Creator Challenge Fortnite com {Nov 2020} Find Out Here!

Creator Challenge Fortnite com {Nov 2020} Find Out Here!

Creator Challenge Fortnite com {Nov 2020} Find Out Here! >> This post will tell you about the challenge that has been gaining popularity across various nations.

The Fortnite game has come up with the Creators’ Challenge this November.  Fortnite always does a lot for its creators.  This time, it has announced Creator Challenge Fortnite com for its community.  

The challenge began on November 16th and closes on November 22nd with entries limited to the first 5 lakh participants.  The participants have an opportunity to win many exciting prizes.  Gamers from all over Italy and the United States are excited to participate.

Let us move ahead to know more about it.

What are the Challenges?

The challenges can be understood as follows:

  • There are two kinds of challenges. One is Daily Challenges, and the other is Community Challenges.  Participants will have daily tasks to complete in Fortnite and on Twitch. 
  •  In Creator Challenge Fortnite com, Daily Challenges can be played by 100,000 participants.  The rest of them can take part in Community Challenges.  
  • Players who joined the Daily Challenges of the Creators have daily tasks, and earn prizes after completing those tasks.  
  • Participants in the Community Challenge have to do teamwork.  The teams have to complete the challenges and unlock the rewards. 
  • In another instance of Creators challenge almost 2 years earlier – 2 designers from Italy participated to design an Urban Pitch custom kit.

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Details: The Challenge

The Daily challenges are relatively simple, spread over seven days, and are summed up as under:

  • On the first day, a participant has to play solo for 20 minutes after linking his/her Twitch account.
  • The next day is on the second day, the participant has to watch the stream of the Creator for 30 minutes and eliminate 3 during the solo mode.
  • On day three, on the Creator’s chat, the participant needs to comment using the word ‘Fortnite’ and play for half an hour during the Duos mode.
  • Midway that is on the fourth-day player needs to follow his Twitch account on Fortnite and in a solo game, secure a place in the top 25.
  • On day five – use 500 points obtained from the channel in the creator channel and eliminate 5 during the Squads mode.
  • On the sixth day, the player has to send an emote which he/she earned in the Creator’s challenge. The players also have to get a place in the top 25, five times in Duos mode.
  • On the last day, the player has to watch the stream of Creator for 30 minutes and play solo for 60 minutes.

How to enter the Challenges?

To enter the challenge, go to the website or type Creator Challenge Fortnite com and login with your Epic games account.  Select the content creator whom you support.  

The setup would be completed and then you would be redirected to the landing page where you get to see the challenges.  

The main content creators of Fortnite are NateHill, based in the United States, SkivexFN, and Euzey. The challenges opened on 16th November and will be closed on 22nd November.

The Attractive Prizes

The winning participants stand to win emotes, emoticons, twitch bits, and V-bucks. Every player who has subscribed to any of the creators earns a Fortnite banner and a Twitch chat emote through Creator Challenge Fortnite com.

Final Words

Fortnite does many things for its creators and also keeps its community engaged.  The three content creators, Natehill, SkivexFN, and Euzey have won the Glitchcon Challenge featuring Fortnite and have made it to the Creators’ Challenge.

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