Daypants Reviews [Sep 2020] Is This a Scam Site?

Daypants Reviews [Sep 2020] Is This a Scam Site?

Daypants Reviews [Sep 2020] Is This a Scam Site? -> Read the entire post to know this clothing site in and out before you make your mind to buy something.

Are you looking to get a modern collection for your wardrobe? Well, check out the entire clothing section at and upgrade your style statement. You can also have a glimpse at the online Daypants Reviews sections to know if the website can be trusted blindly or not.

A lot of girls from the United States are trying out the ultra-comfortable bottoms from this shopping site and enjoying their special events with the stylish dresses from the daypants’ collection. 

However, he only threat involved in online shopping is the products’ quality, and especially when it comes to jewelry and clothing items, it becomes even more important to be 100% sure before purchasing. So, search a bit more in detail and visit various web pages to read as much information as possible before placing an order.

Let’s have some more discussion.

What is is an online apparel store selling clothing and jewelry items for women. Well, the online Daypants Reviews section is the most critical section to be visited while thinking about starting the shopping experience with this site.

Moreover, this online site offers huge discounts on all the products like tops, bottoms, dresses, accessories, etc. 


  • Type of the website: online apparel store selling women clothing items like bottoms. Accessories, tops, and dresses
  • Processing time: 3-7 business days
  • Expected delivery time: approximately 2-6 weeks
  • Refund: offers a 30-day refund policy
  • Cancellation of order: orders can be canceled only before shipment
  • Exchange of order: applicable in case of defective items
  • Company’s e-mail id: Domain age: two months and 28 days
  • Company’s contact number: not provided on the site
  • Company’s address: not mentioned on the website
  • Payment method: Amex, diners club, discover, jcb, maestro, MasterCard, PayPal, visa

Pros of purchasing clothing items online from

  • The ethnic collection of accessories on this online shopping website is lovely.
  • This website offers numerous exciting discount offers to old as well as new customers.
  • The jewelry collection on this online store is ultimately affordable.

Cons of purchasing clothing items online from

  • The about us page of this online shopping site contains no information regarding the background of the website, owner, services, etc.
  • The shipping costs and not refundable and are deducted from refund payments.
  • This online store has hidden the significant information like contact number and registered address, which is the primary reason for doubting its legitimacy.
  • The expected delivery time mentioned on this website is too long as compared to other shopping websites.
  • There are no comments on the Daypants Reviews section, which is an essential factor to be considered.
  • There is no cash on delivery on any of the items.
  • This online shopping store was launched only approximately two and a half months ago, which is making it hard to believe this site’s realness.

Is legit? is a newly launched website and has been in the market for less than three months. And most importantly, there are no comments regarding the services and the policies of this site in the different Daypants Reviews sections.

Moreover, this website lacks transparency as it has not mentioned any contact number and there is no information regarding office location. It has not mentioned any significant piece of information in the about us page, which makes us sure to comment that the site is a complete fraud and can’t be trusted. 

What are the buyers saying about

Online buyers usually search for old customers; reviews while deciding to make a purchase from an online shopping site. Well, talking about this, we read numerous web pages and searched for genuine reviews from its consumers. But unfortunately, we failed to gather any comments from the online Daypants Reviews section for our viewers.

Final verdict

We tried to gather as much information as possible and let our readers know every single detail. Well, the online buyers need to know that this site is suspicious of hiding some valuable information from its viewers in the about us page.

Moreover, this shopping site has no reviews, not even for the United States, and has not mentioned the most important details like the registered location of office and customer service phone number. Also, this site has very short life expectancy due to which we concluded that the site is a scam.

Do tell us your views about the site’s realness.

0 thoughts on “Daypants Reviews [Sep 2020] Is This a Scam Site?

