Cloudwithyou com Reviews (Nov) Is cloudwithyou com Scam?

Cloudwithyou com Reviews (Nov) Is cloudwithyou com Scam?

Cloudwithyou com Reviews (Nov) Is cloudwithyou com Scam? >> The following review is based on the research to give more information about the website that offers multiple house needs products.

cloudwithyou com Reviews: Are you looking for winter clothes, kitchen appliances, and many other products for household needs? Do you want to style in winter and look stunning? Then cloudwithyou com is just for you – the e-commerce portal which sells almost all the basic needs of a human being at one stop. 

The company offers hot sales and excellent customer service with a quality product at a reasonable rate. The firm is the United States-based site, which offers its use worldwide.

 For more updates and information regarding the site, please read the following reviews. This post will help you to understand – Is cloudwithyou com Legit

What is cloudwithyou com?

The online store has the coolest stuff that has spent a few times gathering creative, and useful items from the United States and worldwide. The articles are collected to make valued customer life more comfortable. The company aims at providing excellent customer services not only during the purchase but also after the shopping to ensure that the buyer has a smooth shopping experience. 

The company believes in “Life is too short to live in chaos, take it easy, and make it fun by using creative stuff.” Are you thinking of giving your family and friends useful items, then you can check out the website? 

Please keep on reading the article to know the cloudwithyou com Reviews.


  • Website type: Clothing and vital household items 
  • Website link:
  • Email Id:
  • Address: Not mentioned on the site
  • Contact number: Not available on the website but found number on the Facebook page +916-740-0560.
  • Domain Age: Dated as 2020/07/23
  • Payment Methods: The Company accepts PayPal and all types of credit cards and debit cards through PayPal. 
  • Shipping and Delivery Policy: The Company ships and delivers its item to hundreds of customers worldwide.  Time taken for the shipping is not mentioned clearly.
  • Return and Refund Policy: The customer can apply unused, and the item must be in the same condition for return within fourteen days after the receipt of the item.  As per the cloudwithyou com Reviews, once the item is received, the team inspects the thing; if the item is eligible for a refund, the amount will refund to the original method.
  • Social media links: Active on the Facebook page

Pros of cloudwithyou com

  • All items like clothing, kitchen appliances, and household items were obtained in one place.
  • Excellent return, refund policies are provided by the company.
  • Accepts the standard payment method.

Cons of cloudwithyou com

  • Could not find customer response on cloudwithyou com Reviews on the website 
  • The website is recently established and less popular.
  • The shipping and delivery time is not mentioned on the website.
  • The website does not mention its address details on the site.

Is cloudwithyou com Legit or a Scam?

The website domain is created on 2020/07/23, and it is almost three months old company. Hence it is very early to decide its legitimacy for us based on domain age. The reviews part is available at the end of the product, but no response is public from the customer yet. 

However, the company discloses email id, accepts standard payment methods, and also active on the social media page that is a good sign for the company. 

But considering the absence of the customer reviews, and address details, we found that the company is suspicious to trust and go shopping online. Hence if you would like to buy anything from here, please do your researches then only go for it.

So it answers to your most searched question – Is cloudwithyou com Legit?

Customer Feedback 

Even though the review bit is available at the end of each item on the website, no response is reported.  We failed to gather customer reviews based on the research carried out on the general internet. One of the reasons for lacking customer response is because it is recent in the market.

On the Facebook page, we have found one review that is negative wherein the customer complained that he received a fake tracking number and then the further emails mentioning the same.

Final Verdict

The research and analysis is carried out on the website thoroughly. Here are the few things we gathered for our loved readers. The company is only three months old and less popular among the other e-commerce portal. The customer feedback is not available, and the contact details like address not mentioned on the portal. 

Though the page is active on social media platforms, but due to the reasons like new websites to deal with without address details and customer reviews, the website looks suspicious. Hence carry out careful examination before buying anything from here. 

If you want to suggest, please comment or share your feedback about the website and cloudwithyou com Reviews, please leave a word in the section below.

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  2. Rip off, waited months, arrived, not even what I ordered. wrong sizes, colors, and no cashmere linings.
    Stay away from this business.

  3. This place is a scam, after multiple emails and waiting 3 months for the product the wrong product showed up. I emailed them back with my order clearly stating what I ordered and pictures.
    All I got back was a message that read we have reviewed your pictures and the where house sent the product you ordered.
    I responded to them 4 more times and all you will get is the same exact response.
    Do not buy from them its China!!!

  4. This company is a SCAM. Items delivered are not what I ordered and instead of sending correct item they just want to say that is what I ordered but my invoice clearly shows different. This type of business should be penalized and permanently removed. Buyer beware.

  5. Scammmmm!!!!! I also order 2 pairs of leggings w/ cashmere linings. Order took a month and a half and when I received it there was no inner lining. I responded to the email in the package and the response I got was that they checked the warehouse and there is no problem with the order even though I sent photos of wrong merchandise. You cant even wear the leggings as they are see thru. Trying to get my $ back thru PayPal.

  6. Biggest SCAMMERS! Months for my leggings to arrive and the leggings are see through, so warm fleece, the cheapest fabric ever and nothing like the pictures on their site. I have taken further legal actions with them so ppl don’t get scammed again!

  7. Scam site! Ordered “super thick cashmere leggings” on 10/30/20 as a Christmas gift. Received a cheap ass pair of the thinnest cotton leggings on 01/02/21. Total cost was right at $35 for a $2-3 item. I was also given fake tracking numbers and when I emailed them to cancel my order and refund the money they responded saying it was en route and couldn’t be refunded. A month later the rag arrived. DO NOT BUY FROM Cloudwithyou.

  8. Scam scam scam. Cashmere leggings did not arrive they sent thin very small poly leggings. 9 weeks to arrive Rip off. Four or five emails with pictures they claim they sent what was ordered. Offered $3 compensation I spent $35 Please save yourself do not order from this company

  9. SCAM!!! They sent me cheap knock off leggings then what I ordered and completely different then what they are advertising!! I tried to return and they just keep arguing with me that what I got is correct!

  10. Scam. They don’t send product as advertised and then want you to pay over $30 shipping back to China. This is a scam because they hope you will not follow through. Do not buy from

  11. This site is a SCAM!!!! Do not buy anything from this site. I purchased a tool from them and it shipped all the way from China( took a month).
    Not only did it take a month, It was not the tool I ordered. They would not take it back and they would not return my money

  12. I have waited several months for the the Expandable Faux Privacy Fence I ordered and havent received them as of yet. Where in the HELL ARE THEM!!! I’m tired of waiting. Either send them or give me back my MONEY!!!

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