Baba Ka Dhaba Scam (Oct) Negative Impact of a Positive Thought.

Baba Ka Dhaba Scam (Oct) Negative Impact of a Positive Thought.

Baba Ka Dhaba Scam (Oct) Negative Impact of a Positive Thought. >> This article mentions a scam involving a YouTuber, which made an old couple’s life for a while.

How does the fortune change in terms of money and lifestyle? There are so many reasons that a person can think of as far as the fortune of any human being is concerned. Several counties are present globally, and the United States is one of them, and there are other countries where so many different types of scams occur. 

Baba Ka Dhaba Scam is one of those scams which involve financial fraud. Money is something that can either make a person or break a person. 

The reputation of human beings gets lost in seconds when a human being gets involved in any scams. Helping others is a good thing, but when items include selfishness, it becomes a matter of greed. And in this today’s article on the scam, we will talk about various other things that we have come to know in terms of reports from several news agencies.

What is Baba Ka Dhaba Scam?

As far as Baba Ka Dhaba Scam is concerned, if you talk about the starting days of October, things were very nice for the elderly couple Kanta Prasad and Badami Devi. They were able to sell all the food they were selling in a small shop with the help of a YouTuber named Gaurav Wasan.

Initial 20 days had been successful days for the elderly couple, but now things have become as they were before 20 days when hardly any customer would come to eat from their stall. 

Another your tuber by the name of Lakshay Chaudhary has levelled an acquisition against Gaurav Wasan. He has accused him of doing a publicity stunt by making the elderly couple’s video and helping them. 

The accusation is that he got lakhs of rupees on his account in the name of help for the elderly couple. Accused is denying the allegation, and the other process is going on to know the truth behind this particular case to find out if anyone has done anything wrong in the name of help.

How to get lessons from this scam?

This Baba Ka Dhaba Scam will be a kind of lesson for all those who help others because they should always think that they should help others without benefitting themselves, whether in terms of fame or financial means. 

The lesson is vital for us to get because it will be a nice thing for humanity. In the case, we don’t know who is truthful and who is not real, but we can still get the lesson that we should help others all the time without any selfish motive.


Now because the case of Baba Ka Dhaba Scam has come up just before three-four days, it’s growing wider and wider, and allegations are being put on one another. We don’t know who is dedicated and who is not valid, but the truth will eventually come out very soon after the officials complete their investigation into the case. 

Right now, it will not be a good thing for us to judge anyone to be good or not to be good. But we should always think that nobody should take undue advantage of any situation because many advertisements and companies were also coming to take undue advantage out of an elderly couple’s situation.

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