Dan Bongino Parler (Nov 2020) Be Aware Of It!

Dan Bongino Parler (Nov 2020) Be Aware Of It!

Dan Bongino Parler (Nov 2020) Bew Aware Of It! >> The article is about a platform that has a long journey ahead before it cracks the conservative planks.

Just like Twitter, Parler is a microblogging app based in the United Statesis lately in the news for its anti-censorship stance. Nowadays, where social media is drifting away from the freedom of speech, Parler has no restrictions on its users.

Recently the app is the hot topic after rapid new users and leading the famous app chart. Read ahead to know about Dan Bongino Parler controversies.

Who is Dan Bongino?

Daniel john boning is an American commentator and host, stated in June that he has taken ownership of the Parler Company. Recently Parler went down, which made its users worry about the app’s existence. Clearing all the fake news and rumors of Parler getting closed and sold, Dan Bongino tweeted Parler hasn’t been sold. The app has exploded as they are adding thousands of users per minute, and hence they are working on the temporary glitch. It will soon be in operation again.

What is Parler?

Dan Bongino Parler: It is a social media app very similar to tweeter by its look and uses. The posts on parler are called Parleys, and people can follow each other and hashtags to engage in the center. When you join the parler, it asks for your email id and phone address. The app doesn’t term itself as a social network for conservatives.

The app’s official website claims that they let their users speak freely and express themselves openly without fear of restricting their views. They believe people engage with real humans rather than bots.

The app was launched in 2018 and has 2.8 million users back in July 2020. The founder matze said they had added 2 million more users in recent days.

Why are people shifting to Parler?

Dan Bongino Parler: Parler came in notice after Twitter censored Donald trump’s many tweets. Users started shifting to a new platform to speak their mind without any restrictions.

Recently, podcaster and author Mark R. Levin tweeted and informed his followers to follow him on Parler as he may stay on those apps if they keep him restricting. Levin has around 2.7 million followers on Twitter, and most of them followed him on Parler after his tweet.

The countries like United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom are also in queue of launching the app for the citizen to speak freely.

Is every allowed to have free speech on Parler?

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are continuously hiding people’s tweets and posts regarding politics or less talked news. Some users are even banned from joining the forum for keeping their views. 

Influencers and hosts like Alex Jones, Lara Loomer and Katie Hopkins have joined Parler after being restricted from various platforms. Dan Bongino Parler app is working as the heaven for the conservative voices.

Final Verdict 

Although the app is open for all, it is mostly used by politicians, commentators and right-wing media.Founder John Matze stated that he doesn’t want the platform to be an “echo chamber” for conservative voice. He is even offering $20,000 to liberal pundit from Twitter and Face book with 50k followers to join Dan Bongino Parler .

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