Pack Crown Royal Scam (Nov) Read And Know About It!

Pack Crown Royal Scam (Nov) Read And Know About It!

Pack Crown Royal Scam (Nov) Read And Know About It! >> This article tells you about a scheme for the deployed army and military personnel.

Pack Crown Royal Scam is trending in response to a scheme announced by Royal Crown. The whiskey manufacturer announced that they plan to send about a million care packages to the US army and troops. 

The packages will be sent by their families and will contain messages from them. The users can select from many combinations and send a box at no cost or any hidden charges. It led users to become suspicious of this scheme and doubt if it’s authentic or not. 

This scheme is only applicable to the United States. This post will give you all the relevant details about this scheme and reveal if it’s authentic, so please keep reading.

What is Pack Crown Royal Scam?

Crown Royal, the famous whiskey brand that makes one of the finest whiskeys in the country, recently announced their scheme to send care packages to deployed soldiers in the army from their homes. They’re collaborating with an organization to complete this task.

Highlights of the Scheme

Some highlights of this scheme are given below. Please take a look at it as they’ll also help you find the truth behind Pack Crown Royal Scam:

  • Crown Royal is a whiskey manufacturer that’s quite popular and successful in many countries.
  • They have partnered with Packages from Home, a non-profit organization.
  • This organization aims to send some packages to US troops and other army and military personnel.
  • They primarily send packages for them from their families and homes, which is also evident from their name.
  • The partnership between Crown Royal and this organization allows users to send care packages to US troops of their own at no charge.
  • Users can visit their websites to create their packages and send them.

Is Pack Crown Royal a Scam?

Let’s take a look at some facts to determine whether Pack Crown Royal Scam claims are valid.

  • According to some sources, this scheme was announced by the officials of Crown Royal.
  • They claim to deliver a million bags by 2020.
  • But as users have reported, the website where you can pack the bags is down and isn’t working.
  • It led users to believe that this scheme isn’t genuine.
  • The website has been inactive for a short time, and it isn’t clear when will it be up again as there’s been no statement by the named company yet.

Customer Reviews

Customer responses don’t offer any conclusive evidence and an answer to Pack Crown Royal Scam. User reviews are filled with complaints of the website not working. 

Final Verdict

Soldiers spend time away from their families and risk their lives for the country so everyone can live in peace. If someone in your family or a friend is deployed in the troops, you can send them a care package as part of this scheme. 

The scheme appears to be authentic, as it was announced officially by Crown Royal. As the website is down, we cannot confirm if this scheme will be useful now. 

Let us know what you think about this United States scheme in the comments.

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