Dicks Sporting Goods Sleds Reviews (Jan) Is It Legit?

Dicks Sporting Goods Sleds Reviews (Jan) Is It Legit?

Dicks Sporting Goods Sleds Reviews (Jan) Is It Legit? >> Please read this review to know more about the authenticity of the e-commerce website that claims to offer high-end and best in segment sleds and other accessories at a great price.

Are you into sledding? Is your sled torn out? Do you want a new one to begin with? Our comprehensive Dicks Sporting Goods Sleds Reviews will take you on the journey of one such website- DicksSportingGoods.com.

Dicks Sporting Goods was founded by Richard T. Stack in 1948, and it’s headquarter is in Coraopolis, PA. The website delivers its products all across the United States. They claim to provide an extensive assortment of genuine sports equipment and accessories through a blend of in-store services, associates, and unique specialty shop-in-shops. 

For buying anything online like sleds or skies, it is a must to understand every detail about the website and its products.

We will help you with our unbiased review of both the positive and negative aspects of the website. By the end, you can judge that Is Dicks Sporting Goods Sleds legit or just a scam. 

About Dicks Sporting Goods Sleds:

Dicks Sports Goods is a pretty old e-commerce website and chain of 750+ stores that claim to have premium top quality products to offer you great discounts. They have a vast collection of – sleds, snowboards & skies, tubes, golf/football/basketball accessories, etc. 

One should never hurry to buy anything from unknown or new websites as many companies are duping lots and lots of innocent buyers nowadays. Hence, read this article carefully before making any decision.

Let’s keep going, and please stay with us to the briefly detailed article on Dicks Sporting Goods Sleds Reviews.

Are you familiar with Dicks Sporting Goods Sleds? Are you surprised by the variety and product prices? Do you think it could be a scam? Fear not, we have answers to all your queries.


  • Dicks Sporting Goods Sleds link – https://www.dickssportinggoods.com/f/sleds-snow-tubes?filterFacets=facetStore%3AISA%2CSHIP
  • Products– Sleds, tubes, snowboards, and skies, etc.
  • Established In – 1948
  • Contact person for queries – 1-877-846-9997
  • Email – jane.doe@dickssportinggoods.com
  • Phone number – (724) 273-3400
  • Address – 345 Court Street, Coraopolis, PA 15108 US
  • Order Arrival – within seven working days or shop in shop pick-up
  • Order processing time – Not issued 
  • Returning policies – within 90 days
  • Modes of payment – Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, American Express, Discover, etc.


  • As per Dicks Sporting Goods Sleds Reviews this multi-billion dollar company is running since 1948 and is growing day by day.
  • Classy yet straightforward easy to website
  • Store pick up or direct in-store shopping available at over 750 shops across the United States.
  • A simple HTTPS (SSL) connected website.
  • A wide variety of products to choose from
  • Secured and safe checkout
  • Live chat available 
  • Recognized by Forbes, USA Today, etc.


  • Some negative reviews are present regarding customer support.
  • People prefer to go in house Dicks Sporting Goods shops and buy directly.
  • Shipping time is more than other alternate websites. 

Is Dicks Sporting Goods Sleds Legit?

Dicks Sporting Goods Sleds provides us with all their policies and information on their website, which is very important. The company has an attractive look with a legit HTTPS connection. The company is years old and has its stores all across the country which means that the company 100% exits. 

There are plenty of articles present on the web about Dicks Sporting Sleds, and many have ranked it in their top 5 websites for sleds. As far as sleds go, you can see real customer reviews before buying, which is a huge plus point. 

So, is Dicks Sporting Goods Sleds authentic? Yes, the website is entirely legit, but it also has some drawbacks such as low customer rating for customer support, sometimes delayed shipping, etc.

Dicks Sporting Goods Sleds Reviews.

According to the site, in house customer feedback on every product page is almost positive, with 4.3 / 5 stars on average. But, as soon as you check for outsider’s comments, you might find some flaws. Overall the products are great and genuine.

If you want to check the reviews yourself, you can visit the website open any product you need a review of. Then go down to the comment or review section. It is essential to do so before buying anything online as only pictures or videos are available, easily manipulated. 


According to Dicks Sporting Goods Sleds Reviews, the United States-base billion-dollar company Dicks Sporting Goods is legit and has a valid HTTPS connection. The website contains all the crucial details regarding the policies. However, some people did have some issues regarding customer support and shipping time. 

So we recommend you to locate their closest outlet or store and buy directly from there – https://www.dickssportinggoods.com/s/stores will help you find your nearest store. If you still want to buy their products online, we suggest you check every detail and customer review before placing your order.

Which is your favourite sled or brand? Please let us know in the comment section down below. Also, if you have any queries regarding Dicks Sporting Goods Sleds Reviews, do write to us.

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