C3.ai Stock Symbol (Dec 2020) Ticker Symbol AI!

C3.ai Stock Symbol (Dec 2020) Ticker Symbol AI!

C3.ai Stock Symbol (Dec 2020) Ticker Symbol AI! >> The write-up shares details of the AI software provider and its stock symbol on the stock exchange.  

Oracle executive Siebel plans to take his popular artificial intelligence firm public and list C3.ai Stock Symbol under the New York Stock Exchange’s ticker AI. The California-based artificial intelligence software firm made its name by supporting businesses and corporations to build AI applications. The firm is now planning to go live on the stock exchange in the United States.        

On the 7th December 2020, the firm has updated its estimated share price to $36 to $38 per share. Last Nov 2020, they have also updated their filing to state an estimated share price of $31 to $34. On 13th Nov, the company finally filed with SEC to go live in the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol AI.

C3.ai filed its S-1 with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Hence, public offerings are likely to go live in the 1st half of Dec 2020. As a result, the C3.ai Stock Name is likely to increase over $400 million as it goes live. Let us get into the same and find something that would be beneficial for you. 

What is C3.ai Stock?

C3.ai is the renowned AI software as a service firm and the brainchild of the Oracle executive, Tom Siebel. The firm has recently filed for the initial public offering. The deal has been closed by Bank of America, Morgan Stanley, and JP Morgan

The C3.ai Stock Symbol would go live in the stock exchange under the ticker symbol AI on the United States stock exchange. The estimated price of the stock per share is likely to be between $36 and $38. It is expected to go live for the public by Wednesday the 9th of Dec. 

How to Buy the C3.ai Stock Symbol Shares?

Investors with a valid brokerage account can invest in the shares of C3.ai. If you don’t have a brokerage account, consider opening one so that you can start buying the stocks of C3.ai.       

  • Compare Share Trading Platforms – Investors must start looking for a platform with the lowest commission, investment tools, and expert ratings to track the portfolio.
  • Open and Fund the Brokerage Account – Complete the application by providing financial and personal details. Fund your brokerage account with credit-debit cards and bank transfer to start buying the stock in C3.ai Stock Name.  
  • A search of C3.ai Stock – You need to start finding the stock either by ticker symbol or name. Please search for the history and confirm that it is a solid investment against the money goals.
  • Purchase – You may buy the stock immediately or opt for the limit to delay your investment until the stock reaches the desired rate. 
  • Check your Investment – As you complete your investment, you become part of the C3.ai Stock, and now you can enhance your portfolio by monitoring how the stock performs.  

The Future Growth of C3.ai Stock Symbol

The AI service provider’s growth is very strong based on the reports on the present fiscal year 2020. The firm’s revenues have jumped from $91.6 million to $156.7 million in the present fiscal year 2020, and the company keeps on increasing the growth every year by 71%.

Final Verdict

C3.ai Stock Symbol is likely to perform at its peak after it goes public in the New York Stock Exchange. The company’s growth is brighter, and investing in its stock would be a fruitful option in 2020. If you have anything to share about the company and its stock, please share it in the comment section. 

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