International Parcel Service Scam (Dec) Know About Scam


International Parcel Service Scam (Dec) Know About Scam -> This article is an informative word piece intended to show the right side of scam websites that are predators of such innocent customers online who are in need.

Royal Express claims to be a domestic and international delivery service. The organization also claims to have existed for 21 years. However, the website is a few days old. 

This courier service website has been launched in Australia, New Zealand.

After an inspection of this page, there are claims that the website is an International Parcel Service Scam or hoax. Let’s find out more about the reality of those claims in this post.

What is the scam about?

First and foremost, this website link is not protected and does not have an SSL certificate. The owner of this website has concealed his name. Customers also claimed that the company does not provide any courier service of International Parcel Service Scam and that the customer’s money has not been returned to the customer.

The scammer who manages this website shares a fraudulent tracking number to prove that the distribution is ongoing, but no package is couriered. The scammer keeps updating the package’s status on its own, and no such shipping ever takes place.

To have an idea of a genuine one, a scam website usually has a rather enticing layout. That is precisely what the website of this International Parcel Service Scam has done. If the website is a hoax, no one can ever know unless one pays attention to this website’s specifics.

How to protect yourself from such scams?

The first strong indication with any website is that a secured connection should be accessible to the website. A website’s SSL certificate implies stable browsing, and the payment gateways are authentic, something this website lacks. With such a website, one does not have any transactions. Do not post on those pages any sensitive information. 

When you see any website of Australia, New Zealand that promises too good deals to be real, be sure to figure out if the website already has any current online feedback that will help you make a decision. Check for the brand’s social media accounts. 

A legitimate website with International Parcel Service Scam will still retain its presence on social media sites to have contact with its clients and keep a tab on the comments.


To get a fast service or a service at a cheap price, don’t fall for any scams. In return, you could end up with none, to save a few bucks.

Customers often opt for the cheapest or faster option of courier service when there is an emergency. Still, it is essential to pick a secure channel carefully as the scammers are a great opportunist for time. 

Hence, it is highly suggested to keep away from such websites that are unknown, as it is most likely to be a scam. It is also inferred that the website is a platform to lure innocent consumers after having done a thorough analysis of this International Parcel Service Scam. Would you have any suggestions or such incident, please comment.

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