Butterflyladyy.com Reviews [Sep] – Is It A Fake Scam?

Butterflyladyy.com Reviews [Sep] – Is It A Fake Scam?

Butterflyladyy.com Reviews [Sep] – Is It A Fake Scam? >> This article will discuss a new clothing website and will explore whether it is legit or scam.

Are you looking for some beautiful and elegant designer dresses? Let’s have a look at butterflyladyy.com Reviews and see if this website is worth spending your time and money. 

We found numerous questions from the customers all over the United States about the authenticity of this clothing website. We all know that the online world is full of clothing and fashion-related websites. But in this ever-evolving online world with zillions of online clothing sellers, the question arises whom we can trust and which seller to avoid. 

There are cases where the entire website is copied from another authentic website to give an idea of its legitimacy. Therefore to save you from these fraudulent websites posing to be legit, we have documented this report. 

This report will provide you all the features, facts, and customer overview of this website to make a wise decision before buying from this website. 

What is butterflyladyy.com?

Butterflyladyy.com is an online store that deals with women’s clothing, footwear, and fashion accessories. The website launched its domain on 26th May 2020 and is exceptionally new in the market of the United States.

The website offers you designer dresses, camisole, tops, jumpsuits, necklaces, boots, sandals, heels, bracelets, belts, hair accessories, jeans, lowers, shorts, hoodies, pillow covers, and many more.

The website also offers you an exciting discount on various purchases and exciting combo offers. The website’s newsletter service keeps you updated with the new launch and other new offers on clothes and shoes. 

The fans of artwork of Frida Kahlo get a special section on the website with printed artwork on clothing, top-wear, and cushion covers. 

The website also offers you an order tracking option to track your order. You may get a free designer bracelet on purchase of above $79. 

Specifications of butterflyladyy.com:

  • Product Type: Women Clothing, Footwear, Accessories, cushion covers, and many more
  • Website link: https://www.butterflyladyy.com/
  • Email Address: support@butterflyladyy.com
  • Phone Number: Not Mentioned 
  • Physical Address: Not Mentioned 
  • Delivery Time: Max 2-6 Weeks 
  • Shipping Charges: Free Shipping above orders of $79
  • Return / Exchange: 30 Days policy 
  • Refund: 30 Days No Hassle Refund Policy
  • Mode of Payment: Online Payment only

Pros of shopping from butterflyladyy.com:

  • Free Shipping above orders of $79
  • Free Gift above order of $79
  • International Shipping available 
  • Beautiful artwork section available
  • 30 Day hassle-free return/ exchange and refund policy 
  • HTTPS security protocol followed
  • Multiple payment currency option available 
  • Secure Payment Gateway

Cons of shopping from butterflyladyy.com

  • Long Delivery time 
  • No contact number and address available 
  • The “About us” Page not transparent 
  • No social media presence 
  • No butterflyladyy.com Reviews available 
  • Photos of the product seemed to be copied

Is butterflyladyy.com Legit? 

After carefully looking into the website’s content, we found that the product pictures are copied from another authentic website. The website does not have any information about its origin or the owner on the “About us” section. 

The shipping and delivery time of the website is exceptionally long. The website has not mentioned any contact number or the shop’s address, or its manufacturing place. 

You will have to pay for the postal charges if you wish to return your order, and also, the website does not guarantee if they will receive your returning order. 

The website seemed to have no social media involvement, and there are no butterflyladyy.com Reviews available from the customer on any online product reviewing website. 

Therefore, we do not confirm if this website provides legit services to its customers due to a lack of customer reviews.

What is customer feedback about butterflyladyy.com?

We could not find any useful butterflyladyy.com Reviews from the customers on any social media platform or any other product reviewing site. 

A few technical reviewing websites claim that the website seems to have copied its product photos from other online platforms and hence is not safe to shop. 

They also claim that the website is administered from China; therefore, there is a meagre chance to receive your refund amount. 

Final Verdict

We hope that we have covered all the essential factors you need to know about this website. In conclusion, the website has a majority of negative aspects and very few significant positive aspects. 

