Cook V Scpsa Scam (Jan 2021) Consider Or Ignore It?

Cook V Scpsa Scam (Jan 2021) Consider Or Ignore It?

Cook V Scpsa Scam (Jan 2021) Consider Or Ignore It? >> The write-up shares the details of the new settlement cheque email that consumers have been receiving in late November 2020.  

Customers of Santee Cooper or the members of the state’s electric cooperatives have been receiving refund cheques in their email and want to know is Cook V Scpsa Scam or legit. It is advised that these cheques’ receivers must not toss it into the garbage as it is a deal and not a scam. 

The cheque amount is the direct result of the settlement of a class-action lawsuit in the United States. The lawsuit is filed against Santee Cooper by more than two million consumers who paid for the unsuccessful construction of the cooperative’s VC Summer Nuclear Power Plant between 1st of Jan 2007 to 31st Jan 2020. 

So, consumers who paid between Jan 2007 and Jan 2020 are the eligible class-action members for receiving the settlement cheque. They are the eligible class members, and hence they have been receiving the refund cheque in their email starting from 13th Nov 2020. The program of sending the settlement cheque ended on 27th Nov 2020. 

What is Cook V Scpsa Settlement Lawsuit?

Cook V Scpsa Settlement is the lawsuit filed by over two million consumers of Santee Copper and members of the state’s electric cooperatives. The lawsuit is related to the two nuclear plants’ failure construction at the V.C Summer site in South Carolina. 

The consumers of South Carolina electric cooperative and Santee Cooper have paid the cost for constructing the plants through their monthly electricity bills. The lawsuit was filed in South Carolina, the United States, after Santee Cooper withheld the nuclear units’ construction.   

Plaintiffs are the consumers who alleged that defendant (Santee Cooper) breached most of the responsibilities in the construction and charged the plaintiffs improperly in the form of advanced financing costs. 

The defendants have denied all the allegations mentioned in the lawsuit but agreed upon a settlement. So, Cook V Scpsa Scam circulating online is not true as it is a real deal.   

What are the Eligibility and Amount of the Settlement Refund?

As mentioned, residents who have been using the services of Santee Cooper or State’s Electric Cooperatives between Jan 2007 and 31st Jan 2020 are eligible for receiving the settlement funds.

All eligible class members would receive the refund cheques in their email between 13th Nov and 27th Nov 2020. According to the officials, consumers are expected to receive credits or refunds between $50 and $500.   

Consumers with an active account with one of twenty specific electrical cooperatives or Santee Cooper are eligible class members to receive a refund cheque of less than $50. They will receive the refund either as a cheque or as a bill credit in the coming months. So, please don’t delete the email as it is a real deal and not Cook V Scpsa Scam.  

Final Verdict: Cook V Scpsa Scam

It is confirmed Cook V Scpsa settlement cheque email is not a scam. Members receive unexpected bill credits or cheques in their email for their advanced payment for the nuclear plant construction to Santee Cooper. 

Santee Cooper stopped the project, and the payment charged from consumers is refunded via cheque or bill credits. So, consumers must not get confused and consider the email as a scam. It is a real deal.     

If there is anything to add about the cheque settlement and Cook V Scpsa Scam, please share it in the comments section below. 

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  1. I received a cheque, but I currently don’t have an opened Bank account, example First citizens bank or Bank of America,
    only have a PayPal MasterCard and it’s used like my bank, it has a routing and an account number on it, How would I be able to cash this cheque? Thank you.

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