#662# To Block Spam Calls (Dec) Turn On The Scam Block!

#662# To Block Spam Calls (Dec) Turn On The Scam Block!

#662# To Block Spam Calls (Dec) Turn On The Scam Block! >> The write-up shares details of the new spam blocking service for mobile consumers.

Stop receiving constant annoying scam calls by activating the Scam Block function on your device by dialing #662# to Block Spam Calls. Consumers in the United States are activating the function of Scam Block to avoid the potential scam calls for free. 

Mobile spam or scam calls are the potential nuisances for many years for consumers. Consumers report that they receive up to six calls from robots daily. So, consumers who are frustrated with those spam calls may activate a new service called Scam Block. It prevents potential scam callers from reaching your mobile.

Activating the Scam Block function, the MetroPCS and T-Mobile post-paid consumers need to dial #662# on their phone. Dial #632# if you want to deactivate the function of Scam Block. 

Consumers can also activate the Scam Block function via MyTMobile.com or T-Mobile Name ID Application. The service is offered for free at no cost. 

What is #662# to Block Spam Calls?

#662# Scam Block is the free-to-use service in the United States for all T-Mobile post-paid and MetroPCS consumers. Consumers have to dial #662# to block the spam calls on their devices. It is a Godsend for consumers who want to avoid potential spam calls from reaching their devices. 

If you are amongst those consumers who want to avoid getting spam calls on your device, then please activate the Scam Block function to deactivate all spam calls from reaching your mobile. T-Mobile was the first service provider to offer Scam ID and Scam Block technology in the industry. 

Consumers can enable the service manually by dialing #662# on their mobile or activating the name ID application’s free scam block. There is also the option to deactivate the scam block function, and consumers need to dial #632# from their device.

Devices with scam block activated would see incoming spam call as “ScamLikely,” and the service will block the number on the network so that consumers won’t see it again in the future. 

Is #662# to Block Spam Calls Real or Scam?

Yes, #662# to Block Spam Calls is real and not a scam. We have analyzed many press releases from T-Mobile and noticed that the service was launched back in 2017 for all post-paid T-Mobile consumers, and a few months back, the service was also launched for the MetroPCS consumers.

We have analyzed that Scam ID is the function that comes pre-activated, and hence no action is required for activating Scam ID. But, consumers have to activate the Scam Block function manually by dialing #662#.

Besides the #662# code, consumers may activate the function by enabling the Name ID Application’s free scam blocking function. So, it is a real and legit function and not a scam. 


MetroPCS and T-Mobile consumers can respite now from the annoying spam calls they receive daily. The #662# to Block Spam Calls seems legit to prevent the spam calls from reaching your device.                

The spam call blocking technology prevents the spam calls and blocks the number on the mobile network so that you and other consumers never see any calls from the same number.

If you have anything to add about the new spam call blocking function, please mention it in the comments section below.

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