Clorox Oz com Reviews (Nov) Is This Trustworthy Or Scam?

Clorox Oz com Reviews (Nov) Is This Trustworthy Or Scam?

Clorox Oz com Reviews (Nov) Is This Trustworthy Or Scam? >> Please go through the following review to understand about the legitimacy of the website that offers house cleaning products.

Clorox Oz com Reviews: Are you a person obsessed with hygienic surroundings? Someone who is an absolute cleanliness freak, can`t deal with even a pinch of dirt, and is scared of being a germophobe? That is why Clorox Oz com has come up to deal with our concerns concerning absolute clean surroundings. 

Clorox oz is a one-stop destination where we can find all sorts of disinfectants that we require for protecting ourselves. 

Due to this pandemic, hygiene has become a priority for each one of us. Even the corners of our house we never used to pay attention have come to our notice to stay safe because even the slightest carelessness can lead to a bad situation. 

Clorox Oz is a website designed in the United States, where the condition has gone out of hand. The store offers disinfecting wipes, bleaches, detergents at a good discount.

But before proceeding, let us dig for its reviews as follows.

What is Clorox Oz com?

Clorox Oz com is a website dealing with disinfectant which focuses on providing all the necessary products required to stay safe from such a dangerous outbreak. 

The store is providing with some multi-purpose disinfectant wipes to keep our houses germ free. They also offer sanitizers, so that our hands stay well protected because when we go outside we unknowingly keep our hands on the tables, touch so many things, so to be safe, a hand sanitizer comes to the rescue.

It is also taking care of our clothes by providing bleach-free solutions so that the fabric remains fresh as new. The store has everything required in time of need for the people of the United States.

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  • Website-
  • Products- The store has disinfectant wipes, kitchen towels, sanitizers, all-purpose kitchen cleaners, toilet disinfectants, stain remover, laundry detergents.
  • Domain Age- Established on 13/10/2020
  • E-Mail Id- Not provided.
  • Contact Number – Not given
  • Physical Address- Not given
  • Payments- The site accepts only card payments, i.e., Visa, MasterCard, and Stripe.
  • Shipping Policy- It takes around 10-20 days to reach the destination. Free shipping above $49, if the order is less than $49 then you have to pay an extra $10 as shipping charges.
  • Return Policy- Purchased products returned within 60 days time period with all the labels and tags.
  • Social Media Links- No social media links available on the website.

Pros of Clorox Oz com

  • The site offers tons of disinfecting products.
  • The website has a wide range of laundry products to offer for maintaining the quality of clothes.
  • Offers bleach-free disinfecting wipes with lavender and Tuscan aroma
  • The site is offering a good discount.

Cons of Clorox Oz com

  • The website seems to be a copy of a renowned cleaning brand Clorox
  • The website is designed just one month back i.e, on 13/10/2020
  • The website lacks a social media presence
  • No physical address of the warehouse to be found
  • The site lacks contact details of the owner
  • No Clorox Oz com Reviews to be found online
  • No website information is available online
  • The site does not have any background history.
  • Offering a good discount on products seems to be unrealistic

Is Clorox Oz com Legit or a Scam?

Currently, for an E-commerce website to be legitimate, it depends upon several factors such as the contact details, owner’s contact, email, tracking details, customer reviews, and many more.

And for now, the site is lacking in all of these parameters. Even after keen research, no online Clorox Oz com Reviews found out. The site cannot be reached on social media even though the links displayed below the products are not opening. Some details are needed for assured purchasing; the site is not providing any.

So, we think that this website is highly suspicious and a possible scam. It is entirely suggested to look for the reviews online before purchasing.

Customer Reviews

As we have mentioned above that no Clorox Oz com Reviews are found online, since the site is recently established and is a copy of a renowned brand dealing with all the disinfecting products. 

Final Thoughts

After researching, this blog is published to make people aware of duplicating brands who are using their products to make their profit by misusing their consumer`s trust.

Since we have found no reviews for this website and this website is trying to sell the Clorox products and has created the copy of the same website. So, we conclude these reviews by saying that this website is highly suspicious and a possible scam. So, please stay from such websites, but if you still wish to purchase from this website, thorough research is recommended.

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  1. I appear to be a person who fell into their trap. I didn’t realize this was a fake website. I lost over &30 in product and I feel used and stupid. Idk how to get my money back but I doubt I ever will.

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