3 Red Banners in Biden {Oct} Biden’s Red Banners Buzz!

3 Red Banners in Biden {Oct} Biden’s Red Banners Buzz!

3 Red Banners In Biden {Oct} Biden’s Red Banners Buzz! >> Are you thinking about the controversial logo of Red Banners? You will get all answers here.

Are you curious to know why people are brainstorming about the mysterious publicity of Mr. Joe Biden? Well, in that case, you have just bumped into the right place!! 

3 Red Banners in Biden is making a massive buzz over social media platforms from the day when Mr Biden revealed that he is standing for President. After a lot of nice and means it is finally cleared that Mr Biden is going to stand for US election and his publicity started with the launch of new website videos, content and logo. 

Mr Biden has served as the former Vice-President and Senator of the United States. He has been now dragged into a controversial series of events which also includes his new logo design. But what is the reason behind such publicity which can hamper his image during a crucial stage when the election is around the corner? 

What are 3 Red Banners?

These 3 Red Banners in Biden has been in negative limelight since the day of launch but what is the reason behind this Controversy? In the era of 1950s, the slogan of Chinese people included these three red banners which were then known as three red flags. 

These flags were the replica of three ideologies of those people which were the construction of socialists, people’s communes and a great leap forward. Fast forward to 2020, Mr Biden is depicting those same flags of socialists in his logo. But now the question is why this logo is connected to the idea of socialists and what are its other zones of bad publicity?

Why is the logo in Controversy? 

The 3 Red Banners in Biden is also connected to Obama’s Logo, as it seems like copying the idea from it. It is not only about this coincidence of the logo’s resemblance to the ideology of Chinese people in 1950, but there are several other factors which have dragged it into lousy limelight

Apart from the logo design, critics are also complaining about the space between the red lines and the placement of letters. They have also pointed out the misalignment of logo elements that will be hard for people to notice the symbol. 

What are people saying about it? 

Well, there has been a lot of debate over the launch of those two logos which has these 3 Red Banners in Biden lines over them. The logo was first launched in the year 2019, and since then people are fighting over it to know the exact meaning that Mr Biden is trying to express to the public. 

Even now the Twitter is flooding with negative criticism for the logo and campaign, which is because of the past irrelevant behavior of the presidential candidate of the United States

Final Verdict 

People are ready to vote for their favorite presidential candidate, and it will be interesting to see how 3 Red Banners in Biden positive and negative publication will turn out for Mr Biden, who is standing against President Donald Trump. 

The nearest event regarding this election is on 3rd November 2020, and the voters are going to vote out on 14th December 2020. Let’s see what has 2020 brought up for the United States.

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