Blanketfly Reviews (Jan 2021) Is Blanketfly Legit Or Scam?

Blanketfly Reviews (Jan 2021) Is Blanketfly Legit Or Scam?

Blanketfly Reviews (Jan 2021) Is Blanketfly Legit Or Scam? >> This article will clarify all your doubts about the ecommerce store that sells chunky knitted blankets on it.

Are you looking for an internet’s favorite blanket? If yes, then you are very welcome in these Blanketfly Reviews.

If you are also pissed off with your old and heavy blanket, why don’t you try using blankets by Blanketfly made with 100% hypoallergenic wool? As we also know, winters are coming and keeping you warm in the cold. Blanketfly has launched highly comfortable blankets that are soft, warm, light-weighted, and stylish. 

Furthermore, the store has recently come into action with the clear intention to deliver the comfiest blankets to its customers. To achieve its goal, Blanketfly is selling its items at the most affordable prices. Besides this, the site has an early black Friday discount for the audience living throughout the world, including the United States and Canada

This post contains a detailed description of the Blanketfly and its products so that you can identify the real intentions of the store. 

What is Blanketfly?

Blanketfly is the online brand that is recently established on 15th October 2020. The store contains premium quality blankets made using 100% organic hypoallergenic wool and pillows. Shoppers will get the best deals from the store, providing a 50% early black Friday discount. 

These blankets are chunky knitted, comfiest, and soft, using 100% organic materials, perfect for snuggling up in the winters. It looks stylish that goes with every interior or theme. You can use it on the couch, inside your bedroom, or take it with you on the trips. Moreover, it is light weighted so that you can’t feel any heaviness while carrying it. 

In addition to this, a multi-function use blanket by Blanketfly made a perfect gift for occasions like Birthday, Anniversary, bridal shower, or housewarming parties. Grab the deal now as the sale is going to over in a few hours. But before placing your order, find out about the reliability of it in these Blanketfly Reviews

What are the specifications of Blanketfly?

  • The link to the e-store is –
  • Items offered – Organic material blanket and pillows.
  • Customer care number – Not provided 
  • Company address – Not reveled 
  • Support service mail address – Not specified 
  • Discount & sale – The store is having an advanced black Friday sale on it.
  • Expected delivery – 6-10 business days ‘
  • Shipping cost – Not specified 
  • Track your shipment feature- available 
  • Newsletter- Mentioned on the landing page of the site. 
  • Guaranty – the store is having 30 days money-back guaranty. 
  • Order cancellation – Not mentioned 
  • Payment ways – American Express, JCB, VISA, Mastercard, DISCOVER, Diners Club, apple pay, g-pay 
  • Exchange & return – 30-days return policy available 
  • Refund of the amount – within some time

What are the benefits of shopping from Blanketfly?

  • It sells a high-quality blanket at just $49.99 as it has advanced black Friday sale for some limited period.
  • The store is providing a thirty-day money-back guaranty in case the customer didn’t find the products appropriate. 
  • You are allowed to exchange and return your order within 30 days. 
  • The site is having many Blanketfly Reviews present on it.
  • It is providing 27/7 customer support, tracking number, and newsletter facility.

What are the disadvantages of shopping from Blanketfly?

  • The Blanketfly store is registered on 15th October 2020, which is only twenty-four days old.  
  • It does not contain any contact and company details on it like contact number, address, owner’s information, etc.
  • The Blanketfly store has no social media existence on any of the platforms. 
  • We have not obtained any relevant search results regarding the store on the internet. 

Is Blanketfly Legit?

Blanketfly is the internet’s favorite blanket selling store. It holds 100% pure, hypoallergenic wool chunky knitted blankets. Shoppers will get it at exclusive prices as the site is having a massive limited period offer. 

Besides this, the site holds positive customer response from the customer living in the countries like the United States and Canada etc. In contrast, the site is only 24 days old and does not have any reliable information to prove its authenticity.

Thus, we are not entirely satisfied with the store and its products. 

What are the Shopper’s Reviews regarding Blanketfly?

On the Blanketfly store, the shoppers have provided five star-ratings and posted positive reviews regarding the blanket. Similarly, there is no Blanketfly Reviews are published on any of the online sources yet.  

Bottom line 

The customer reviews that are mentioned on the Blanketfly store is might be fraudulent as there is no valid customer ID are mentioned. Similarly, we could not gather any consistent evidence regarding the store that can confirm its legitimacy. So, to conclude we can say that it is a highly suspicious store and is possibly a scam.

Thus, do in-depth research regarding the store if you find the store worth buying. 

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0 thoughts on “Blanketfly Reviews (Jan 2021) Is Blanketfly Legit Or Scam?

  1. It said shipped from USA but when I tracked shipments it was leaving China…..not sure about blanket yet have not received them as of today

    1. I know I ordered and didn’t
      Look but just assumed from US and my tracking says China too. Was disappointed in that. Says it has been shipped out, can’t wait to see what it looks like.

  2. SCAM. I ordered a KING size blanket, it took almost a month to get (not the 5-7 days as advertised) and I received a TODDLER size blanket. I contacted them regarding it, they first told me it was an error and they would send me tnr correct product but shortly after I received another email and was told I would be issued a partial refund. I’m very upset and let them know that. How do you make an “error” and not make it 100% right? Ridiculous!

    1. My situation is on 100% identical to this. Literally. except mine started to fall apart after a single wash in the washing machine. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!