  1. I got totally scammed. Ordered 3 pair of pants totaling about $100 and they were poor quality and weren’t even close to fitting. Their whole bit on refunds, returns, and exchanges is a lie and they won’t give me any address or way to return the pants for a refund. They just keep asking dumb questions like “Why you not like them? Will you talk to us? We are here to help.” DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM. THEY ARE AN OVER SEAS SCAM COMPANY THAT JUST WANT YOUR MONEY. RUN RUN RUN

    1. I placed an order Sept. 28, 2020, never heard a word…although my money was eagerly taken from my account. I have been emailing them for weeks about delivery, finally last night, November 3, 2020 I received an email it was delivered 2 weeks ago….to the wrong address. $50 down the toilet.

    2. You don’t!!!!!!! they claim “hassle free returns” COMPLETE LIE!!!!!! I have been emailing constantly for almost two months , just as soon as you think you are getting somewhere, they return with “what’s wrong, talk to us”…… This is infuriating!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I bought 2 pair of jeans, they don’t have any tags, nor a receipt and they don’t fit. I have no information on how to return them

    very unhappy

  3. I ordered 2 pair of Jean’s and two shirts from this day pants site. They look nothing like the product in the pictures. One shirt they sent in a small size. The quality of the shirts were good but the blue Jean’s were a total disappointment. Tried to return but can not come up with an address!

  4. I unfortunately got suckered. I ordered several pieces and none of them fit so I asked for a refund and address to return items to. I have had absolutely no luck. They want me to keep the items and want to give me a $5 gift card. Company I believe is complete BS. DO NOT ORDER from them. Nothing but hassles and no satisfaction.

  5. Daypants is a horrible, deceptive site selling bad quality and not offering refunds without a hassle as their site promotes. I just wasted $100 on China. Do not purchase from them or any site that looks like them. If the seller does not provide a US address and phone number, move on.

  6. I got duped along with everyone else! I ordered a pair of jeans and they are similar to what was advertised on the site, but VERY POOR quality! They didn’t fit and I searched for an address to return to but to no avail. I sent an email 9/29/20 and still no reply from them (today is 10/25/20). I am SO disappointed that there are companies such as this one out to screw people over! DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM DAY PANTS!!!!!

  7. I ordered a pair of jeans a month ago. Never received them. Tracked them down. They were delivered to Jones, OK. 2 weeks ago. Didn’t give an address, just the city and state. I live in East Texas…and I don’t know how to get in touch with them. Luckily I paid with PayPal and hope they can get me my money back. This is very much a SCAM SITE

  8. I too have been scammed from this POS website! I spent $78 on two pairs of jeans and couldn’t even pull them up to my knees! I contacted customer service through email and literally have been playing the merry go round game with them for over a month! I have called them out numerous times for being fradulent and they don’t respond, they just offer a $5.00 refund and asked that I gift the pants to a family member or friend. I refuse to give in and now their offering to refund me $10.00. I am currently in the process of trying to dispute the charge with my bank in hopes to get my money back that way but definitely STAY AWAY from Daypants!!!! (Fashion Nova is a similar site to stay away from! Same quality of clothes from China with zero return policy and only store credit for a handful of things)

  9. Well I too fell for their scam. I have been going back-and-forth with them now for five days. I sent a message asking for a return address. They came back with what was I waiting to return. Me: a pair of pants Them: well what’s wrong with them? Me: they don’t fit please send return address. Them : well what size would work better for you.? This has gone on now for 5 days back n forth. Today I get a message saying that in order for me to get a refund I would have to send back the pants in exactly what they were shipped to me in. Kind of hard to get a refund when you can’t make a return. Big big big scam. Learning lesson for me

  10. same worst ever experience !!! first of all the items are uglu quality and they have a schocking policies to refuss for weeks to give you their return adress
    instead they want you to get a gift card of 3 dollards for my 83 dollards orde !!!!!!!!!! now i sended the items back and its waiting there in china for a month to be
    collected and no one to talk to !!!!!! WORST EVER ONLINE SHOPPING

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