2021 Store Today Reviews {Feb} Know The Legitimacy

2021 Store Today Reviews {Feb} Know The Legitimacy

2021 Store Today Reviews {Feb} Know The Legitimacy -> Are you looking for the hub of the latest and needy items? Know about such a store by reading our article.

Worldwide, people search for stores that can provide them with needy items—the store that has various products as per their interest. So, we are going to share the details of the 2021 Store Today. 

By reading the content until last, you will know about 2021 Store Today Reviews and the site’s services. The store provides the latest products that meet the demand of customers. So, let’s see whether people are satisfied with their purchases or not. Choosing the trustworthy site for your purchase will offer the best deals.

What is 2021 Store Today?

It is a hub of various items that we all want in our daily lives.Different phone holders are available on the portal. The motto of the store is to provide the best returns. The company ensures that the products offered by them are exclusive and provide special offers to the customers. By shipping their items Worldwide, the company wants to offer its items to all and at a low cost. 

The magnetic poster, marble wallpaper, air fryer silicon pot are some of its newly arrived items. It offers professionals customer care service to its buyers. By exploring 2021 Store Today Reviews, we will know about the portal in a better way.

Specifications of 2021 Store Today

  • Type of site – a store offering needy and latest items
  • The email address of the company – service@mforworld.com
  • Phone number of the company – 11736866
  • Address – 31 Southampton Road, London, United Kingdom, WC1B SHJ
  • Cancellation policy – you can cancel your essentials before it is being shipped
  • Return Policy – The return are accepted within 14 days 
  • Refund policy – the company may or may not provide you refund
  • Time is taken to deliver the items – 7-20 days
  • Cost of shipping – no charges for the purchase of $35 and above
  • Payment methods – PayPal, credit cards, debit cards.

Pros of 2021 Store Today

  • The store offers its items all over the world.
  • You can get 10% off on your first purchase on the portal.

Cons of 2021 Store Today

  • The portal is new.
  • The site has not received reviews from the people.
  • We are not able to find its Facebook page.
  • The portal share the wrong details on the about us page.
  • Email id does not have the domain name.

Is 2021 Store Today Legit?

Let’s see whether their items are safe to use or not. Friends it is  a new portal and is registered a few days back, on 12 January 2021. We cannot shop from a news portal. Moreover, during our exploration, we found that it has mentioned its registration year as 2016 to prove itself as an old portal. 

The site has social media icons available on the web page, but we cannot open them. 2021 Store Today is not active on social media. Additionally, 2021 Store Today Reviews are not available right now as no one will shop from a new portal too early. 

The contact address also seems suspicious as it does not move us to the store. The email address shared by them does not contain the domain name. Most people are unaware of the portal. The company has a strict return and refund policy. Returns and refunds are accepted on certain conditions, which are available on the portal. 

Based on the above discussion, we can say that 2021 Store Today is a new store and has various red flags. We cannot shop from the store.

What are 2021 Store Today Reviews?

It is the new store. Within just a few days, no one purchased from it. That is why reviews are not available with us. The site does not seem to be active on social media. No Facebook page or instagram account is open with which we can know the feedback of people. Have you tried their items? Do you like their items? The company wants to know from its customers. But their negative signs do not attract customers to their portal. 

At this moment, 2021 Store Today Reviews are not present online.


The store provides the items at an affordable price and aims to offer the best quality products but being a new portal; we cannot rely on it for our purchases. Its not active socially and has not been explored in the market. Moreover, when we researched this portal, we found negative signs about it, which shows that it does not deserves our trust. We should give some to the store before giving the final verdict. Its better to stay away from the portal till we receive 2021 Store Today Reviews from the buyers. 

11 thoughts on “2021 Store Today Reviews {Feb} Know The Legitimacy

  1. This place is a definite scam! Multiple reports of non-shipment of items, items not as described, or wrong items worth much less that item ordered. I’ve been waiting over a month now, item still has not shipped. SCAM.

  2. Feeling like I got scammed. I ordered a snazzy looking portable laptop station, and after almost two month’s of waiting received a broken wrist watch from a company I never heard of. Emailed them requesting a refund or shipment of the portable station. I have tried to go to the website but it shows that the site is down. I was able to find the website a couple of times looking for my tracking info, but now I cannot access that either. Should have known better than to make a late night purchase like that.

    1. UPDATE: Got a response. They would want me to send it back on my dime, then wait for them to get it before they would dispatch what I originally ordered to me. Or they would refund 40% of my money and I get to keep the watch. The watch cost $20 on Amazon, and would cost me more than that to ship it to China. Then they didn’t state that they would refund my shipping. O, well. Got scammed. I kept the watch (which I donated to goodwill), they said they would refund $14(40%) so we will have to wait and see. I found the same workstation on Amazon, and it is selling for $250. Sometimes to good to be true.

  3. Thank goodness I paid through PayPal and they refunded my money. I ordered one item and received something completely different. I keep copies of all transactions and I ordered correctly. PayPal did a great job in taking care of my problem. I ordered a laptop workstation and received a man’s watch. I had been in touch with the seller directly and kept getting a run-around. Ordered my item in January and it’s now March. Sorry, I say this is a SCAM as well.

  4. I also ordered a work station and received a cheap electric toothbrush. I paid with Paypal and just opened a claim to get my money back. I can’t even find the website and when I go to my email and try to connect through the link to their email, I get a webpage that tells me the store is closed. Totally a scam. I agree with a previous comment that I shouldn’t shop at night 🙂

  5. Wished i had know this ahead of time. I requested a certain laptop desk twice. First time i received some kind of cheap metal frame and never received my other desk. Im down almost $100

  6. I booked shoes from this site, But there is no shipment number yet. It has been more than twelve days now. Can anyone help to get it money back from this site and suggest where to email them. It seems like a fraud site but very early to say anything.

  7. Definitely a scam!! Ordered the laptop workstation because my husband thought it looked great, and for $20, I figured why not. Mine was supposedly shipped out on January 18, but I never followed-up…I kind of forgot about it. Well today in the mail I received a watch, no note or invoice. After reading the two previous replies, I’m convinced it was from them. Too many scammers just looking to make a buck.

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