say that it is similar to brave and functions like it, but it has some features that make it unique. But the cause of free speech, which it supports, should be the center stage of discussion. 

People in power have long manipulated us to follow their narrative; it’s time we break free of it and allow us to express our self without our comment getting deleted and disabled.Please do write your viewpoint on this free speech browser and share it in the Dissenter Browser Review comment section below.

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