Brittany Pants Review {Nov 2020} Is This Scam Web Store?

Brittany Pants Review {Nov 2020} Is This Scam Web Store?

Brittany Pants Review {Nov 2020} Is This Scam Web Store? >> Looking for website for modern pants, leggings, & cardigans to match dresses & low prices, read.

Do you have old clothes that you do not wear anymore but you like them very much? Are you looking for a perfect match for a beautiful top whose lowers doesn’t fit you now? Do you want to make a pair by mix-matching the clothes?

If the answer is yes, then read the article on Brittany Pants Review to know about the website selling matching sets and many other lower body items along with maternity dresses. The website has good policies for customers. 

The website is selling products in India, and the prices are low. Thus, you can check the website details in the article and decide if you want to purchase anything from the website.

What is Brittany Pants?

The company Brittany Pants is from the United States but is selling the clothes only in India. The website deals with various lower pants like pajamas, leggings, dresses, jeans, shorts, skirts, matching sets, and maternity clothes.

As per Brittany Pants Review, the website shares all the shipping policies, return and refund policies in detail for better understanding. You also have the option of paying after receiving the clothes if you shop for more than 2000. Also, the website is new in the e-commerce industry.

You will not find tops and t-shirts on the website, and its specialty is dealing with lower body products. The website sells quality products with low prices, but this is suspicious as no US website sells cloth at such cheap rates.

To know about the website features, pros, and cons, read further articles, and learn about customer reviews.

Specifications of the website:

  • Website type: Clothing
  • Website link:
  • Shipping: According to Brittany Pants Review, the process of shipping requires around ten days.
  • Return policy: The company is willing to offer a ten days return option to the customer. 
  • E-mail address:
  • Company address: 3682, Watson Lane, North-Carolina, 28803- USA
  • Mode of Payment: You can pay using UPI, Net Banking, Debit, and Credit cards.
  • Website registration date: 1st October 2020 

Pros of the website:

  • The website deals in many clothing like pants, cardigans, lowers, dresses, and many more options. 
  • As per the Brittany Pants Review company is offering easy ten days return policy.
  • The website is a source to complete your unmatched clothes and make it a proper dress.
  • The products available on the website are warm and very cold.
  • The e-mail address of the website is domain-oriented, and the server belongs to the company.

Cons of the website:

  • The website does not have any presence on social media.
  • The domain age of the website is less than six months.
  • There is no contact number available on the website.
  • The website is from the United States but is selling clothes in India only.
  • There is Brittany Pants Review available on the website or the internet.
  • The prices are in rupees and are too good to be true.

Is Brittany pants Legit?

The website age is when the website registered itself plays a significant role in deciding its legitimacy. Apart from this, the mail address, customer care number, and other information on the website’s policies are also essential.

The website age is only 20 days old, which is very suspicious. Other wrong signals are that you do not get enough information on the website owner and the company. Also, as per Brittany Pants Review, the website is from the US and sells clothes in India too at low prices.

The website is suspicious, and therefore we can say that it is illegal. We request the readers to stay away from the website, and it is a trap for customers to steal their details and take advantage of it.

What do the customers want to say about the website?

The customer plays a significant role in deciding the company’s goodwill. Still, this website came into the market twenty days back and is not present on any social media platform. The website does not have any section for customer reviews. Also, we do not find any Brittany Pants Review on other platforms. There are no customer reviews found.


The final line is that the website is only a few days old and does not have its presence on any social media handles. There are no customer reviews available, and the prices are too low for a website that is in the United States. Thus, we do not find the website legit and consider it to be too early to conclude. 

We ask readers to research for it and also share your opinions below in the comments section.

0 thoughts on “Brittany Pants Review {Nov 2020} Is This Scam Web Store?

  1. I have paid online for body set I have received confirmation mail also ,but I don’t know about that it is legit or not ,and now I’m also worrying about my work money ?

  2. I have paid online for body set I have received confirmation mail also ,but I don’t know about that it is legit or not ,and now I’m also worrying about my money

    1. Have you received your orders yet?? I have even done online payment for my order and still worried whether i’ll receive my products or not. Please someone help me with the information

  3. Completely fraud company. No customer service paid online for my order and now neither the parcel is recieved nor the refund. Dont go for it. FAKE!! FAKE!! FAKE;!

  4. I have payed for 2 pair of jeans and even got the confirmation mail, but now i am worried about the money i payed, i have even mailed them but till now i haven’t got any response from them…Please can someone help me with the information? Am i going to receive my product or not?

    1. This is an absolute fraud site i just launched a complaint with cyber crime govt of india guys please all of you do the same so that we can get out money back and these frauds go to jail.


    2. I have also been cheated I opted for cod so they just brought a big box with nothing inside !!! They just sent someone’s shorts which is not even my order! I’m launching a complaint

  5. Fraud website
    I have received confirmation mail but haven’t received order yet it’s been almost a 15days ? this is totally scamm?

  6. I already filed a complaint against this fraud website!! Im asking you all to do the same so that we can get out money back.

  7. I have been fooled ! I made on order of 5 items worth rs 2500 I received one useless pajama rest the box is empty ! What should I do?

  8. I am is a fraud..i lost 2700 rupees..i had done cash on delivery n i recieved my delivery too.i had ordered 5 dresses .i recieved a big box n i assumed my dresses will be there. So i gave him the money but when i opened the box i saw that they have kept one old used pant instead of my order..

    It’s a scam.. please don’t buy from this site

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