    2. How did you get a hold of anyone? I just got my two $85 cat hair baby blankets and I’m LIVID! I’ve emailed multiple times with no response.
      Do you have a phone number?

      1. Omg I think mine looks more like my dryer lint after not cleaning it for 2 weeks.. but again baby blanket size…? I’ve sent them 3 emails including the video of when my husband opened it for Xmas… no response… wtf, I believe we have been scammed…

    3. want my money back!!!!! You lied about size, and quality!!!! And shipment timing!!!! 30 days ro arrive, late for Hanukkah!!!! Just unbelievable!!!!!! POS!!!!!

  3. It’s a total scam and I’m contacting the attorney general of our state. I suggest reporting it on Facebook as well. The biggest red flag there is is the fact that they say there is a 30-day money back guarantee. However go look at the return policy and it states that you can’t return sale items. Problem with that is that, the blanket is literally on sale since the site started. Meaning they won’t take it back. Total loser scammers taking peoples Christmas money.

    1. I have ordered 4 of these and not heard anything. Now I don’t even see it on Facebook. I have started to get emails to purchase other items. Total scam !!!!

    2. Oh and it says that must be returned in original packaging… I don’t know about yours, but ours looked like Pablo Escobar packed it…

  4. Similar issues with delivery the 7-10 business days communicated turns into 30+ days. When you contact them they simply state shipping delays in China and customs. I would not recommend purchasing unless you plan on waiting 30-45 to receive your order.

    I cannot even provide comment on blanket quality as mine has yet to arrive. I ordered 4 to be given as gifts for Thanksgiving day gift exchange but they will not arrive in time.

  5. SCAM!!!!!
    Received 2 blankets that are smaller than twin size when they advertise KING.
    Not even worth $10 and I paid $90.
    Comes from China.
    Their pictures are completely false.

    1. Wow wtf! I’m so pissed! I just got my two cat hair blankets for $85.
      They should be ashamed of themselves for taking advantage of people in the midst of a pandemic. And now I can’t even return them?! This is BS!!!

  6. DO NOT ORDER! I received mine today after waiting 7 weeks for delivery and it is maybe sized for a toddler and looks nothing like it showed. Will never order from them again!

  7. TOTAL SCAM don’t buy from them…I as well purchased a King size blanket and was hoping to get by thanksgiving…it’s been 4 weeks already AND they wont refund my money or cancel order. Buyer Beware!!! Look for a repatible company in the U.S.

  8. This is a complete scam, I have not received this order and no sign of it coming into the US. Ordered 4 weeks ago and they refuse to take any liability for the whereabouts of the product or lack there of. I understand customs and how things can get delayed but when tracking is not permitting this info at all then there comes an understanding that I have been ripped off! Here’s to hoping that my credit company will refund for the charge back.

  9. This is a SCAMM. I have never been so irate. These people are thieves…I better be getting my money back or there will be a lawsuit

  10. SCAMMMMM!! I purchased the King size white blanket and after 6 weeks I finally got my order. Except, it is NOTHING LIKE THE PICTURES! CHEAP AND TINY! King size? MY A$$ it’s smaller then a baby blanket! So pissed off AND they won’t return my email!!!!!!!

  11. Same issue here. Bought what we thought based on their pics was a HUGE blanket, was actually toddler size. Return policy says “can’t return sale items” and surprise, the blanket is always on sale.

  12. Total SCAM. I received 3 of 4 blankets and they look nothing like what the pictures are showing. Material is cheap and sizes are the size of a toddler bed, not King. I asked about my 4th blanket and was told it was on its way with tracking info. I have sent them a email about returning the blankets because of quality and false advertisement for the 3 white ones. No response. I was planning on these as Christmas gifts and would be embarrassed to give these to anyone.

  13. This company is a scam. I ordered a KING SIZE blanket and it took over 4 weeks for me to not only receive it but the tracking shows it is coming from China and then when the package arrives it says it’s coming out of Inglewood, California. The blanket was LESS than the size of a twin size bed – it looks NOTHING like the advertisement and when I emailed them to return it and have my money refunded – NO response at all. It is NOT worth $49.99. It’s a RIPOFF!!!!! I am notifying the Attorney General in my state.

  14. This really hurts…. i purchased these blankets before see your reviews and the horrible reviews on FB. My intentions were to give love ones something special for Christmas. I purchased 6 blankets….ugghhhhh absolutely ridiculous. Who knows when they will get here and if the contents will be safe being the COVID situation taking place all over the world. I ordered mine on the 27th of Nov. just received my tracking number. We shall see… I am unemployed so this really hurts to have given them my money. Thank you all for your honesty.

  15. Same situation. I ordered November 7th.

    Arrived (from China) Dec 12th.

    Order king sized, the one that arrived is more like a small throw blanket with tiny knots.

    Emailed the company, waiting on a reply.

  16. This company is a total SCAM. I ordered 2 of them. There were supposed to be King size and when they finally arrived, the size of them could not even cover a child’s crib. So pissed I fell for this. This company needs to be shut down!!!!

  17. SCAM!!! This was the absolute worst purchase I’ve made in a very long time! I purchased 2 king size blankets and paid extra for priority processing. My order didn’t ship out for 15 days. Once it shipped it took another 5 weeks to arrive! It did not come from the USA as stated on the site. It came from China. When inquiring about my order several times, I received only one response apologizing for the delay. When the blankets finally arrived, they were horrible quality, the size of a baby blanket, and immediately started falling apart! Stay far, far away from this company! Total scam!!

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