Hence, due to lack of transparency and butterflyladyy.com Reviews, we would not recommend you to shop from this website. Be aware of these kind of fraudulent websites that posing to be legit to grab your attention. 

If you like any product from this website, we would advise you to look for the same product from a more trusted website. 

Please comment below and share your feedback. 

0 thoughts on “Butterflyladyy.com Reviews [Sep] – Is It A Fake Scam?

  1. I placed an order today and the deal was 5th shirt free plus free bracelet. They in fact charged me for the 5th shirt AND the free bracelet. I tried to stop payment but it was too late. The price I was ok with spending was $80 and I was charged $117. That is bad business and feel scammed for sure. No contact info and a automatic reply from their email.

  2. Total scam 🙁
    The products did arrive but the colours and patterns are different, with off colours, and the textures that looked so nice in the photo look terrible in real life. The sizing is terrible (I ordered a small and it is shorter but wider than my medium sized shirts!)
    DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY! Photos are fake .

  3. I am so sad . I stupidly fell for that scam shop . I ordered few thins and it’s been almost 3 weeks and no news ..,..
    After reading this article I got so upset .

    1. Same here.
      I tried to email their “support@butterflyladyy.com” but it’s not even valid, it said “host or domain name not found”. I definitely feel for you.

  4. I ordered several items from Butterfly Lady website & am disappointed in the quality. No phone number, period. I need to return all 3 items due to size. The shorts were too small & the supposed “sweatshirt” is a thin material & nothing looks as good as it did in photos. The only form was a small piece of paper stating anything I bought on clearance can’t be exchanged or returned. Buyer beware.

  5. they are a fucking scam..i try to return the very low quality product, not nearly as nice as the photos , and all plastic, of course its stated as cotton and polyester…feels like a yogurt cup!and blury print..i regret the purchase a lot

  6. they are a fucking scam..i try to return the very low quality product, not nearly as nice as the photos , and all plastic, of course its stated as cotton and polyester…feels like a yogurt cup!and blury print..i regret the purchase a lot
    I have emailed them 2x for the return, they just bullshit in the respond , like 5$ giftcard instead a refund..no adress appears anywhere in the website or the mail..

  7. I bought something from they and received something completely different. Not the same fabric, not the same colors, not the size I ordered. By contact them they offered a 5 dollars credit for the next purchase. I spent 31.98 dollars. After a few more emails they told me to send the item back to them and then they would analyse my problem. They said that the return shipping cost would not be refund and neither would be refund the cost of shipping the item to me. I paid with PayPal and do not understand how they have business with such a non trustworthy company.

  8. I TOTALLY agree with every comment here (yes, even the one that used the f….word.) So very sorry that I ever saw their ad. Do not be fooled when the say ‘sweatshirt”. It is not as we would normally identify as “sweatshirt”. It’s a glossy synthetic blend with and a softer synthetic liner. The pictures looks super but the actual, product is anything but. Return postage: on an $88 order the return postage was $67. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY.

  9. Terrible company. I’m trying to return everything I ordered from them (over $100) because it’s all way too small, not close to the size I ordered, and cheap materials. I hate the way the fabric feels. I’ve gone back and forth with them over at least 10 emails. They keep offering increasing amounts for a refund, from $5 to $10, now at $30, but that’s no where near what I paid. So frustrating. Someone should shut them down.

  10. Total deception.
    Shop Butteflyladyy.com offers the poor print and material quality, measures in the size table does not correspond to reality.
    Waste of money.

  11. Total scam. The quality of clothing, as well as the fit, is awful. ?
    There was no return address or paperwork in my package, and I couldn’t find where to return it.
    I highly doubt I would have been refunded anyway.

  12. This website is a total scam. The clothes come from China, they take a month, and the quality is horrible. Nothing like the pictures online. Cheap nylon material and looked more like pajamas then real clothing. They also lie about refunds. I mailed everything I ordered back to the address it was sent from, because they wouldn’t tell me where to return it. Then they wrote and told me I returned it to the wrong place. They offered me a very minimal credit and gave me nothing. These people are liars and thieves.

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